Buy your copy of Off The Couch and a t-shirt too while your at it

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Buy your own copy of Off The Couch!  Do it, it’s epic!  And only $10.  Full parts from the Trick Factory and the “best intro ever”!  Give Matt Rief the credit for that quote.And while your at it pick up a fantastic Off The Couch t-shirt.  The shirt is a high quality Anvil Ringspun 980.  Ballin’!

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skate journal: two feet of snow = Rampy time (Oct 28, 2009)

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snowTwo feet of snow in October.  UGH!  Lazer, Carleigh, Jason, Reed and Gordon came over for a session.  Gordon’s first run was the best first run anyone has ever had on Rampy.  I don’t remember what all he did, but it was like 15 tricks.  Wow.  I was on a straight suck fest for the first half of the session bailing everything including axle stalls.  Ugh.  Jason was killing it grinding from wall to wall.  Lazer destroyed as usual and Reed ripped it too.  Carleigh laughed a lot and attempted front d’s for a long time before setting down a kickflip rock fakie quick like.  Toward the end of the session I finally started having fun and landing a couple tricks.  Then we went out and had a fun night drinking beers and watching the Nuggets.  Who would have ever thought that Lazer and I would high five the Nuggets winning their first game?  Not me, but it was awesome.

skate journal: post premiere fun (Oct 27, 2009)

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A tired/hungover crew of TFers headed to the Westminster park after a late night of celebrating at the premiere.  The crew was Jason, Jake, Fuzz, Brian, Lazer, Gordon and me.  The first few minutes were pretty funny.  Fuzz slammed so awkward trying to boardslide a ledge.  It was like nothing I’ve seen him do before.  He was trying to boardslide a ledge on top of a step up but his back foot didn’t even make it up the step up.  It was hilarious.  I tried a weird dork trick nose manny into someting on the qpipe and ended up doing the weirdest trick.  Rock to nose manny to board to tail and somehow survived.  After awhile I played a game of SKATE with Lazer that quickly turned into a game of SKATE with Lazer, Brian and Jake.  Brian was out quick which I’ll blame on the hangover and Lazer quit so it was Jake and I.  I got a 3 flip something else to close it off in the end.Then we went to Rock Creek.  We played a huge game of SKATE.  Well, since I easily suck the most on the ramp I believe by the end of it that I had spelled SKATEBOARDER MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL.  It was fun for the most part, but it was definitely embarrassing and frustrating not being able to land any of the tricks.  It was probably good for my ramp skating, but ugh, I suck at ramp.  The only new tricks I got remotely close to were fakie rock to smith and the same thing regular.We ended it with a flip trick session and Jason did some kickflips for the first time in as long as I can remember.  Fuzz got some hard heelflip variation.  Front 180 heel and b/s halfcab heel.  I got a couple 3 flips, heelflips and fakie bigflip.  Couldn’t do nollie tre.  Fun day for how beat we all were.

skate journal: pre Off The Couch Lville session fun (Oct 26, 2009)

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Nate, Pat, Pat’s friend Charlie, Jason and I headed over to the Lville park for some pre-premiere skate action.  I started off slow.  Really slow.  After awhile we played a game of SKATE on the bank to ledge.  I bailed a couple easy ones, but got a kickflip pivot first try.  Pat won the game of course.   After awhile we headed over to the hockey rink for some flatground SKATE.  I kept up the sucking for the first couple games.  Nate gave Pat a run in a couple of the games.  The last game we could only do tricks we hadn’t done yet which somehow worked out for me as I didn’t lose right away and got at up to SKA.  I don’t remember all what I landed, but I know everything took a bunch of tries and I couldn’t do tre’s or nollie tres.  Then we went back into the park and shredded around for awhile.  I was tired and starting to get a bit stressed about the premiere, but managed to do one of the better lines I’ve done there.  Manual the ledge by the pool (first time I’ve ever done that), ollie onto the little ledge and into the bank, kickturn, kickflip over the hip.  Most of those were done horrible.  The session ended when Jason stomped a back tail over the bank to ledge.  Sickness!

skate journal: early morning SKATE and more linden (Oct 24, 2009)

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There’s no way I could go to Fremont and not play Joe in a game of SKATE.  He had to be to the church for the wedding by 11am so we got out and played some SKATE in front of his house around 10.  Joe started pretty slow and I started super slow for what may have been the longest game ever.  Joe had me SKAT to S, but couldn’t seal the deal and I eventually came back and won it.  Flip tricks felt really weird.  Mostly due to my legs being messed up from sitting and editing for the last two weeks, but the new setup was partly to blame too.  After the game of SKATE Eric and I did slappy curb tricks for awhile.  Then I dropped those guys off and went to Linden.  I took a long time to warm up, but got a new trick somewhat quickly.  Front 5-0 to front board.  I got a lot of back 50s too which is hard for me.  Back 50, back 50 back 180 out, back 50 back shove out, back 50 horrible front 180 out.  I also tried a lot of front nosegrinds and front smiths.  Never got the nosegrind, but pulled out a couple short smiths.  Fun times.

skate journal: late night Linden session in Fremont, NE (Oct 23, 2009)

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In Fremont for Matt Rief’s wedding, but still exhausted/destroyed from so many late nights of editing the Fremont crew and Pat Hickey headed to Linden.  It was cold and and I had new shoes, new board and new wheels.Hey, I figured Off The Couch is done so why not start fresh?  My other gear was busted anyway.  Joe went to work immediately and seriously busted every move he’s got and some new ones.  Front lip to front 50 to front board.  back shove front 50 front shove out.  Back 50 back board 27 0 out.  The list goes on and on.  His new trick was a fakie front 50 turned into a back 50.  Ridiculous.  Matt was taking it mellow for obvious wedding reasons.  Pat wasn’t ripping as much as normal, but both of us were really tired/sore.  Glad we skated.glen lindenEric took a few fun long exposure photos. Not sure how he was able to capture this rare front 50 as I only did about 50 of comply back tailMaybe these initial are cooler then sskfbts – ncbt.  no comply back tail.  I’d post some more photos, but Eric has them posted in a copywrited site so I gotta screen capture each one ..

dream dinosaur jr setlist

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I just emailed their manager requesting the following setlist at the show next week:

Bulbs Of Passion
I Want You To Know
In A Jar
Get Me
Imagination Blind
Little Furry Things
Over It
The Wagon
Freak Scene
I Don’t Wanna Go There

Bulbs Of PassionI Want You To KnowThumbPiecesPlansIn A JarCrumbleGet MeImagination BlindLittle Furry ThingsOver ItThe WagonFreak SceneI Don’t Wanna Go ThereencoreLoseKrackedSludgefeastWe’ll see what happens. I could go without hearing Freak Scene for the billionth time, but oh well, the crowd loves it.

Off The Couch is done and so am I

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Off The Couch is the 4th DVD I’ve been a part of.  It’s pretty weird how anticlimactic handing in the finished dvd is.  There is always some inperfection in the back of my mind and I’m always exhausted beyond belief.  I got to sleep at 4:30 am this morning.  This comes after nights of 3:00 am, 2:30 am and I’ve had to be to work by 9am.  I feel horrible today.  It’ll be a few days before I even want to think about it again.  About perfect because Monday is the premiere.  Party!

Apple Announcement

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Apple announced today that it has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. The iTit will cost from $499 to $699, depending on cup and speaker size. This is considered a major social breakthrough, because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

One Week til the Turd Merchants Premiere!

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turd merchants of deathOne week is it.  Off The Couch is still in the finishing touches and the Null promo isn’t finalized yet.  I’m way more stressed out then I should be, but it’s incredible how much work is required to make a DVD.