skate journal: Buena Vista park with my brother (May 29, 2011)

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Steve with the wind up

And he’s still got it!

After a rough few days my brother Steve and I had a couple hours to get out of my parent’s house. We went for a little hike and then I told my brother I needed to go to the skatepark for at least a little bit. After a few days of not even thinking about skating it hit me and I really really wanted to skate. So we stopped by the Buena Vista skatepark. It’s about what you would expect for a tiny little mountain town. I actually love this park. Anyways, I took a few runs around the park before Steve jumped on my board and skated for the first time since the last time I saw him. He still has his basics. Boardslides, rock ‘n rolls, early grab flyouts. It was great to seem him skating.

Headless rock ‘n roll

Steve even almost got back feebs!

Here’s just an overview of part of the park. I skated really well. I worked up to a decent line of axle stall on the tall qp, flyout melon, front slash the little qp, front 50 the ledge, kickflip, crooks the ledge bail. The highlight might be ollie’ing up onto the funbox above and doing no pop back 180 off. Followed by a nose manual up and around the little bank. I also had 360 flip and fakie flip on flat to show off in front of my brother.

So yeah my brother and I attempted to shoot skate photos with my smart phone. It has a crappy delay sometimes so it missed my huge flyouts and captured the first little one (will any of you believe that?).

This ledge is aight.

It was a great session. It was great seeing my brother skate and then skating while he watched and got bored. It did feel different though since my dad has died. Like their is more pressure to be good at life. Better at being a son, father, husband, friend, work, null and skateboarding. It’s weird. I’ll probably be skating this park a lot now since I’ll be visiting my Mom up here a lot. It’s actually a pretty fun park at least.

Rest In Peace Dad

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My Dad died on Friday. It was sudden and completely unexpected. He was only 64 and was training for another Leadville 100 mountain bike race. I don’t feel that this is the place to talk about him, but he will be missed. I’ll be up in the mountains for awhile with my mom and family. Thanks to everyone who has sent along their regards. I love you all.

skate journal: Mikey’s birthday party at No Love (May 26, 2011)

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Once again, a lot has happened so this one so I’ll miss a lot of what happened. Carleigh, Fuzz, Dean and I went to No Love around 9 pm. It was a small crowd and we all skated. Well Dean took photos. Fuzz and Carleigh ripped out of the gates. Jeff was ripping too. Fuzz did about 100 tricks on the qp. Carleigh did huge wallrides. I had troubles on the wallride, but skated the qp ok. Got front lip, axle stall to fakie, fakie pivot fakie first try. Later on got a crooks on the ledge. Did a little nose manny on a little door to curb high manny pad. Finished off by played a game of SKATE with Mikey that he won. Had a lot of fun, but really felt old and stiff. Oh well. Got home late and was planning on starting a 4 day skate trip starting Friday but those plans would be changed.

skate journal: Broomfield park with Fuzz, Carleigh and Dean (may 25, 2011)

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I don’t like missing skate journal entries, but a lot has happened since this one. Dean came to my house then Carleigh and we met Fuzz at Broomfield park. I was rusty as all get out after a week of sickness followed by a few days of back spasms. After a few runs around the bowl Fuzz took advantage and challenged me to a game of ledge SKATE on the black ledge. We both missed lots of basic tricks, but he finished me off easily with a bluntslide. At one point I saw Fuzz noseblunt the bump to bar first try. Carleigh boardslid the little rail and came close to front 50 shove out. Dean looked like he was having fun. Derek met us there too and was ripping as usual. I don’t remember much of the session other than the above and the end when I tried to ollie the six stair. It took me awhile so Derek hyped me up by doing a switch front 3 and I had to get his back. Landing those stairs felt great. Carleigh ollied the double set easy. I was excited to skate again.

Tony who?

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Must be nice growing up with a pro skater as a dad. Riley got moves on all terrains.

skate spot walk

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After almost two weeks of sickness or back spasms I’m trying to do the right thing. Instead of going skating on a back that almost felt better I went for a two hour walk. And what better thing to do then go looking for new skate spots? I came upon this gap which is ripe for the picking. An ollie would suffice as it’s more distance from the stair then this photo looks. Josh, Max, Monico I’m looking in your direction here. There is an awkward crack that needs to be avoided at the top, but from someone who will never try it it looks fine. Ha.

I’ve never noticed this little beginner gap before. Not much run up, but it looks fun. Carleigh when we skate campus we can hit this and then ..

.. go around the corner and get gnarly. This one is about 6 feet tall and is more of just a drop and the runway is scary. Could be fun or maybe we’ll never even try it. But it seems like good St Julien training for me.

Cory Kennedy sequence

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This dude is near the top of my current favorites. Click the image for a bigger version.

Since I’m on the negative tip ..

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Man this game sucked. I normally LOVE watching these games to start off a saturday or sunday, but this one was a bummer. I’m stoked Creager won, but man, pop those tricks. And Cory having to redo that back heel was crap too.

skate journal: Depression Session (May 21, 2011)

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If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It had stopped raining, but it was super windy. I didn’t feel sick, but my side pain acted up for the first time in months. Ugh. Dean and Derek had hit me up pretty early on wanting to make some things happen. I was in a horrible mood and in hindsight probably shouldn’t have gone skating. But I went. I met Derek at the Broomfield park as well as Brian, Neil and their skate camp kids. The park was insanely crowded. I tried to get a little warm up going on the quartapotty, but three runs in a board shot out and hit my ankle and then I ran into someone. So I left to the car. Luckily everyone else was over it too. We went to go film a line of Derek’s at a nearby spot, but there was cars in the landing. We went to another nearby spot and cars there too. We ended up at kind of a dorky spot. It’s a loading dock with banks on both sides and a two stair going into one of the banks. Going up the stair way the wind helped you. Going the other way sucked. Dean skated harder than I’ve seen him skate before. He was doing some cool old man no complies and boneless variations and ollied up the two stair (harder than it sounds). I was kind of kind of able to skate. The side pain was intense, but not as insane as it’s been before. But it still sucks. Like what’s the point in skating if you can’t really squat to ollie. Or not being able to take risks because if you fall you know your done. I hate it. I was so bummed out. Soooo bummed. I have been sick and now this. I managed a front 50 stall on the two stair back into the bank and a wallie up it. That was about it. Derek wasn’t exactly cheery either. The wind was getting him down. Understandable. He did do some cool manuals though and a sick front shove off the 2 into the bank. We ended it with back to back fakie bigflips into the bank. But as we were getting into our cars we spotted a crazy drainage ditch spot. Over a curb into a narrow drainage chute then up on to a grate. Derek wanted to try kickflip in, manual the grate. Sick. He got close, but ended up bumming super hard since it was taking awhile. It sucked to watch. Because clearly Derek is good enough to do it, but for whatever reason it wasn’t happening. He wont blame anything, but the traffic and wind did not help. Neil had shown up and did a sick no comply boneless into it. But Derek ended up getting over it. We left for Crisis/Burger King. It’s always good to see fuzz and there was like 10 kids posted up in there. Awesome. Next up we went to a nearby ledge spot. I didn’t even try to skate it because my side was sucking. Derek almost did a ridiculous line like 3rd try. So we tried to film it and then the filming curse that Derek currently has reared it’s ugly head again. It’s weird being in my position. I know Derek wanted to do it for himself, but it’s weird sitting there with a camera pointed at someone when they are that frustrated. It happens Derek. Don’t hate on yourself. I went home super bummed out on my side and my own skating. Ugh.

skate journal! Campus with Carleigh and Lazer (yes, Lazer!) (May 20, 2011)

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Been fighting a sinus infection all week. I didn’t even go into work one day. Although i got some antibiotics on Wednesday and I was starting to feel human by Friday. After “working” from home (that is a huge stretch of the term working), a crazy hail storm, a nap and then dinner Carleigh picked me up and we were off to skate. Oh wait, I had skated flat for a little bit first. It was bad. I was so stiff from laying around all week it was ridiculous. I posed around doing some little ollies and stuff for awhile then for whatever reason started posing nollie heelflips. I got to the point where some felt really good, but I never got ever close. Carleigh showed up and announced we had a special guest for the night. I couldn’t come up with who it was until we turned towards Lazers house. Street Lazer! Sick!

We went to campus which was wetter then we thought it would be. There was still hail melting and wet leaves everywhere on the concrete from the destruction. We started out at the angled ledge which had water only on the ledge part of it. So we did some rock tricks on the little tranny to ledge. Lazer and I did front rock, rock fakie and fakie rock. Carleigh was having troubles but getting into rocks so was just doing 3flip crooks instead. We moved on and ended up at the little ledge section. For some reason I don’t like that spot very much. Carleigh was busting some front 50 shoves out (minus the shoves) and ripping to no end. Lazer took a minute to get back 50, but had a good one. He also got a proper back tail. I didn’t get anything other than a 1/4″ crooked grind and posed some front blunts. Next we were at the downhill manny pad spot and none of us could manual it. Carleigh got close to nollie treflip nose manual nollie heel out, but slipped out on a wet leaf. Lame! Lazer got Razor tail by doing manuals with the tail on the ground. I came remotely close to nose manual. Then we played rock walk down the 5 stair. Carleigh used the beginners rail to hold on to. We sure were dorking around a lot. That was pretty much it until the end when we skated some flat for awhile. I was soooo rusty, but it felt good to get a few flippers. I got a lot of my tricks, but most were slow and bad. Oh well, it felt good to be skating again.

ps – I may have embellished Carleigh’s tricks a little. This was her request after seeing how many hits this blog gets. But yeah, she should be pro.