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This is throw away? Can’t wait for the Real video.

skate journal: Rampy (Jan 27)

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Setup a new board.  This time an 8″.  Felt good.  Ollie and I skated for awhile.  Time for skate dad bragging time.  He did three new tricks.  Backside pivot/slash grind, backside ollie and fakie ollie to manual to the other side.  He also did a fakie ollie above coping.  It was kind of on accident but sick!  I didn’t do anything special, but got a couple fakie front smith fakies.  Later on Reed, Lazer, Elijah and Elliot came over to film some stuff for Grind TV.  Ha.  I sucked.  Those guys ripped.  I really sucked.  And I sucked at the acting they wanted me to to.  OH well I felt like crap.

PJ Ladd vs Reynolds in the Berrics game of SKATE

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Best game of SKATE at the Berrics yet. PJ rules. He pops his tricks so high with such good style.

Kids these days

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Steven Webb. Some whack tricks in there, but for the most part it’s amazing and my god the kid can do anything.

skate journal: solo rampy (Jan 26)

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Had a blast playing with the kids and hit Rampy after reading the kids to sleep.  Skated ok.  Got a few more of those fakie front smith to fakie stalls.  Tried to do front smiths and front d out of axle stalls and finally got them.  I’m really trying to get out of my rock fakie/tail stall rut to set up for everything.  Did a lot of back 5-0s, couldn’t do an ollie.  Way too tight, I have no idea how Lazer does it.  I got really tired quickly and decided my new trick would be an easy one – switch rock ‘n roll.  I rock creek’d it real good too.  I tried a few out of front disaster, but eh, too tired.

skate journal: Denver spots with Jason, Neil, Fuzz and some Meta dudes (Jan 24)

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It had snowed a bit and was cold in the morning, but somehow the sun came out and it ended up being pretty warm.  Jason and I met up with Neil, Fuzz and the Meta crew at an amazing ledge spot.  Everyone else was warmed up so it was kind of a bummer to start of sucking like I was.  But it got fun quick.  I tried a front 50 and ended up locking into 5-0 and shoved out.  I also got a sloppy front 50 front bigspin out.  I was feeling pretty good at that point, but then kinda went downhill for awhile and could only do front 50s.  Lame.  The ledge is really fun though, it’s fun to grind for a long time.  Fuzz freaked out and focused his board and a jug of water.  Neil landed a first ever front tail shove out.  Jason killed a long front noseslide.  After a long drive we ended up at a really fun tight little bank to ledge.  Jason straight killed it.  Back smith, back tail, everything quick.  I got a wallie out of the ledge, front rock, front smith stall and somewhat close to a kickflip pivot.  I ended the day with another wallie.  So fun.  

skate journal: Rampy with Ollie, then Jake and Reed (Jan 23)

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Got home from work and Ollie and I immediately skated the ramp.  He started doing two new tricks; manualling the flat bottom and doing body varials in the flat bottom.  Sick!  I tried front disaster to front smith, but never got it.  Later on Jake and Reed showed up and we shredded.  Well, they shredded.  I was sucking, but it was fun.  We thought we heard someone knocking on the door so I pulled the door up and BOOM nailed Jake and Reed in the head with the garage door.  Jake got the blunt of it.  I felt it hit.  It took him out and he ended up leaving.  Sorry Jake!  On top of that it was his birthday.  Doh!  Reed stuck around and we skated for quite awhile.  Reed learned front feebles and I learned fakie front smith stall to fakie.  Rad, I’ve wanted to do that for awhile.  I started trying back tails too, but never got too close.  Fun session.

skate journal: CO Springs and Parker with Nate, Lazer and Jake (Jan 22)

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Left shortly after 9am and got a whopping 37mpg on the way to CO Springs.  So awesome.  Yes, I’m obsessed by gas mileage these days.  The new park is huge.  Huge.  It took a good 15 minutes of skating around it to even start to take it all in.  The street course is huge.  There are 3 bowls.  There is a section of rocks/curbs/spines banks.  Basically the park has everything but a normal ledge.  Nate and I started out in the street/”flow” area.  There is some crazy bank wallride things.  I seriously can’t even write about how much fun it is because things like wallriding up a 5 stair bank make no sense in words.  Riding down kinked banks, etc.  For awhile I had some good energy and was skating ok.  I ollied a hip, backside flipped a flat wall, then almost f/s flipped the next one.  Nate and I got bluntslides over this seriously rad flat bank hip.  Later on I slammed over and over trying to noseslide the hip.  We all got together and skated a 1 foot tall spine that is a total blast.  Jake and I learned back feeble back 180 transfers.  I also got a front feeble front 180 transfer.  Sounds cool, but it was easy.  Then we skated the “legit” pool.  Carving it is fun, carving the tight corner is fun.  Lazer straight killed it.  Front slash the deep.  I carved the tile.  Whew!The rest of the session is kind of a blur until we skated two super tight qpipes like a halfpipe.  Lazer and Jake killed it.  I was just hyped to get rock fakies it was so tight.  I also got a fakie back smith stall to fakie. Next up was Parker.  We were all tired, but a few grinds around the hard way of the 3 foot corner gets the feet going.  Nate and I skated the ledge for a long time.  I got most of my tricks and I tried to do them in order.  back boardslide, back noseslide, front 50, back crooks, front 50 180, front 50 shove, back crooks, front 5-0, front 5-0 180, front 5-0 shove, back 50 (had a lot of trouble with it) and finally front smith grind.  I tried a bunch of smith grinds which turned more and more 5-0 each time until I finally got bummed and went twice as fast and held it down.  Best smith grind I’ve ever done.  Before leaving Nate and I skated the Colorado flag q-pipe and little mini q-pipe for a long time.  I got a couple Rampy tricks before trying to do front 50 back 180 out, but I never landed that.  Super fun day.

skate journal: CSU with Cody and Sean (Jan 21)

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Had to bring some boards up to MRKT then went skating with Sean and Cody.  We started at the 2 up 2 down which was poorly lit and kind of scary to skate.  I used to love skating this spot with JP.  I got a manual and was working to nose manual it, but we took off.  We ended up skating this fun/weird manny pad with a square curb in the middle.  There were some potential for that spot.  We were all pretty tired though and just dorking around.  Nothing unusual for me.

skate journal: Rampy for a bit with Ollie (Jan 20)

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ollieSkated Rampy for about 20 minutes then took a few photos of him.  Gotta get him sponsored by Red Bull & Plan B soon you know?  The session was fun.  Ollie learned fakie ollies and I landed most of my tricks which was way quicker than normal.not deckedRock Fakie.  Allan from Sol would probably be heckling him to deck it.beamsBeaming the camera is a requirement for kids.landedMy digital camera blows at taking photos indoors, but yeah, Ollie was popping fakie ollies and landing most of them.  jordanOllie has never even heard of Michael Jordan.  I guess it’s a natural thing to rock the tongue.