The Simpsons on Soccer

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Still one of my favorite Simpsons moments ever.  I like soccer and all, but this is straight funny.

skate journal: Thanksgiving fun in Loveland with Ollie (Nov 26, 2009)

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An amazing 60 degree day.  Up at my parents with the family in Loveland and Liz, India, Ollie and I took off to a nearby park to mess around.  We had brought a basketball, soccer ball and skateboards for Ollie and I.  Luckily Ollie is a smart kid and wanted to skate.  We messed around in the pavilion for awhile before moving into the park.  The park is crap, but fun once a year I suppose.  It’s a new prefab park, not the good Loveland park.  There was one late 20ish skater there having fun and the three of us all seemed to have a good time.  Ollie dropped in on the ramp and did a rock fakie first try.  He also slammed later on and hung up all the way to flat.  He didn’t complain at all.  So awesome.  He pushed around that park having a blast.  I had a decent time too.  I kept making myself ollie onto/over as much as possible.  Had a little run with a ollie over the flatbar, front rock on the qpipe then ollie onto a taller ledge.  Did a axle to fakie on the q-pipe, fakie smith fakie, bad crooks on the weird ledge with coping, nose mannied the flatbottom of the ramp, noseslid down the pyrmaid.  I didn’t do anything special, but it was a fun session and the weather was awesome.  When we left a shirtless teenager showed up with a huge weed leaf tattoo on his back.  Ha ha, he’s gonna be regretting that one later in life.

skate journal: quick bear creek session with Nate (Nov 25, 2009)

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Got out of a frustrating day of work early for the Holiday and felt like skating the plastic benches at Bear Creek before leaving for my parents.  It was colder than I thought out, but warming up didn’t take too incredibly long.  Nate took a long time to meet up and I had already gotten front 50s and crooks and remembered why I didn’t like those benches so much.  They are so weird.  I’m not sure how to describe it other than they are weird.  They aren’t tall, just weird.  I managed one fun of front 50 180 out, halfcab flip, front 180 a crack gap then fakie ollie into a mellow mellow bank.   Shortly after this I slammed insanely hard manualling down the bank when my wheel caught in a crack.  Ouch.   Thus the start of my knee not having much skin.Right after that I got a call for work and had to split.  I decided a quick game of SKATE was in order.  It ended up not only being a long game, but an insanely awesome game that had both of us landing tricks like fakie 360 flip, 360 flip, heelflip, fakie bigflip, f/s halfcab flip, etc.  Nate got some goodies like nollie 360 flip, switch flip, switch heelflip, something and a nollie varial flip to win it.  He had SKAT too though off tricks like fakie heelflip, b/s flip and a couple more I can’t remember.  Good game.  Work sucks.

skate journal: Solo Rampy session before working all night (Nov 23, 2009)

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glen rampy griptape artMy first griptape art in awhile. Inspired by Dinosaur Jr of course. Thanks for the shirt Tyler!Skated Rampy solo and was having an ok time. Liz came out with the camera and shot a little clip. I’d like to say it was first try, but it wasn’t. This is basically my normal tricks on Rampy though:The last trick was supposed to be a smith grind. Oh well. After Liz left I started busting the really sick tricks like kick back tail, nosegrind nollie tre out, etc. Ha. I did want to do some front tails and was pleasantly surprised to do them almost every try. At the end I tried backtails non-stop and everytime I bailed (everytime) I tried either a nollie heel or switch flip on flat. Never got close to the nollie heel, but I did land on a switch flip but bailed. Cool. Then I went in to go to sleep and ended up getting called for work and working until 5AM. SUCK!

Cole vs P-Rod snoozefest

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So bummed on how the BATB2 ended up.  Cole looks so bad on a skateboard that I actually started routing for P-Rod and his Mountain Dew hat.  After watching all the redemption battles and all that it should have been Kennedy vs Carlin.  That would have been the real game there.  Those dudes got some moves.

Bootleg of the Dinosaur Jr show in Boulder

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free so free rules So hyped!  Still hoping the Ft Collins show gets uploaded too.


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still just as cocky

skate journal: Southern Hills then the banked loading dock spot with TF (Nov 21, 2009)

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On a nice Novemenber day Brian, Travis and I started messing around in the street before others showed up.  Nothing great went down.  We were just chilling, but it was fun.After Fuzz, Jake and Neil showed up too we went to Southern Hills.  We ended up staying there a long time.  Fuzz and Neil were trying crooks on the picnic table bench then noseslides on the ledge then something.  Brian was bumming on the spot for awhile before doing one of the best wallrides I’ve ever seen followed up by a sick backside no comply 360.   Jake was doing fakie bigspins into the handicap ramp everytime and following it up with either a tailslide on the ledge, or a slam.  Carleigh and Nate showed up too.  I was kinda all over the place.  Somehow managed to quickly get a caligrind to manual on in two tries, kickflipped into the handicap ramp pretty easily and got a front noseslide to fakie on the ledge.  I also front 50’d it first try and got a few crooks.  I’m scared of those ledges.  I got a treflip on flat first try that felt really good.  Good enough it made me not feel bad taking so long to land it the other night.  Jake and I played a game of SKATE.  I got Jake with fakie bigflip, treflip, halfcab flip, front shove and maybe the best nollie treflip I’ve ever done to win it.  Then Carleigh and I raced for lines and she got hers first.  Kickflip into the handicap bank and a long noseslide on the ledge.  Sick Carleigh!  After that Fuzz and I raced for a tallcan over fakie treflips and I came out the winner of 24oz Coors Original.  yum.  Thanks Fuzz!  Perhaps the first time I’ve ever won a bet against Fuzz and maybe one of the best fakie tres I’ve ever done.  Fun.We left and went the four loading dock/banked manny pad spot.  I started off sucking.  It took at least 15 tries before I manual the curb high pad.  ugh!  fuzz was killing as usual, Neil was killing nose mannies as usual, Nate was getting tech, Carleigh got a manual.  Since I couldn’t manual the stupid curb high pad I decided to try a run.  Ollie up the tall part of the dock and ride down it, 360 flip on flat, then kickflip off the uphill pad.  Believe it or not I did it second try.  Unheard of.  If the camera would have been out I never would have landed that treflip.  Ha.  We all started dorking out at the end and I intentionally cracked my board while Fuzz accidentally cracked his then focused it.  Then the cops rolled up and had plenty of opportunity to bust us, but instead were super cool and we were out for the day.  Fun session.  Landing the treflip in the line second try made me feel really good.

skate journal: campus with Nate (Nov 20, 2009)

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Met Nate around sunset after work (which is like 5pm these days) at Meta.  We rolled down under the bridge after Nate quickly 50d the ledge like it’s nothing.  I don’t get doing downhill ledge tricks as warmups.  Oh well.  We ended up about 5 feet past the bridge and skated that area for awhile.  We ollied the small bench gap then Nate started trying to ride into backlips on the bench.   We both tried it awhile and got it.  Neither of us have done backlips on a ledge before so even though we didn’t ollie in, it still felt cool.  Then we ollied the big two that’s there (Nate first and mine was horrible) before doing a few slappy grinds on the slanted curb.  Fun.  We moved into campus and were surprised that most of it was dry.We cruised by a few other spots that either had cops or snow on them and ended up at the brick courtyard with benches.  I got a few basics quick while Nate bailed the gap into the street.  Normally he has that everytime.  I kinda got  a crooks and some front noseslides.  Nate ollied a pile of now in a couple tries and I kinda ollied it in several tries.  Next we ollied a weird 3 stair then moved up to the 1 – 7 curves stairs.  Nate ollied down the 4 easy and I took a few.  We also both manualled the downhill sidewalk and had some ollies up the smaller sections of the stairs.  Before moving on I did a gap down to back 5-0 a stair down.  I thought it was dumb, but Nate seemed to think it was cool.Next up we went to the Business building where Nate could not for the life of him do a side rock like Little Jack on the banked ledge.  I got it kinda quick, but Nate seriously almost died like 30 times.  He kept putting his board in the mud and everything.  So funny.  Maybe the first time ever that I’ve seen Nate have to struggle on a trick that I thought was easy.  Nate rips though and after having enough he ollied and 180’d up the long 2 like it was nothing.  I got an ollie up it.  We tried some manuals at the two long downhill pads for a bit.  Not that great then went up to the engineering building and found that somewhat had waxed up the ledge near the banked area.  Impossible to describe but it was relatively easy for Nate and I to do wallie back 50s on.  So fun.  That was basically the night.

Johan Stuckey

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Another day, another  amazing part from an unknown ripper.  The gap out to back 50 on the curb is my favorite.