By The Time I Get To Arizona

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Today’s song of the day.  So sick.  I remember when they premiered this on Mtv and people freaked out.

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skate journal: Aurora park with Nullers (oct 29)

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Mikey, Chad, Riley, Bernie and I headed to Aurora park on a super nice warm day.  I had the day off work and after selling some boards we went to Aurora park.  Riley, Mikey and Chad skated the kicker to mellow bank so ridiculously good.  Riley put down all types of grabs before moving on to a second try kickflip that was textbook.  Mikey put down a pop shove in seconds and a nollie heel shortly after.  A few tries later Riley put down the steeziest backside flip I’ve ever seen.  So ridiculous.  I was having one of those really timid days where I was too tired to put much energy into my skating.  When I’m tired I suck at skating.  I tried a run where I’d boardslide the flatbar, manual down this ledge thing and kickflip the hip.  I never quite linked all three together.  Doh.  I sucked, but watching the Nullers kill it was fun.

skate journal: Tired Longmont session (Oct 28)

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Skated a little bit with Ollie at the school across the street.  I was very tired and just kind of goofing off.  Ollie managed to manual across the country.  Ok, the painting of USA they have on the cement.  Pretty rad though.  Later on Brian and Neil picked me up and we met Sean and half of Ft Collins at the Longmont park.  Neil straight killed it.  The only good that came out of the session for me was boardsliding the entire little ledge at full speed and getting into frontside noseblunts on the flat bank.  Oh and a fun game of SKATE with Sean, Neil and Brian where I finally landed a decent backside 360 no comply.  Rad.

skate journal: super fun”ledge”session at St Julien (oct 27)

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Met Nate on another 30 degree’ish night at St Julien and we ended up staying there basically the whole time.  Somehow I ended up putting down most of my ledge tricks.  Starting with crooks.  But real crooks where I grinded a few feet.  Not my typical crooks of less than an inch and fall out.  Hyped.  I also put down several back 50s which have absolutely baffled me lately and my best halfcab noseslide ever.  Frontside went front 50 back 180 out, front 50 front 180 out, front 5-0 front 180 out, front 50 shove out, front 5-0 shove out and somehow I even got my second ever front smith grind.  I’m also getting closer to actually riding out of frontside wallrides.  That would be tight.  Nate killed it with long front tails and almost got a front nosegrind shove out.

So sick of John McCain flip flopping

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So sick of this dude.  Please vote for Obama.


skate journal: campus rules (oct 26)

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I had one hour to go skate so I didn’t call anyone, loaded up the mp3 player with Dinosaur Jr and bolted around campus never staying at a spot very long.  It ended up being an absolutely amazing session.  I started off at the banked manny pad and landed a manny up to rock, halfcab flip out.  Really bad though.  My flatground was also somewhat on point and I stomped a couple treflips.  Next I tried a line down the sidewalk toward the 1 – 7 stair for awhile.  So fun.  The run was super tech.  Manual for awhile, ollie, front 180, switch 180 ollie down 4 stairs, bail the wallride on the rock.  Then I skated the brick courtyard area for awhile trying some lines on the bench and flatground.  I don’t think I pieced together a decent run, but if you add them all up together it was fun.  I ollied the student center 4 stair a few times then noseslid the gray bench and bolted back home.  Super fun session.

Halloween Havok contest in Boulder tomorrow

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havokDon’t forget your halloween costumes.

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skate journal: campus with Brian and Nate (oct 23)

Posted in Skate Journal on October 24th, 2008 by corpo

Pretty cool night in the 30s and we met up around 9pm.  Brian is kinda known for sitting out at street missions so I was a bit worried he’d be bummed on the session, but that wasn’t the case.  We started out at the banked manny pad which was harder than I remembered.  Nate did a nose manual turned around to switch manaual down.  So sick.  Brian did a 360 kickturn to front rock.  So sick.  I didn’t land anything.  I did start getting the feel for halfcab flips out of rock though.  I’d love to do a manual up to rock, halfcab flip out.  Landing in manny would be a nice touch, but that’s pretty unlikely for me.  We headed down to the 1 to 7 stair area.  Brian ollied 5.  Sick.  I couldn’t get his back and stuck with 4.  Lame.  Next up we session a rock for at least an hour.  Nate got a sick ass wallie.  I got a wallride.  Brian got a wallride and almost a backside no comply wallride.  We finished on a game of SKATE that Nate won.  Young jerk.  Ha.  Brian and I went $1 for a heelflip and I beat him.  He only had a dime on him so he owes me $.90 more.  Better not skimp out of that bet Brian.

skate journal: first circuit city session of the year (oct 21)

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Met up with Jake at the famous Circuit City parking garage in Boulder on a cold and rainy night.  It’s cool because they fixed all the lights and it’s clean in there since it hasn’t snowed yet (jinx).  Anyways I took awhile to warm up as usual and for the first time in a couple weeks I was able to try flip tricks other than kickflips.  We played a long game of SKATE to get warmed up.  I landed my first 360 flip in forever and got a first try fakie varial flip.  By the time the game ended Jake was ready to go.  We ended up playing an “old school” game of SKATE that ended up just dieing as we were having more fun trying to figure out what each other was doing.

Pat’s got pop

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popI wish I had half the pop and control that Pat has.  I miss Pat being in Obamaha when I visit, but it’s great seeing him so happy in Boston.

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