Tyler Price Mag Minute

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Not sure how I forgot to put this on this site as well.  Congrats Tyler.  

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skate journal: north boulder streets with Nate (sept 30)

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After watching pretty much the best video in forever, Boondoggle, I was hyped to skate, but tired and it was looking like a solo session.  I drove from my house with absolutely no spot in mind so I decided to stop at Basemar since it’s kinda fun sometimes.  I cruised around it not feeling at it at all and ended back at my car to go somewhere else.  Two missed calls from Nate!  Rad.  We met up to skate in North Boulder by the old Albertsons which is now totally under construction.  Cool, maybe something good will come from it.  After dorking around for awhile we ended up at the little ledge in front of the salon shop. Somehow it was better than I remembered even though I only landed a front 50.  With some wax that spot could be the goods.  Next up was a weird tiny little bank.  I tried to ollie up a tall curb then axle stall it.  It only took me about 20 tries.  Ugh!  I was almost frustrated, but moved on to just dorking on the bank and doing a bad backside pivot fakie.  Then we crossed 28th to hit the democrat bench (it’s got blue lighting in it) at a bus stop.  It ended up being kinda sick, even though you can only skate it one way due to some grooves cut out of it.  I got a couple weak noseslides and Nate back 50’d all money steez.  I was trying backside 360 no complies and landing them.  Cool, it sure would be nice to finally learn that trick and to have it on the rare occasion I play Brian in SKATE.  Speaking of SKATE that is how Nate and I ended the night.  Pretty good game actually.  I was hucking nollie fs bigspin flips and got kinda close before Nate started trying them and landed it first try.  Ridiculous.  Fun night of skating.  I’ve been super busy at work.  Hopefully I’ll have some time soon to get this site better.

skate journal: new ft collins park is amazing (sept 27):

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Rolled up to the park with Lloyd and Jason after hitting up MRKT on the way.  Met up with tons of others later on.  After sweeping and moving hoses for a couple hours we were allowed to skate it and oh man, what a treat.  Some of the tight tranny stuff is kinda whack to me, but all of it is built with skateboarding in mind and all of it is rad.  I’ll have pictures on this site at some point, but wow, Sean Kelly deserves some serious props for this park.  The session was crowded, but full of smiles on everyones faces.  Brian Ball didn’t stop smiling the entire time.  I rarely stopped skating for 4 hours or something.  I hardly remember what I did, just cruising around that park is fun.  I guess I had the most fun on the China Banks replica (not very close to the OG though).  I had a run where I ollied a little speed bump thing, rolled into the bank then did a bad b/s flip.  I also got back tail and back smith stalls on it.  Way too much fun to write about really.  Everyone was killing it and the crew was amazing.

skate journal: quick bank to curb with Jason (sept 26)

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Jason and I started out of the gates trying to match trick for trick.  It started into a game of SKATE in which I was pink slipped.  It’s not that I skated really bad it’s that Jason landed every trick he can do first try.  It was insane.  I started to work on either back pivot back shove out or front tail back shove out.  I bailed them both repeatedly until somehow the stars were aligned right and I landed on the back pivot shove.  I didn’t ride out for another 20 tries or so, but I’ve definitely never done that trick into a bank at all before.

skate journal: flatground, flatground, flatground (sept 24)

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Went to Louisville park again, this time with Nate, Jason, Gabe and Brian.  It’s never a good idea to skate the same place two nights in a row and the park was super crowded.  Ugh, Nate and I just went to the hockey area and before long everyone ended up there.  I attempted a line of f/s halfcab flip, heelflip, 360 flip and never got the 360 flip.  I was pretty frustrated with how inconsisten I am with flip tricks, but had to remember I never habe been.  Oh well, a night of flippers is fun.

skate journal: Lville park with Jason and logs for legs (sept 23)

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Went to Louisvllie park with Jason and only 2 other people were there.  We were hyped.  Then we tried to skate.  I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I felt the least coordinated I’ve felt in a long time and that’s saying a lot.  I tried and tried to get warmed up, but nothing was happening.  Jason and I decided to just skate the bank to curb thing.  He killed it and I didn’t.  Although it did somehow seem to warm me up a little.  I landed a few crooks and a front 50 back 180.  Tried a bunch of 5-0 shoves and didn’t get close.  This teenage kid showed up and killed the place with tons of energy.  If I had 1/10 of the energy he had I would have been stoked.  Damn kids.

skate journal: the best ledge ever (sept 20)

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After the Omaha Botanical Gardens with Liz and her parents and some minigolf with Liz’s Dad I headed to Fremont to meet up with Joe, Dan and Matt, aka, the raddest dudes ever.  Ok, well maybe not ‘ever’, but their up there for sure.  We all met at the ledge of fall ledges, Linden.  20 feet long and about 10″ tall it’s a beauty.  Warming up was fun, I came remotely close to front smiths, but Dan and Matt were killing it and showing their home town spot who owns it.  Dan and Matt ended up doing the raddest Broflip of all time.  You’ll have to wait for 411 to come back to see it.  Then Matt strapped on his camera feet and attempted to film me doing a line.  I don’t think he knew what he was in for.  The goal for me was to do a nollie 360 flip then a front 50 back 180 out.  I think it took at least 50 tries to land a nollie 360 flip and when I did it was a bad one.  I’m calling ‘over 35’ though and Matt is the man for spending 18 hours filming me.  Then we filmed a skit for my Off The Couch part that will surely make one or two people laugh.  Not only is the Fremont crew fun as hell to skate with, but they can even act better than Heather Graham.  Thanks again Matt, you rule for filming so much.  

See, my Good Life hat is a Nebraska hat

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ballinNebraska .. The Good Life. 

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skate journal: Council Bluffs park then downtown Nullmoha (sept 19)

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ballinYou know it’s on when you see a car like this on the way to the park.  The rear window was cut at an angle to fit and the right rear light looks like it was taken from a contruction site.  So funny and so Council Bluffs.  Matt and I saw this car a couple blocks before the park.  I was pretty sore from side spasms, sore neck and golfing with Liz’s dad that morning.  I haven’t golfed in 18 years and managed to not get any better in years of night trying.  That’s about what I would expect.  We met up with Drew and started cruising around the park.  Before long Joe and Dan from the Fremont crew showed up too and the session was in full swing.  Joe killed the ledge.  Matt can kickflip into 50 but can’t land them on flat.  Drew was killing everything.  Dan was almost doing manuals to front board everytime, but somehow not doing them.  I was there landing a few basic tricks here and there.  Toward the end Joe, Dan and I played a game of SKATE.  I was losing pretty bad and blaming it on my sore everything when out of nowhere I put down a nollie treflip followed by a treflip to out everyone.  Word!  The session was really fun and that park is awesome.After some crappy food at McDonalds we headed to downtown Omaha.  By then my side was acting up too much and no amount of Tylenol would help.  I really wanted to skate, but basically just watched everyone.  The funnest thing was bombing a hill.  Drew was killing it though and he’s got a great attitude toward skating.  Rad.  Good session even though I didn’t skate that well.

skate journal: new ft collins park and longmont park (sept 17)

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Headed up to Ft Collins to sell some good at MRKT and hopefully skate the new park for a minute with Skelly.  Skelly put me to work sweeping for awhile then I got to roll around.  It was pretty dark already and lots of it wasn’t hittable yet due to fresh concrete, but it’s sick.  It’s gonna get skated a ton.  Sick job on the park Sean, your the man.Stopped at Longmont park on the way home to meet up with Josh, Riley and Matt.  I haven’t been there in so long that I forgot how to warm up there.  Watching Riley and Josh skate that place is pretty ridiculous.  We ended up having a huge game of SKATE with about 8 people that Matt and I somehow did decent in.  Eventually the switch and nollie tricks took it’s toll on me though.  I kinda forget the rest of the night, but it was really fun.