Dinosaur Jr timeline

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This Dinosaur Jr timeline article rules!  It is a must read!  Did you know that J Mascis turned down being the drummer for Nirvana?  Yeah, that article is filled with tidbits of Dinosaur Jr nerd facts like that.  Go read it!

Psycho and Dino party at the beach

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Psycho UnityPsycho Unity and Dino part at the beach.So funny!  Turns out there is going to be a few more strips added to the mix, so this isn’t the last one.  Awesome!

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skate journal: campus with Nate and Jason, the Lville park with Jason (June 29)

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After a nap and a huge dinner I picked up Jason and we went up to the hill to meet Nate. We were down by the tunnel ledge waiting for Nate and I just kinda set my board up on the ledge and attempted to roll around the whole ledge and ended up hitting the top ledge and diving to the ground right in front of Nate. Rad. I was laughing before I even hit the ground and somehow it didn’t hurt.We ended up staying there and trying to skate that weird ledge. Jason got some really good front noseslides. Nate did some really good front 50s and nollie front tails. I did a couple mediocre front 50s and rode into a cali grind on the last part. This took us all about an hour. That ledge is hard to skate. Oh yeah, my tail was already cracked really bad and spongy. At the end we were messing around trying tail stall shoves and stuff and I cracked it way more.Next up Jason and I went down into campus to the plastic ledge. It took Jason awhile to get a boardslide and I never got one. Ugh. Jason landed the best crooked grind I’ve ever seen him do and some good noseslides too. I was going slow trying to man up to crooks on that ledge when the cops came and we left with a warning.We haven’t been to Lville park at night in a long time. It was really crowded. I mostly just skated the ledges. Got a few crooks and a quick back 50. Couldn’t get the front 50 back 180 out. Argh. Then I settled in on trying back nosegrinds on the low ledge. I haven’t done that trick in forever, since the Vans park was around. It took awhile, but I got into a few and rode out of a couple that probably had little back truck scrapes. I couldn’t just land it perfect you know, because it’s me and lately I suck on a skateboard. We left when the park closed.

Vancouver street clip

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Looks so fun

My Battle At The Berrics 2 picks

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left bracketThe left side.  I already blew it picking Jaimie Thomas over Busenitz.  I just thought The Chief was a better contest and flatground skater.  They are both sick.  Busentiz is the best ever though.right bracketYes it reads right, I picked Jimmy Carlin and Jerry Hsu as the top 2.  I just hope it’s not Cole or P-Rod that wins it.


skate journal: Longmont in the heat with jason, Neil and a bit of Brian (June 27)

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After a late night and a huge lunch Jason, Neil and I headed to Longmont.  We went to Skyline HS which has a sick ledge in the back of it.  It was kinda shady which was good, but the heat was still intense.  Neil was trying a sick line, Jason was trying a tall front nose and I was trying some random stuff, but we never pieced it all together.  We left to look at the Longmont contest and chill for a minute.Next we went to the ‘chocolate chip’ bank spot.  I remember skating this about 20 years ago before I could ollie.  Ha. Jason killed the front boardslide and Brian had the one foot front kickturns.  I was sucking, but had a fun switch b/s kickturn and tried to manual out of a regular kickturn.  Came close, but never got it.  I got a back rock after a lot of tries.  It was easy when I finally committed, but scary up til that point.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Oh well, blame it on the heat?  Oh, and the fact that I suck at skateboarding.

skate journal: bank to curb by neils house with jason, neil, nate (June 26)

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Took a tiny nap after work and Nate showed up.  My legs were dead so we skated Rampy for a bit and had a sweaty blast and got the legs warmed up good.  We both skated Rampy pretty well and I got a few fakie pivot fakies and a couple front tail stalls which used to be very hard for me on Rampy.  Nate was trying back 5-os to fakie when his board got stuck all crazy on the tranny.  We laughed like crazy for awhile so I went in to get a my phone and saw 3 missed calls from Neil.We rolled over to Neils place as did Jason to skate the little bank to curb spot. I’m not sure why I haven’t skated it before, but it’s an incredible spot.  Good flatground, mellow bank, waxed curb, other random stuff.  Sick!  Nate had to leave soon after that but we had all done some stuff so here’s the quick run down.  Neil front lip the two stair, back board the curb; Nate front 5-0, front lip the two stair, boardslides to fakie on the curb, probably 20 more tricks I can’t remember anymore; Jason back 50s on both, front lip the two stair, prolly a bunch more.  I got a boardslide, slappy noseslides, bad front tails and slappy front lip on the curb.  Jason and Nate had to leave and Neil was feeling my front lips so he filmed me try it in a run.  Ollie up the curb, slappy front lip, 360 flip.  Took quite awhile and I got it twice, both look weird.  I’m not very good at skateboarding.  Felt good to skate that hard though.

skate journal: rainbow ledge with Lazer and Neil then red curbs with Jason (June 25)

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First day with the kids and wife gone on vacation and it rains.  Figures.  But before it rained Lazer and Neil headed to my house where I was skating some flatground.  Was trying a run of fakie bigflip, front shove, 360 flip.  Came close, but never got it.  We split out to the Mikes Camera ledge where Lazer slammed immediately over shooting a front 50.  It was pretty funny.  He still ripped it of course.  Sometimes I can skate that ledge well and sometimes it treats me horribly.  This was one of the latter.  I got a boardslide pop out pretty quick and bailed a bunch of front 50s.  Ugh.  Tried a few front 50 to front boards, but never got it.  Was also trying back boardslides shove it out, but never came very close.  I guess I’m not Nate.  Lazer brought us over to ollie the six stair where he did it peice of cake, but Neil and I weren’t feeling it.  We started messing around on the metal grate bank but the rain settled in.  Argh.Later on Jason and I hit red curbs.  I was pretty beat from the earlier session, but figured I should skate a lot while the family is gone.  It wasn’t an easy session for me.  Pretty early on I was trying a front 5-0 and ate shit in such a weird way that I hit my head on the curb.  Not bad enough to leave a bump even, but kinda scary.  Nothing like hitting your head while skating a curb.  I was also pretty bummed on how my crooks are just little jibs and the fact that it took me 50 tries to get a 360 flip.  All in all not a great session, but we skated hard and had a good time.

OG De Souza

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Every once in awhile you just gotta watch this dude skate to remind yourself how fortunate you are.  OG Rips!

skate journal: Ollie did a shove it! (June 24)

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Headed over across the street for a few minutes with ollie. Still getting used to my new stuff. Messed around on the curb for a bit then hit the rock infested sidewalk. Ollie was ollieing over the little 2 foot long flat gap like it was nothing. I was trying some flip tricks and he started trying fakie shove its. He can do half cabs so he started trying fakie shoves. He ended up getting a couple stationary ones. He claims he’s done it before, but I’ve never seen it. Sick! I got a few flippers including a first try wind up 3 flip as we left. Liz and the kids are leaving for two weeks so I’ll be skating a bunch hopefully ..