Things that get passed around

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Jack would have said the same thing.

skate journal: A bit of flatground before dinner (March 30, 2011)

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Skated flat for about 15 minutes in front of the house. It was pretty windy. I failed a bunch of nollie flips again, but managed a run of halfcab flip, heelflip then treflip. Ollie took the blurry photo above of a heelflip after coming out to tell me dinner was ready. What do you know? I rocket those too. Oh and I put a hole in my sock as I blew through the suede already and forgot to fix them. Afgh.

Hike photos

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I’m trying my hardest to be more like Carleigh’s blog with lots of photos.  So here we go with some nature shots.  Now if only I was willing to carry my DSLR around like Carleigh.  Instead it’s smart phone photos galore.  Anywyas, yeah, Liz and I went on a hike last friday.  It was fun, but it left me sore for a few days and Liz laughed about that a lot.  Here we have a view of the Flatirons.

Then you can face the other way and see prairie for miles.

We even mingled with the natives.  It was lovely.

Black Dots and Have Gun, Will Travel at No Name bar March 24, 2011

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My kids were up at my parents for a couple days so Liz and I got to go out and enjoy an evening. After an over priced meal at Mamacitas we headed to the No Name bar to see some punk rock. The clean bar, basketball game on the TV and Independent hoodies bought at the mall didn’t bode well for the “punk” element, but it’s actually a fun low key bar.

Clearly Liz was hyped.

I was stuck with her while it looked like my friends were having fun in the back corner.

Not much effort involved in this band photo. They did kill it though. As did Have Gun, Will Travel.

Jason taking photos of the Samsonites +1.

I was unaware that it was hat night. Jason was repping an old one.

But these guys had apparently just hit up Pac Sun.

Headband and a white russian drink = The Dude.

We had a lot of fun that night. Black Dot’s are really good. So stoked they are making shows like this happen in Boulder. Keep up the good work!

PJ vs Albert

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Normally I would post the youtube version of this here instead of just and image, but no can do anymore thanks to The Berrics. Anyways, this game was a disappointment. In fact, it was so bad that the best part is actually the postgame interview when PJ calls Albert’s tricks “Embarrassing” and said he didn’t want to even do them. The halfcab casper was cool, but yeah, fakie body varial? Ha. And I might actually finally think that Reda is funny.

skate journal: St Julien kickflip Crisis (march 29, 2011)

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Met up with Carleigh, then Neil, then Kyle, Keenan, Justin and Fuzz at St Julien. Carleigh and I had walked/skated there and I had done a couple manuals. Everyone did their warmup thing. I had a few front 50s and back crooks that felt really fun. I haven’t really skated with the Crisis kids too much so it was a pleasant surprise to see them smiling and skating the whole time. Not that I would expect anything less from anyone associated with Fuzz. I think my favorite trick was a manual to nosebonk that Justin did. I had gotten in the line zone and actually did a couple I was hyped on. Kickflip over the tiny part of the ledge, no comply 180, halfcab flip, front 180 over the bigger part of the ledge, fakie flip. The fakie flip was a noseskid sketch where I almost shot my board into a very obese lady. Fat people must hate skaters. Carleigh landed some good kickflips on flat and over the ledge. Neil was ripping as always. Anyways, the next line was switch 180 over the tiny part of the ledge, 360 flip then back 180 over the bigger part of the ledge. I am horrible at back 180s and this one was sketchy, but I’ve never done it there before so cool. Last line was the killer. Back 180 over the little part of the ledge, fakie bigflip, back pop shove, kickflip over the bigger part of the ledge. I never got the kickflip. I was probably about 50% on the fakie bigflip and you know I can’t land anything else very consistent so when I actually got the opportunity to try the kickflip I would blow it over and over. I landed on a couple and shot out for no reason, but other then that the main problem was I couldn’t even pop over the stupid 3″ tall ledge. UGH. Neil and Crisis had headed over to Canyon Center and we rejoined with them after I ended up giving up on the kickflip. I was so beat. We walked up as Justin did a really sick blunt to fakie. Fuzz was ripping and did a switch pivot to fakie. Keenan some how did a really good pivot which i tried to do and ended up stretching my foot again and left me hurting. I was really frustrated. Before leaving we watched as Keenan and Justin did silly little kid grinds on the angled flatbar end and it really stoked me out. I love watching people skate like kids. Love it.

skate journal: Max rips (March 27, 2011)

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This photo pretty much sums up my skating as of late. We started the day at Southern Hills. Max ollied a huge trashcan and I pretended to follow him, but swerved around it and hit a hole and slammed. Ugh. Bernie was nursing a rolled ankle and skating lightly. Neil started off yelling, but calmed down and almost put together a great line of pop shove into the handicap ramp, nose manny a bench, wallride then front lip shove. He came really close. Sam rolled around for awhile, but then chilled. Zack was there chilling mostly. Carleigh had some noseslides. Max was ripping of course. He can ollie up onto the benches like it’s nothing. He got me to 50 up the handrail. Well it’s true. The lowest part of the handicap rail that starts off about 2″ off the ground. I was trying a line of noseslide, crooks, 50 on the rail again. Never got them all. Was feeling like the photo above.

Next we went to Longmont to the checkboard manny pad and I didn’t think I’d be able to skate I was so sore, but I got a manual and a nose manual and came remotely close to nose manual shove before turning into Filmer Glen. Bernie seemed a bit looser and was trying halfcab manual treflip out. Max was trying a bunch, but almost got kickflip nose manual nollie treflip out but some jock in a pickup sweated us hard and we left.

We went to some ledges at Longmont High that were actually really good. Like super good. I didn’t do much before I turned into filmer Glen. It was worth it though as Max came through with like 4 clips. He was ripping so hard. Bernie’s ankle was bothering him and he couldn’t land a nosegrind to start his line. Carleigh did a million boardslides and several noseslides.

Lots more photos on Carleigh’s blog.

J Mascis video for Not Enough

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I haven’t seen a video this awesome since 1991’s The Wagon.

skate journal: weird mellow Boulder session with Carleigh and Jason (March 26, 2011)

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Still sore from the hike the day before, but not as tired. I had to drive up to Silverthorne and back in the morning to pick up my kids from my parents. I got back, ate some grapes then met Jason and Carleigh at the Mikes Camera manny pad. Carleigh took awhile to show and it took Jason and I forever to land manuals. We were all pretty mellow and it was not a heated session at all. When it was all over I guess I had actually done a decent number of tricks for me. I think I may have touched on a few of these, but they were close enough for me to say they counted. Manual front 180 out, nose manny shove (3 of these), kickflip manual, sw front 180 manual and a couple horrible b/s flips up the curb. Came close to nollie flips on flat. The new trucks were being weird again. Carleigh and Jason also got manuals.

Jason has been fighting a bad back for a long time now and didn’t want to skate anything with impact so we agreed on Stonehenge. I’m not sure what happened to Carleigh on the way, but she got all moody on us and wouldn’t even try to skate the bank to curb. Jason and I had a decent time on it. Besides the basics I got a few kickflip back tails. Jason was having trouble popping frontside and kept landing before the curb. It was funny. After that we went to campus because I wanted to do something silly for the Crisis best trick contest and this was all I could think of doing.

For those of you not in the know, Fuzz and I have been having some fun dissing on each other’s trucks of choice. He likes Indy and I prefer Thunder so here is yet another jab in the saga of two dorks battling over supreme truck company. Make sure you watch that clip with the sound on. Ha. In all seriousness though the whole “Thunder” part of this wasn’t the intention at all. I just figured it would be rad to support Fuzz and try a trick I’ve thought of for awhile. Jason was kind enough to film and throw something at me. While I was trying it Carleigh was doing nollie, fakie and switch front shoves on flat. Radical. As we were walking back to the car I saw a 4 stair with angle iron off the side and cali grinded off it. Felt pretty neat.

skate journal: fort collins after a long hike (March 25, 2011)

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Another day where I felt run down and tired. To help out my tiredness Liz and I went on a super long hike. It was all smooth, but it wore me out. After hitting Community and some slacking I picked up Carleigh and we went up to MRKT. Fort Collins rules and as always a large crew went out to skate. The Sunny Daze crew was in effect. MRKT heads were in effect. Fun in the making. I was way more sore then I thought I would be though. We started out at the 3 flat 2 flat 2 flat 1 flat 2 flat 2 flat 2 flat 2 flat 2 flat 4. I made it most of the way down but start filming Chris Jones. He got a sick line (well, maybe it’s not “sick”, but it makes me want to go skate). Mudget did some crazy stuff too like first try fire cracker every stair. Carleigh wanted to land them and was getting so close over and over then did all of them so easy it didn’t look hard at all. Mike showed up and got all of them too. Some crazy stuff was going down at a 7 stair when I got filming. Carleigh was trying pop shove. Daryl was trying a line with switch back 180. CJ had apparently 50’d the kinked rail. Bonner was trying a line. Chad was filming it. I saw that Skelly was solo’ing it over at the double manual pad and joined him. The only thing I got was a manual on the top one. Ugh. Skelly had a good fakie back tail. Chris joined us for a minute and did the double manual super easy. It got dark and Sean and I headed over to a long pipe that people were skating. It was sick and we heard that Carleigh got her pop shove and Daryl got his line. Rad. Eric Likewise was there doing nollie back lips. AJ had some long boardslides and almost popped over. Mudget had ruined his hand. Mike and I did slides from the crack. Carleigh got some long slides too. After that we got some good grub. I was so tired. Carleigh ripped it.