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Found this clip on youtube of the show I went to in Seattle. More photos and pictures soon, but I’m up in this one starting at 1:33 holding David Yow’s hand. Ahhh. It was an incredible show to say the least.

skate journal: Lynnwood skatepark with Ollie (July 24, 2009)

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Liz’s brother had all kinds of activities planned for us on this trip.  Luckily one of them was a stop at a nearby skatepark.  Unfortunately it was in the morning after skating late the night before and my body was having troubles.  The park reminded me of the Louisville skatepark kinda.  Not great, but you could have fun for sure.  I was having a tough time doing anything and was kinda just cruising around doing nothing.  I lost a game of SK8 to a kid and then basically just watched Ollie skate around.  Ollie was riding my board which is clearly way to big for him, but he was having fun and I figured I’d shoot some photos and stuff.ollieOllie ollieing the 3 stair.  We’re gonna start going by his middle name initials HD so we don’t hear anymore of that “Nice ollie Ollie”.Here’s Ollie cruising around.  I’ve been on him about the mongo push, but he’s 7 so I guess it can slide.  My board was clearly too big for him, but my favorite part is the casual board dismount at the end.

skate journal: Seattle with JP! (July 23, 2009)

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In Seattle on a family vacation and Josh had just moved to Seattle.  We met up, hugged a bit, then got our skate on.  We went to the Gas Works city park and went to a ledge overlooking Lake Union and downtown Seattle.  It was seriously an amazing view and we didn’t hesitate to annoy the locals that were enjoying the same view.  Luckily there were some people lighting off fireworks which is way louder then skateboarding so we didn’t feel too bad.  Not that we should.  Anyways the ledge was gritty to say the least.  It’s seen better days, but it was still good and when grinded it made a really loud raw grind noise.  We pounded out a few of the basics like boardslides and noseslides and Josh manualled it all easy and eventually nose manny front 180’d it.  Six years into the session I was able to finally manual it.  You can also quick up to another level and Josh mannied that too.   I was locking into some crooked grinds, but having troubles popping out.  I got one eventually and a quick up to slow front 50 on the next level then land on the lower level and front 180 off.  It was slow, but fun.  Josh was killing the front 5-0 180s, back 50s, front tail,  back tail, back tail shove maybe back tail to fakie too?  At the end of the session was working on back tail bigspins and landed on one that could probably make an early 90s video.  I started trying kick back 50s and basically should have landed the first one I committed to.  Instead I chose to let it get much darker by way of missing the trick over and over until finally landing it on the last try of our count down.  Cool.After scoping out all the famous skate spots at Gas Works we headed out and found some little bank to skate near Josh’s house.  It looked so good from the road, but man, them Seattle spots is rough!  Josh went down hard hanging up on a rock that would take out most bikers.  I definitely lowered my expectations of the spot quickly, but we still had fun.  Josh lofted some ollies over the hip and we made a little wood crate wallride in the smooth area to help things out.  I got a little run with a backside wallride then a bad kickflip on the bank.  Josh had a bunch of front wallrides and we each added the wallride to fakie and fakie wallride before calling it a fun sweaty night.

skate journal: CU with John (July 20, 2009)

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John and I headed to campus for some street skating.  We started dorking out on the tiny new little quarter pipe curb thing.  John was killing the smith grinds both ways and did a line with both and a 3 flip, nollie flip and maybe even a front shove.  Rad.  I wasn’t really warmed up and was struggling.  I managed to wallie the little curb to sidewalk gap and do a few grinds too.  Next we headed to the gray bench where I continued to not land a boardslide and chicken out on crooks.  John got a nice noseslide shove and I got a noseslide fakie.  For some reason the bench was really sticky.  Then we went to the student center area and did little lines where we would ride off the big drop thing.  Basically a six stair drop.  John did front shove, ollie, drop, ollie the 3 stair.  Rad.  I started with kickflip and halfcab flip but never managed enough speed to ollie the 3 stair as well.  Lastly we dorked on some tiny manny pads that I couldn’t skate and then a wallride spot where I continued to ride, but not land frontside wallrides.  After awhile I started trying fakie wallrides and got a decent one.  Rad.  John did a good no comply f/s wallride and then we played a game of SKATE that John won right asthe rain started to come down.  I wasnt bummed though, it was a fun game.  I got letters on a couple really easy ones though. front shove and halfcab flip.  Getting a 3 flip first try helped me forget those though.  Fun night.  Gotta street skate with John – I’m in Seattle now.

skate journal: longmont with trick factory and new everything (July 18, 2009)

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My new shoes.  Emerica Herman 2s.  Those DCs didn’t last long at all.Neil, Jason and I went to go meet Carleigh, Brian and Fuzz for some street skating in Longmont.  We met up with Carleigh at the little under cover manny pad near Playa Azul.  Jason and I both got first try mannies.  I guess it helps to have new shoes, wheels and a deck.  Wow that’s a lot.  The mannies went well.  Neil and I both got the long way nose manual and manual.  I tried to throw in a 180 at the end, but never got it.  I almost got a kickflip manual the short way.  I say the short way, but it really was still like 20 feet which was about 2 feet two long for me.  Doh.Carleigh had to bail so we went on to Longmont, picked up Brian and met Fuzz at the OG Off The Couch spot.  Some Longmont heads were there and built a gnarly wood contraption that Jason and Fuzz rolled over.  That was enough it was sketchy.  I was sucking, but luckily Brian was ripping trying the craziest curb transfer trick.  Back 180 pivot bigspin.  Or something.  I attempted to film it for awhile, but the cops came and Brian got denied.  Doh.Next we went to the Longmont ditch where I was having the worst session ever for the first 30 minutes.  I was being a baby I suppose.  Fuzz, Lazer, Jason and Brian were ripping.  Oh yeah, so Lazer had joined us.  Fuzz was trying a ridiculous line of front 5-0 then back noseblunt on the other side.  Jason was locking into his pattented best back tails ever.  Lazer did a front smith grind which really isn’t possible on that thing.  I was  bailing back 50s.  Ugh.  I finally got a couple and a back 5-0.  Tried a few back 50 reverts, but didn’t get them around and just gave my wheels little flat spots instead.  At the end I got a little back nosegrind in only a few tries to make it not the worst session for me.

skate journal: co springs with nate (July 17, 2009)

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Nate and I headed to the Springs as I had the day off work and well, he’s unemployed and needs to skate more.  We stopped for a good and surprisingly cheap meal at Fazollis (SP?) then hit up Proper to sell some boards.  The sun was out and very bright and we didn’t feel like dealing with crowds so we hit the old park where there was only a few other people skating.  Everyone was in a sun daze.  It was super hot and no one was really talking or going all out.  Nate and I mostly skated the little ledge/manny pad.  We were trying little runs where we would do a kickflip on the bank then a trick on the ledge.  I got a few kickflips followed by back 50s.  I wanted to do more, I just never landed more.  I wanted to try back 5-o front shove out.  yeah right.  i wanted to do back 50 no comply out but never got that either.  Nate did a front 180 nose manual first try and then did a nollie front 180 nose man.  Ridiculous.  The other dudes there had the worst setups.  One dudes wheels were so small he looked like he was skating on carpet.  They were fun though.  I can’t remember what else went down.  We skated for awhile and had fun, but the sun was so hot that nothing too memorable went down.Next we hit up good ol’ Harrison High.  They put a fence up around the banks and knobbed them in the waxed spots, but we still had fun.   I skated mostly in lines for the first hour.  Ollied up the two stair, backside ollie the hip back 5-0 to fakie.  Then tried front 180 up the two stair, frontside halfcab flip, backside ollie, back 5-0 to fakie.  Don’t think I quite got that one all together.  Then coming the other way this one took awhile because I was scare of the kickflip.  Frontside ollie on the bank, alley up fakie 50, kickflip the two stair.  Hyped on that one.  Nate was doing proper back 5-0s to fakie as opposed to my late reverts.  Oh well.  Then I just kinda worked on new tricks and got a few.  Alley oop fakie 50 to fakie.  Alley oop fakie nose grind.  Then started trying fakie alley oop back 5-0 to fakie.  Then kept trying it.  Tried it so many times, but couldn’t lock in.  Doh.  Would have been really hyped on that one.  Fun day.

skate journal: downtown denver with nate (July 15)

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After a quick Null stop at 303 and Jeff’s place Nate and I showed up in the downtown area parked near the art museum.  We started off trying wallrides in some totally crappy parking lot and an even rougher wall.  It was kind of a good warm up even though it took us each forever to land a wallride.  Nate got his first of course and it became a theme that he would land everything before me.  Next up we went to the art history museum (i think) and tried to manual the gray bank around the long mellow handrail.  Nate got it.  I didn’t.  It was really dark though so that’s my excuse.  I did come kinda close a couple times though (at least in my head).  Then we went to the library area and skated the metal sculpture for a bit.  I took a long time to do a lame ollie up to wallride fakie where as Nate did it first try.  Nate did some other front board to fakie nose man to grind thing that he’ll never be able to reproduce ever.  Ha.  Up next was some new building with tons of gray benches that are super smooth on top.  We skated a couple that had gaps in there and trying various ollie and manual combos.  Nate beat me to ollie up gap manual and he also did man gap man.  sick!  He also managed to slam pretty much as hard as I’ve ever seen him slam.  It was like he was trying to swat a fly on the ledge with his chest.  Ouch.  At the end I got an ollie up gap noseman.  But the gap was so small I only had to lift over it and lean forward.  I was still hyped.  We ollied up a tall ledge before moving on to a different area where we ollied up one bench and front 180’d to another one.  Fun times.  We were pretty eat and went to leave but found a sick bump to weird frontside wallride.  Nate got i.  Some bikers fighting had me burnt on the spot, but we stuck around long enough for me to get it too.  It was really fun because the bump was about 3 feet back from the wall and it had this little bank about 2 feet up.  So we stalled on it then came back into the bank.  Really damn fun.  Gotta bring Jeff there and film.  He could destroy it.  or be over it.  Ha.

My first favorite skate part

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This was pretty much the first part that completely blew me away on skateboarding. I must have watched it forever and Weakness is quite possibly the best skate song ever made.

More proof that Dinosaur Jr is the best band ever

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dinosaur jr is too loud boooooooPretty much as epic as it gets.

Stackin Clips teaser

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Here’s a teaser for the tour video from the Fremont dudes visit to CO.  Epic.  Eric from Havoc Films is the man that did almost all of the filming and edited it.