skate journal: Stonehenge with Jake (Jan 29, 2010)

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After a fun day off of work with the Mighty LZA at the Denver Art Museum I picked up Jake on a nice afternoon. We went to the Brian-Ball-Bush-Ollie building since it’s an empty building. We were getting warmed up and having a fun time trying lines to/from a kinda long and crack ridden manual. Unfortunately some stupid security guy came by and gave us the boot. Doh.Next we went to an old Boulder classic spot. Stonehenge. The snow hadn’t melted on the bank to curb so that wasn’t an option. It worked out though and we had a blast on the little loading dock. Jake went to work right away on nollies and got some good ones. Then we setup this weird pipe thing and tried to ollie it. Jake took a few tries and got it. It was about a foot taller than the loading dock. Neither of us are good at ollieing tall off of drops so it was scary. I bailed early on and kinda scared myself with a close call to the ankle. After a little bit longer I told Jake I’d get the ollie if he landed a good nollie. I bailed. Double or nothing and I got it. Pretty hyped because I was scared for sure. Jake got some good half cabs after that and I took a long time to get pop shove up the curb then kickflip off. Felt really good though and I did two in a row. I wanted to get a front shove off and it was taking awhile. Jake got a manny after cracking his tail on a halfcab. I finally got the sfront shove and followed it with a manual first try. I also got an ollie up the taller part and a kickflip off the lower part first try. We played 360 flip for awhile on top of the loading dock. Jake broke the record for getting as close as you can without landing it. I got 4 or 5, but should have done more. I really didn’t commit to many of them. Wish I would have committed to more of them. Either way it was an incredibly fun session.

skate journal: wet switch no complys in front of the house (Jan 28, 2010)

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Got off work tired, but was driving home looking at dry asphalt and totally wanting to skate for a bit. Turned into the neighborhood street and it was wet. Doh. I kept thinking it would get dry in the two more blocks to my house. Nope. I ended up not caring. It wasn’t too too wet and my setup is old. I did a few wet griptape kickflips, but ended up starting switch no complys until I landed a couple bad ones. Then I did a regular one backed with a switch one and called it a fun little session.

A Little Help Please!

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Brian and Coffee

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Brian’s old board sponsor. Gordon’s got the full scoop and one of his ad’s on Plaid Again.

Dan Corrigan

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Carleigh posted this on her blog.  So sick!

skate journal: Rampy Wednesday (Jan 27, 2010)

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Tonight’s guests.  Brian, Lazer, Jake, Jeff Hulslander, and a late arriving Carleigh.  Jeff and Jake skated hard and killed.  Everyone else including me didn’t seem overly hyped and the session seemed a bit uninspired.  I blame myself.  I didn’t do much other than finally land a hurricane and slam finally committing to a back disaster.  Jeff had lots of crazy stuff.  Front salad, front feebs, front blunt, lots of almost tricks that he somehow rode out of.  Once Lazer lands a trick it seems like he never bails it again.  Although he slammed dropping in and catching on the edge I guess.  Doh!  Jake took longer than normal to get the stalepick, but when he did it was butters.  Carleigh got a front d quick like.  Toward the end Brian and I had a worst run competition.  I’m pretty sure he won, but we laughed it up for awhile.  Tricks like rock fakies 1 inch over the coping, switch willies, back 50s stalled forever, flatground failed kickflips, etc.

Josh Mathews Kills Double Rock

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skate journal: downtown boulder with nate and jason (Jan 26, 2010)

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Another chilly, but skateable night in the lower 20s.  Nate, Jason and I rolled out with a little over an hour to skate before Nate’s indoor soccer game.  We started rolling around and ended up at the white ledge parking garage, but skated the sticky ledge in the back and cellar door thing.  Nate to a rock transfer which was pretty scary looking.  Jason did some fast front noseslides.  Then we cruised around a bit on our way to the parking block spot.  Ollies felt pretty good on the way.  I went the long way and went through the alley by the ice rink that’s normally an instant bust then ended up at the bank with a tall(er) flat bar.  I got a noseslide on it in a few tries which hyped me up because I’ve never even worked up the courage to try it before.  We skated the parking block area for a bit.  Nate and I got some bluntslides.  Then we ended back up at the flatbar.  Nate worked hard and got a sick front 50.  I got another noseslide or two and somehow did a tiny crooks.  Rad!  Then Nate and I attempted to get all east coast on a quick up to ollie over a little pipe to front tail.  Nate was trying his in a sick line of cali grind, nollie flip then the front tail.  He almost got it.  He had nollie flips almost every try though. Jason kinda just stood around for some reason.  I was trying cali grind, kickflip, front tail.  I came close too, but couldn’t quite get it.  We skated the ledge for awhile then moved over to the curved two stair.  Nate ollied a huge planter and I kinda manualed the 2 stair.  I also ollied onto a narrow ledge and rode around it which I’ve wanted to do forever.  Normally I go too slow and scrape the edge and bail.  This time I did it first try like it was nothing.  Jason stood around again.  Nate’s ollie was ridiculous because the landing was about 3 feet long before he had to roll off the curb.  With only a few minutes left before Nate had to take off we rolled to the boardslide ledge.  On the way Nate and I rode up some ice piles onto curbs.  So sketchy but really fun.  I got a front board popout on the ledge pretty quick.  Still slow and crappy like how I do them, but it’s a start.  Coming the other way I was trying easily the fastest boardslides I’ve tried there.  I was going fast enough that I was scared when I ollied up the curb for setup.  Rad.  Jason skated this spot and got into some long front boards.  Nate was skating it too, but I guess I missed what he did there.  We had to leave quickly anyway.  Really fun night other than feeling weird about Jason just standing around at spots instead of skating.

Every time I go to the post office

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I hear Sting on the radio.  Pretty weird huh?

skate journal: quick solo rampy 10 count (Jan 25, 2010)

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Totally jocked out and made a list of 10 tricks to do on Rampy and went out there after reading the kids to sleep.  Mostly tricks I’ve done, but a few tricks I’ve done very rarely.  5 frontside tricks: 50, smith, disaster, tail, 5-0.  The tail took the longest.  The 5-0 was scary.  backside tricks: 5-0, blunt to pivot, boardslide fakie, boardslide, 5-0 fakie.  The blunt pivot was scary since I never do blunts.  The one I landed was horrible.  I got all the tricks in about 20 minutes then tried hurricanes for a bit before going inside to play the Wii.  Nerd.