Pfanner can ollie

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sick day #41 (Nov 29, 2010) RIP Leslie Nielsen

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Tired, not feeling too well, sore, it was cold out, I didn’t feel like skating, wanted to just sit and watch Airplane while eating popcorn so I did.

The best Christmas lights of all time

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New winner of the internet and basically the winner of the world.

More Airplane / Naked Gun awesomeness

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Seriously awesome.  “Don’t fire the gun while you’re talking ..”

RIP Leslie Nielsen

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No movie had more of an impact on me then Naked Gun.  After seeing that movie my brother and I would practice running into stuff every day after school.  Leslie Nielsen was our hero.  He will be missed, but everywhere I go, something will remind me of him.  Ha ha,  thanks for the billions of laughs Leslie!

skate journal: Downtown Denver with a big crew (Nov 28, 2010)

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Neil, Jason, Chad and I met up with Brian and Dave Fuller on a day that started out gorgeous, but the temperature dropped quick and it looked like the snow could strike at any moment. Nate was to meet up with us in a bit. We met at the jersey barrier spot. After awhile Derek rolled by out of coincidence and him and his brother joined us. The mellow barrier was in really good shape. Someone smoothed it out. So awesome. Tricks were dropping right and left. I started out better than normal with every trick I’ve done on it before first try. That’s not saying much though as I’ve normally just filmed there before. Brian was rattling off tricks. Front feeble fakie, maybe blunt fakie, more tricks that I don’t remember, but he’ll be bummed I forgot. A cinder block had been set out to ollie over the tall way. Chad and Neil (and maybe Jason?) were the only ones ollie’ing over it until I hit it and it broke making it not as tall. Yes! Later on someone else it it too and it broke even more. Brian used the occasion to man up and ollie it now. Ha. It was cool. Chad had some ridiculous float over it and backed it with some good tricks on the barrier. Front feeble, front crooks to fakie, ollie to front rock. He also kickflipped, nollied, half cabbed, f/s flipped, anything he wanted over the cinder block. Dave still has the best style out there. F/s halfcab rock fakie, boardslides to fakie, a lot more and my favorite trick of the session. A layback handplant thing out of the tranny to the other side. Neil, Brian and I tried to ride out of the mellow barrier. It took me a few tries to even get close and Brian laughed at us for not putting it down right away. He put it down 2nd or 3rd try. I got it after about 5. Jason was killing it with coast to coast back 50s and long back feebles, front boardslide 270 in. Derek listens to his headphones even when skating with friends. He landed a lot, but pretty much everytime someone tried to talk to him it was for nothing. Nate showed up and did a lot of tricks quick. He might have even got front pivot fakie. After landing the wallie (ride) out the first time, I got a fakie grind to fakie. Hyped me up. But I would soon be taken down as I just wanted to wallie the barrier again and then go skate the ledge. 10 tries of bails and I almost focused my board. Most people skated the ledge or curb cut kicker around now. Derek got front 5-0 to switch crooks on the ledge. Dave got a slappy front 5-0. Jason slammed really hard. Neil had some ollies over the table top part of it. Nate did too and tried some crazy hurricanes on the ledge not getting too close. Oh yeah, Derek’s brother. He had some slappy back lips to fakie on the barrier and almost kickflipped the table top kicker. I took forever to get a lame ollie off the curb cut, ollie up the curb, slow front 50 on the ledge. Man my ledge skating has gone to crap. I managed a boardslide pop out too.Next up some people skated a bank to curb. It looked pretty fun, but I went up to my car to get water then Dave came up the hill too and we skated the brick thing for a bit. Long enough for me to ollie up the low side, ride around then ride into the taller bank. We were heading back down when everyone was walking up. Some people bombed the parking garage. Brian and I unsuccessfully attempted to front 50 the curved ledge. Derek dad some pretty front 5-0s on it. We got booted and it was getting colder by the second. Some dorking on the 4 stair in front of Subway as Nate and Chad ate at it.Back to the brick spot minus Jason, Brian, Dave. Derek and Rick had some cool manuals. I wanted to ollie over the low bricks into the bank which I eventually did, but it took forever. I had to tell myself I would have to keep skating the razor tailed board I don’t want anymore for two weeks if I didn’t land it. The dropping temperatures and sore legs weren’t helping. I eventually got it as Nate and Chad showed up. Yippee. Nate did a bunch of bonks. Manual bonk back 180, nose bonk back 180, nose bonk front 180, etc. So sick. Chad did a sick nose manual to almost back lip. Neil, Derek and Rick had left too at this point so it was just Chad, Nate and I. We hit the fun granite hill bomb and it was better than I remember. Nate and I did a couple power slides at the top. Not sure if Chad did. I was hyped because I was actually going faster than my normal slide comfort zone. All three of us went through the intersection fine and all of us ollied the mini kicker at full speed. So fun. My eyes watered up from the speed and cold. Awesome. Even though I had some really frustrating moments I still love that we skated downtown Denver. Such a blast. Go away cold weather.282/300. 8 more days!!!

Working at Crisis

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Carleigh and I “worked” for Fuzz yesterday while he attended his sisters wedding and it was a blast. While we were there Carleigh nearly hyperventilated saying “look at that, look at that!” as an obese person in a cart was in the drive through line at Burger King. Pretty epic. Other then about a 10 minute break to skate the day was spent watching videos and hanging with friends and lurkers. One of the highlights was talking a father/son into getting a full complete. That felt awesome. Although it wasn’t a Null deck. Ha. It was crazy seeing all the kids come in with Null decks though. Thanks for trusting me Fuzz, I had a blast.

skate journal: breaktime at Crisis (Nov 27, 2010)

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Filling in for Fuzz at Crisis on the nicest day in weeks. Almost 60 and no wind. Carleigh was at the shop too and Chad NotDad was skating the church behind the shop so I went and rolled with him for a bit. I had initially not wanted to skate at all since my legs have been so shot. But we had fun. I did some slappy mannies, powerslides and managed a manual to back lip then drop into the little bank. Super fun. Hyped to skate for a few minutes in the warm weather. Working at the shop was a blast though. Fuzz has done a good job with the lurkers there. They were all under control and nice kids.

skate journal: Boulder downtown area with Nullers (Nov 26, 2010)

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Another day that was supposed to be pretty nice out ruined by strong, cold winds. Ugh. Derek, Bernie and I went to Willville and met Jeff, Monico and his brother Matt. Bernie did kickflip manual pretty quick, otherwise not much else went down until Bernie did fakie bigflip manual perfect. I came somewhat close to manualling it.We left, got food, chilled at Meta for a bit. The wind was sucking. We met back up at St Julien. Nothing serious went down. My legs were shot and I couldn’t nosebonk the little ledge. We cruised around for awhile and ended up at the alley with the red flat bar and angle ironed ledge. We all skated there and were finally having a good time, but security gave us the boot. Next up was Casey Middle School again. I took a long time to manual the smallest rock there and drop in on the little kinked ledge. In the front Jeff and Derek noseslid the kinked ledge and Bernie front 50’d it. We bombed down Walnut (since I had my filming bag I foot dragged a few times) and called it a day.

Trick Factory 10 year meta anniversary commercial

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Not as funny without the blown out audio, but still, totally awesome. Brian, you rule.