Steve Durante

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From Last Of The Mohicans

Dany Hamard

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Tech skating amazes me. This dude’s part could be so much more enjoyable if he didn’t tic tac so much though.

skate journal: rainbow ledge (aug 28)

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Picked up Jason and met Nate at the Rainbow ledge after work.  It was too early to warm up at the manny pad because it was still business hours.  Jason and I started off with slappies for awhile.  Warming up sucks and it gets worse the older you get.  At least that’s one of the several excuses I’m using these days.  We eventually started attempting real tricks.  The session wasn’t great, but not horrible.  We need to skate ledges way more than we do.  Here’s what I landed: back board pop out, back noseslide, front 50, front 50 front 180, back crooks, front 50 front shove, front 5-0, back 50 (wost one ever done) and I came close to front 50 back 180 out and halfcab back board.  Another one of my excuses for the day was my trucks were so loose whenever I’d setup for the ledge my trucks would turn a little.  Super annoying.  I was so lazy though that I didn’t skate the 50 feet to my car to get a skate tool and tighten them.  Our friend Darin showed up at the end of the session and Nate, Darin and I played a really bad game of SKATE.  The highlight would have to be me attempting a 360 flip and my wheel shooting off since the axle nut had come loose.  Oh wait, the real highlight is that I somehow won a legit game for the first time in awhile.  It wasn’t just Nate having to quite because his knee hurt too much.  Ha.  One of these days I’ll have energy to skate and wont be super sore.  Can’t wait.

Padriac My Prince and The Art Of Self Defense

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I listen to music all day and decided to start a “Song Of The Day” Category. Since it’s day one I’m choosing two songs.  You can click the song names to hear the song via random people’s clips on youtube.Bright Eyes – Padriac My PrinceThe Jesus Lizard – The Art Of Self Defense

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Some old guy photos from John Doe

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Rich took some photos of us the other day while we were at the Brighton park ..NeilNeil nosebonkfuzzFuzz manualskellySkelly front shove fakie I think even though Rich labeled it a kickflip fakieseanSkelly no complyloserMe with a bailed fakie tre

Daniel Kim

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Good skaters all over the place these days.

skate journal: Longmont street spots (aug 26)

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Jason and I headed over to Nate’s to pick him up.  While waiting we found a remotely fun bank to curb.  By bank to curb I mean there was a bank up to a curb.  It’s only a curb high.  Jason almost got back tailslide on it.  I tried a few front 50 back 180s and back 5-0s to fakie, but the crack at the bottom was too much.  Then we drove to Longmont and met up with Bernie and Riley at a curb high manny pad that had more to offer than just a straight manny pad.  Riley murdered it.  Fakie flip fakie manual, sw heel and switch flip to switch nose manual, nollie heel nose man, etc.  Rad.  I was sucking and I’m gonna blame my shoes.  I got some $6 Vans Geoff Rowley Shambles and they suck.  Well, they were good for about a week, and now I’m on week two.  Over them.  All I got was a manual, a front shove and kickflip over the gap.  Yippee.  Next we wet to a pole jam spot that Riley had made.  I cruised around sucking at ollies for awhile until I fell back and my neck started acting up again then skated the pole jam.  For a long time it was bent all weird so there was about a 6 inches of vertical before it bent to an angle.  Riley murdered it as well.  Switch polejam front 180.  Wow.  We got rid of the bend so it was a straight pole jam.  Steeper, but straight.  It was sick.  I got one no comply pole jam and Nate learned pole jam front 180s.  So sick.  Fun night, I need to skate better though.

skate journal: super stiff neck so i just skated flatground (aug 25)

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Probably shouldn’t have skated at all due to a really sore neck, but I did.  Mostly in front of the house or across the street at the school with Ollie.  I really didn’t land anything special, but have been trying to skate faster and that aint easy to do with a stiff neck.  The weirdest thing is nollie and switch flips flip really well with the 8″ board.  Now I just need to put my feet on them.

303 and Foundation special release party

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angelI don’t know Angel personally, but he’s nice and he skates hard.  I’m assuming this means he’s turning pro.  Good for him. Keep reppin’ the CO!

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1031 at Woodward

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Wow, Greg wasn’t joking when he said that Ben Raybourn rips.