skate journal: street league suck fest in erie (aug 24, 2016 day 237)

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Drove to Erie on a cool day right after work. I was feeling totally exhausted. When I pulled into the parking lot the park looked empty, but I ended up taking a little nap in the car. I rolled over to the park to a crowd of ~20 young scooter/biker kids. It was terrible. They seemed to be wherever I wanted to be and they would conglomerate and wax everything. I have almost no patience for this. I’m too old to be sucking on my skateboard surrounded by young kids that have no interest in skateboarding. This is more proof that this skatepark should never have been built in Erie. It’s a waste. It should be in a city with a skate scene, not wasted on scooters. And Erie should have a certified piece of suck. Anyway, I tried to skate. After awhile I stretched and it helped a little, but the constant kids playing weighed on me heavy. I only did a few kickflips, noseslides and 50s on the tiny ledge. Couldn’t do crooks. I resorted to just doing flippers on the top area then going into the park when I landed something. I did get a few at least. Garrett showed around then and I felt a little better. He was bummed on the scene too. But at least he can do 50s all over the place easily. Then he tried to teach me nollie heels for awihle and had some good pointers actually. Doesn’t mean I got close though. Riley showed, did a bunch of perfect nollie/switch heels and about one line before the rain came in. What a horrible session for me. Super depressing. Skating right after work is really hard for me. I need a break. Might have to stop doing this. Although it’s super convenient as I can still be home to help with homework.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, steele/gum new balance numeric pj 533)

skate journal: a few switch 360 attempts (aug 23, 2016 day 236)

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switch 360

After a long nap, dinner, slacking I went out to the street in front of my house for a ‘minimum’ session. I basically just started by doing switch 360 attempts and stuck there. Got a couple bad ones. Also tried a few regular back 360s. Stayed out a little longer then I expected and felt alright.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, steele/gum new balance numeric pj 533)

skate journal: struggle fest at longmont park right after work with dave with a few perks (aug 22, 2016 day 235)

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These photos sum up today's post-work attempt at skateboarding. #strugglefest

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New shoes again. Hopefully for the last time in awhile. New PJs, size 11.5 this time. The park had a collection of total beginners and scooters when I arrived, but it quickly cleared out, then quickly populated again with a younger crew. I was just kind of cruising around trying to warm up for ollies with kickflips. I tried ollieing onto the lower C ledge a few times, but I was really tired and skating so slow. Then I mostly just tried lines between the mellow bank and the long crappy ledge. Never got one spanning the whole area, actually I probably never landed more then one trick in a row at all. I had tried a few switch back 3s as they are my next challenge and they felt doable. Dave showed and cheered me up as I was feeling so much older then everyone else there. Around the same time another older dude showed up and skated the bowls though. We spent most of our time between the long crappy ledge and the knob. We both would get switch back 3s. We were hyped. We didn’t film yet though as they need some work. Dave actually did several. I only did one and when I rode away my butt was mighty high in the air. I took the photo of my board sitting in the bottom of the bowl after a failed attempt at a switch back 3 where I turned about 45 degrees and shot my board into the bowl. This was shortly after several failed front 50 attempts that resulted in some angry yelling. I also went primo and slammed hard on a fakie flip. The struggle was real. Dave was skating alright though, bunch of tricks on the knob, nose manual the ledge, halfcab boardslides, halfcab noseslides. I started trying switch noseslides. On one of them I came to a halt, my front foot came off, I put it back on the board and hucked a 360 shove. Totally landed it. Things felt better. Then I tried to land one actually sliding with it. Got pretty close once. Going the other way I was trying a line of a little scratch grind on the knob, crooks the ledge, kickflip to fakie the little bank. That was a lot of exercise though and it got me tired. I ended by finally doing a halfcab noseslide. Dave ended by slamming really hard twice before getting a sick bluntslide on the knob then bailing the boardslide above and almost getting hit with his board. Somehow I left in a great mood. I think it was because I had Dave to skate with and share the struggles of being older. Sure it was rough, but there were a couple of fun moments in there and those are what we skate for.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, steele/gum new balance numeric pj 533)

skate journal: dayton park fun (aug 21, 2016 day 234)

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dayton skatepark denver colorado

Up kind of early on a warm Sunday. I headed to Denver with the desire to skate some ledges. I went to the 38th Ave spot, but felt bad waking people up in the morning so I headed to the far away Dayton park. I arrived having to piss badly to a crowded park with people fully padded. Whoa. They referred me to a needle riddled disgusting porta potty that I barely survived. Then it was skate time. The little qp is so fun. I was getting going, trying to ollie onto the ledges, grinds etc. Had some fun going. I wore thin socks in hopes that my shoes wouldn’t feel too small. It almost worked, but by the end I was as sore as the day before. Doh. I had fun though. Another older dude named Chad showed up and we had fun chatting and skating. He had taller front 50s even on the up – up ledge and nosegrinded the bench. So sick. He got me to try front 50s on the qp over the ledge and I got a few. So fun! My ledge game wasn’t great. I got a really bad back 50, a few crooks, front 50 shove, close to switch noseslide shove, a few other basics. Flatground went alright. Did one of the most casual heelflips I’ve done which was surprising considering I’m still on 8.5. Also had a 360 flip pretty quick. I wish that park was closer.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, old black/white NB# PJ NM533s)

skate journal: longmont fun with jake and dave (aug 20, 2016 day 233)

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@fullertrron #thestubborns Got his trick in less tries then his age.

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On a beautiful day Jake and I rolled to Longmont and met Dave at Twin Peaks. I had new shoes. Well, some super old PJs that are too small and the heels are all tore up inside. They felt pretty good. My first care over the bank resulted in a stop rock that sent me scrambling. Awesome. It got way better though. We all kind of did our own tricks. Dave and Jake worked on Creepy Spins. Jake got one. Dave couldn’t get it. I got a new trick right away. some nollie shove around thing. Pretty dumb, but kind of fun to start with something new. Dave also did a bunch of shove variations. Jake hates the crack in the middle. I got kickflip, kickflip fakie, varial flip to fakie and an over 40 treflip to fakie, a bunch of kickflips on flat over the crack. Jake and I tried to ollie the hip. Well, Jake didn’t have to try because he popped is good. Mine were bad. And I barely got the ollie over the median down the way. Dave did a bunch of graceful ollies over the hip before putting down a couple of wallies. So sick.

Then we went to RME where we met up with Aki too. We were all rudely reminded of how hard that place is to skate. It was pretty warm out so the wax was melted off the ledge and we all struggled to land tricks on it. It was mostly a ledge session except for Dave who was all over the place ollieing the little medians, manualling them, etc. Jake had some good front tails on the ledge pretty quickly. Aki probably struggled the most as he has never really skated many street spots, just parks. But he got a nice back 50 to end the session. I had crooks, a weak back 50, front 50s but no shove out, switch noseslides. I started to get really sore though as size 11 is just too small for me now and had to sit the rest out. Dave did boardslides to fakie, back 50 180 out (off the front truck), front 50s. Jake was trying fakie back tails and ended up getting into fakie front crooks. So he stuck with it and got one! Hammer. Fun day, I need bigger shoes, or at least thinner socks.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, old black/white NB# PJ NM533s)

skate journal: brief house/garage roll (aug 19, 2016 day 232)

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sick skate spot bro

Not having much energy I went home after work on a rainy day and slept for awhile. I awoke and it was still wet and I was still tired. I just kind of rolled around the house for awhile as the garage was a mess before I moved a couple things in the garage and did a few nollie shoves, fakie manuals and stuff.

skate journal: broomfield park right after work (aug 18, 2016 day 231)

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broomfield skatepark. i wish it was always this empty

Right after a boring work day I went to Broomfield park which was mostly dry and the rain was holding off. The park was not crowded, but the crew that was there was sitting on the sad ledge or playing skate near the little blue ledge. I went through my embarrassing warm ups. “Slappy” noseslides, boardslides, basic quartapotty tricks and struggled for awhile to get a back 50. There was a parent that brought his young toddlers to play skateboards at the skatepark. I literally mean push the skateboard with his hands. So I went over to the flow bowl area for awhile and carved a bit. They left and I skated the blue ledge some more. Got a few basic tricks like front 50 180s out, fakie front 50 front halfcab out, couldn’t get a front nosegrind. I did a backside flip on flat at one point and this dude was like “Wow, that was sick, HOW OLD ARE YOU?”. Geez. Guess I look that old now. I skated the black ledge for awhile. Got front 50s, front 5-0, almost first try front 50 front board and front 50 kickflip. Had a few crooks. Was trying lines with a flipper at the top of the park, front or back 180 into the bank then halfcab noseslide the ledge. It took awhile. I suck so badly at that trick. There was another dude skating the black ledge that was super nice and we were having a good time quietly cheering for each other. Finished up on the blue ledge with some failed tailslide attempts, switch front noseslide 270 shove attempts, got into a kick back tail, failed at the switch nosegrind 180 I had been chatting with Josh about. I had tried a bunch of fakie 50s attempting to do a b/s halfcab out, but didn’t get close.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, old NB# PJ NM533s)

skate journal: dog park blah (aug 17, 2016 day 230)

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just plain flatground.

Feeling very exhausted after work I went to the dog park for about an hour. Starting out wasn’t too bad actually. But I ended up kind of struggling with most basics. Never got a b/s flip or fakie bigflip. Again, I am going through another big change (vulcs back to cups) so I shouldn’t expect much. Plus I’m on an 8.5 now, have had plantar fasciitis and have not skated much flat lately. With that said I would go through long spells of not landing anything, but out of nowhere I did a line of heelflip, nollie tre, kickflip, very bad treflip. So as bad of a session as it was, the nollie tre I landed felt spectacular. I guess I did get a lot of heelflips too. I also tried a bunch of switch frontside flips that I actually committed to. I never landed on the board, but I did get them around and close to my feet. I would love to get that one.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, 2 washers inside each axle, old NB# PJ NM533s)

skate journal: longmont park fun without much pain (aug 16, 2016 day 229)

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@43shifty boosting!

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A teaser for @nolancormier 's rock fakie part and a couple airs from him and @siouxer666 #rockfakie #shitflip

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Went to Longmont park right after work. I had some minor foot pain going on all day, but when I arrived to the almost empty Longmont park it seemed to be completely gone. I felt good for once. I was wearing some really old NB# PJ shoes. My warm up was all over the place. In fact I didn’t really stick to anything and just cruised around. Had a couple of basic ledge tricks, flippers on the mellow bank. Rob showed around the time I got a line of ollie the backside hip, kickflip on the bank, boardslide the ledge and then bailed a front 5-0 or something. Rob cruised manuals, crail blocks and bonelesses for awhile. The one above is so steezy. I got a new trick on the mellow bank. Cab bigspin. Aka another Joe Hamilton trick. It felt cool. I tried a line of wallie up the snowboard jump then b/s flip over the hip, but never even committed to the b/s flip. Doh. Riley, Nolan and Garrett showed, Rob took off. Nolan and I dorked around on the mellow bank for awhile doing no comply tricks. He did a bunch of them like b/s no comply bigspin, cab no comply, no comply stale fish grab spin thing (ha) and who knows how many more. He got me to kind of land a couple fakie no complys and the stale fish trick. I stretched for awhile then did a few basic flippers before leaving. Fun day, first time without pain in awhile. Guess I’m back to skating cupsoles. Never doubt PJ.

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, 2 washers inside each axle, old NB# PJ NM533s no orthotics)

skate journal: brief one in front of the house (aug 15, 2016 day 228)

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Sick of my feet hurting so much I went in front of the house for a quick one. I had put my work PJ shoes on. It’s the first time I’ve skated in PJ’s without orthotic insoles. It felt good. I skated for about 5 minutes. Did some ollies, nollies, slides and a kickflip. I could see myself wanting cupsoles for awhile again ..

(setup: 8.5 null message deck, venture 5.8s, thunder bushings, 52mm reed wheels, 2 washers inside each axle, old PJ NM533s no orthotics)