skate journal: me lowering the bar of sucking at the Longmont park (Aug 30, 2009)

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Even more tired then the day before I went on a late night Longmont park session with Nate. I started sucking right out of the gate. I felt really old and heavy and had no pop whatsoever. Nate was ripping as usual. All kinds of sick ledge tricks first try. I want to forget my skating with the exception of a trick I’ve never done before. No comply bigger spin. Did it on the mellow bank second try. I guess now that I write about it I’m hyped just knowing I’ve landed that trick. Bye.

skate journal: Longmont spots (Aug 29, 2009)

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Jake, Carleigh and I met up with Neil and Brian in L-town. Jake, Carleigh and I played some SKATE while we waited for Neil and Brian to stop playing motorcycle dudes. Then we jumped in the Icebox and drove the two blocks to the industrial area. We parked somewhere new and it was looking pretty bleak. But pretty much as soon as we thought the area sucked Brian had a line mapped out that I filmed. Carleigh tore it up and ollied a long 3 then pop shoved it too. Sick! Everyone wanted to leave when Brian got his line, but I got all ouchy and cranky and wanted to skate the spot myself for a bit. I blame my crankiness on the first hangover I’ve had in months. But we skated longer and I actually got a line with a fakie bigspin up a curb followed by a boardslide to manual. Yippee. Next we skated the OG junk spot. Brian tried to get his trick for awhile while Carleigh, Jake and I did flyouts over a cone. Later on I tried to get a 360 flip out of the bump. I took awhile, but I finally got one. It’s been a couple years since I’ve tried 3 flips out of a bump. Cool. Fun day.

Ted DeGros rips

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skate journal: more flatground in front of the house (Aug 28, 2009)

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More flatground in front of the house. Thought I only had a few minutes before dinner with the old neighbor, but it turns out I had an hour. Didn’t land much. I got a 3 flip, a few frontside halfcab flips, lots of halfcab flips, but nothing to write home about. Pretty weak session and I don’t like the new Romero shoes.

skate journal: flatground patheticness infront of my house (Aug 27, 2009)

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skated flatground in front of the house and sucked. really sucked. Got a line of backside flip, halfcab lip, varial flip, but it was pathetic. Hate my new shoes.


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Totally awesome. I’m the cop. Premiering Oct 26, 2009. Be there!

skate journal: Downtown Denver with Chris, Chad and Skelly (Aug 26, 2009)

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Met Chris and Chad at the new awesome art musuem manual benches.  I was feeling pretty out of it and the new setup wasn’t helping.  I got one slow ollie up gap to manual on another.  Don’t forget that this gap is literally only a few inches.  It’s fun though.  Chris slammed trying to nose manual through it.After getting the boot we hit the bump to wallride Nate and I hit awhile ago.  Chris did all kinds of rad tricks like beanplant fakie, boneless to tail,etc.  I got a front “feeble” as Chad put it.Next we skated the little uphill ledge thing in front of the Natural Hist Museum.  Well, we didn’t skate it as a ledge, we just did other stuff.  I got ollie up to side rocks both ways.  back board pulled to fakie and a back board pulled into manual.  That was cool.  Chris killed a million combos and Sean had met up with us and did a no comply and 180 nose manual.Next spot was the mellow gray bank a few yards away.  I got a backside flip and tried a bunch of no comply bigger spins.  Never got one.  Got a decent halfcab flip though.  Sean had a cool full cab no comply and Chris once again all kinds of cool tricks like varial heel to fakie and various boneless combos.  Chris and Chad acted like the wusses they are and took off after this.Sean and I cruised around and hit the old Denver Post building for a minute.  Pretty fun.  Nothing special went down other then me shooting my board into traffic and running after it like an idiot.  We hit a ledge for a minute before getting the boot.  Then we hit the wallride nearby, bombed a little hill nearby and I bailed front wallrides for awihle.  Got close though.  We ollied the four stair on the way out and that was it.


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I need to work on some life saving hair.

PJ Ladd Battle Commander

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PJ Ladd is the king of fast tech skating done perfect and one of my all time favorites.

skate journal: I skated again whewoo. (Aug 24, 2009)

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After running some boards up to MRKT I stopped by the new Spring Valley park with new shoes, a new deck AND new wheels.  Ultimate poser. With the fear of falling still pretty high I kept it mellow and just kinda skated slow mellow. Not much new there really right? I did a bunch of kickflips on flat and had to force myself to not clinch my fist to protect my thumb. Pretty funny. I got a couple board slide to nose manuals on the potato chip, but didn’t get the nosegrind out I wanted. Other then that it was a pretty basic pose fest for me. Felt really good to skate though and yes, even just one week off is too much.