skate faster busenitz

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Your only going 90 mph.Best skater ever.

skate journal: quick curb/flat session (May 27)

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Had about half an hour free so went over to the school with Ollie. He wasn’t really into it, but I was trying all the basic stall tricks on the no setup curb. Did a back tail which is very rare for me.  Bummed Ollie wasn’t feeling it, but hyped that my new shoes felt good.  I’ve worn them around for a few weeks now and their good and broken in.  Skated flat in front of the house after that and landed a lot of tricks quickly including a 360 flip.  Yippee.

Barcelona looks so fun for skating

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Crazy paint animation

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Pure craziness!

Obits – I Blame You – album review

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Drive Like Jehu and even Hot Snakes to some degree are a couple of my favorite bands. Rick Froberg’s voice is and heavy guitars are guaranteed goodness. Or so I thought. I didn’t know about this band before I saw a review on Pitchfork. Upon seeing it was Rick from Jehu and the sample song sounded good I ordered it immediately.This album does not live up to my expectations at all. It’s good, but it’s not great. Half of the songs end slower than they start. There isn’t a standout song either. Gonna keep this one short, but basically it’s not as good as I hoped.Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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So good.

skate journal: lafayette tech center (May 25)

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Neil, Nate, Fuzz, Jason and I went out to the Lafayette Tech Center area after the rain dried up on a gloomy memorial day.  We started at the bird bank which is a kind of weird spot.  The bank is steep with some rocks before it and the asphalt isn’t that good.  We put some weird metal tubes down for a bit and skated them for a second.  Nate was the only one to skate them well.  Fuzz, Neil and Nate ollied a cinder block like it’s nothing.  I guess it should be easy for me too, but it wasn’t.  The best part of this session was trying tricks over a 2 x 6 that Jason put out.  So awesome.  Neil, Fuzz and Nate nollied it.  I got a kickflip over it first try.  Fuzz ended up doing a lot over it.  No surprise there.  At the end I finally ollied the cinder block and Jason almost cabbed the 2 x 6.Next we went to this crack infested are that has some chunky ledges and stairs.  Ended up being a total blast.  There was a euro gap up a two stair, a four stair, a weird ledge, all kinds of stuff.  Nate and Jason almost front boarded this rad ledge.  Fuzz front lipped it.  I took several tries too long to kickflip up the two stair, but had a blast trying lines later on.  Ollie up a somewhat tall ledge, ollie or front 180 the four stair, chinese nollie a big crack, pose kickflips down the two stair.  The rain came in before I could get it.  Cupsoles rule.  My feet weren’t even sore and I jumped down the 4 stair at least 10 times.

skate journal: Neil ledges with Neil and Brian (May 24)

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Thunder storms were looming, but we hit it for about an hour before the rain kicked in.  We all started slow, but by the end were all skating pretty good.  It took me about 40 tries to get one slow back 50 which was the only real bummer.  Those ledges are weird.  At the end I was trying to manual the first one, then kickflip off the second.  I never put the two together but kickflipping off was super fun.  Brian tried some hurricanes at the end in the rain and hurt his foot trying to kick his board.  It may be the best slam ever if my camera didn’t eat the tape.

skate journal: Fairview with Jason and PJ (May 23)

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Not much time to skate again.  Met up with Jason, PJ and the TF over at the old Ash Ramp and after sucking it up on the ramp there for a bit, we went to Fairview.  TF wasn’t feeling it and left for a motorcycle ride.  PJ was tired from a bike race and used that as an excuse to act old when he’s really just a spring chicken.  I tried to get as much skating in as possible in the 2 hours I had to skate and it was some of the happier I’ve been with my skating in awhile.  I can’t really even remember ‘tricks’ really.  I just messed around and ollied a lot.  That spot is fun.

skate journal: kgnu manny pad with Jason and Nate (May 22)

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Quick after work session with Jason and Nate at the tiny manny pad we used to skate a lot.  Jason and I were there for a bit before Nate joined us.  Between Jason and I we had like 3 tricks total before Nate came in and literally did 6 different manny tricks in a row first try.  Talk about feeling old.  Geez.  Nate is good.  I had a good time even though I really didn’t last much.  I kept skating hard and tried a lot of new stuff.  Came somewhat close to a fakie bigspin manual.  Tried it like 50 times.  Considering I’ve only landed a fakie bigspin up a curb a few times I wasn’t that bummed.  The one rare trick I actually landed was a nose manual nollie front 180 out.  Well, more of a front pivot out, but who’s keeping score?  I came close to a few fakie hardflips too.  Fun.