Chris Jones art show

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Hyped for this tomorrow.

skate journal: Southern hills with John (June 29, 2011)

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Feeling really tired once again. Liz and the kids are gone and I guess I stay up to late and can’t sleep as good when Liz isn’t there. Awww. Anyways I skated flat in front of my house for awhile waiting for John. It was really pathetic. I was skating really slow and had no hip in my hop. I resorted to trying nollie f/s flips since they were close and it’s on my trick list. Then I went for the reverse line and started with halfcab flip followed by a nollie f/s flip bail. Ugh. John arrived and we went to Southern Hills. The main ledge was a bit dry and we both struggled. John was ripping more than he. I think he got noseslide, noseslide shove, nollie back tail, front tail, front 50. I got boardslides both ways, back noseslide, back crooks, some bad front 50s and close to front 5-0 and the Joe Hamilton (aka front 50 to front board). I posed a few flip tricks around too. I wanted to crooks the whole bench and lined it out with an ollie over the two stair, but I couldn’t commit to much of it. Then we played a game of SKATE that went pretty good. Both of us landed quite a bit. It started to rain at the end and get really windy and John wrapped it up with a nollie flip. Trick sucks. Ha. Decent night for how tired I was.

skate journal: Niwot ledges with Bernie, Sam and Neil (June 28, 2011)

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New shoes (eS Edgar) and a new board (World Industries Flame Boy ha ha ha) and after a day off after Boston I felt ok. We all met around the same time (7ish) and it was still well into the 90s so it was really hot. Warming up seemed pretty slow for everyone. Bernie had some new shoes too and was having troubles. That didn’t stop him from doing his halfcab flips which are so good. Sam’s got nollie heels. He should know better since he’s pushing 40 as well. OH well, Neil busted his moves and was done before the rest. I skated pretty hard, but struggled. I had a couple back 50s. Got close to a couple kickflip back 50s. Tried a switch boardslide and went down sooo hard and almost hit my face, but the bill of my hat saved me. So sketchy. I’m not sure how hard my face out have hit if I didn’t have a hat on. I actually have a bruise on my forehead from the bill. Ha. I kept on skating and struggling. I tried a run of a 2mph backside flip over a crack, halfcab flip on flat then kickflip front board. I’ve done the kick front board once in my life, but it was horrible. I never got too close and I ruined my fresh griptape, but it was fun. I had a couple good feeling treflips. I’m a little bummed on how stiff the Worrest shoes are, but oh well.

skate journal: last day in boston! (June 26, 2011)

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Oh man we were beat. We were all sooo tired and sore from the day before. We took awhile, gave Rob a ride to the bus station, did some tourist shopping, then went to the horrible, horrible Waltham skatepark.

This place was worse than it looked on youtube. We made the most of it though. We did 10 tricks each on the little qp and 10 tricks on the flat bank. I don’t remember them all obviously. I know I was mad at one point during the flatbank part of it, but we did it and then went for dinner at some really good Indian food restaurant.

While Pat did some shopping we skated this yellow curb. We were going for 20 tricks total when we got kicked out. After all the spots we skated we got kicked out of this? Seriously? It was after 6:00pm so the liquor store at Black Ice was closed and we could skate there. So we did. The last session took awhile to motivate, but we did it and we had a blast.

I warmed up doing a few tricks on the bank to curb section. I finally got some axle stalls, feeble, back smith, pivot and Rob’s front slashes. I eventually got a front tail on it too. I tried a couple lines for awhile. Back pivot on the curb, frontside ollie on the bank, blunstlide over the grate. But I never got a real bluntslide. The other way I would try front tailslide, backside ollie then roll up onto the deck and kickflip into the bigger bank. I got it, but the kickflip was kind of just a silly kickflip without much speed then roll into the bank. Whatevs. it was fun. Matt killed it with kickflip up the curb, front 180 down. Wallie the curb to manny. Joe ended his night with the line of all lines. Ollie up to frontside wallride to front 180 out, front shove wallride then up on deck for the kickflip in like me. So rad. Charlie was killing it too and slamming a lot on sw heels. I tried a few treflips and ended with a couple tiny back tails on the bank. Such a fun trip. Matt focused my board since it was cracked and I wouldn’t have to carry it on the plane.

Thanks for the great trip dudes.

skate journal: Downtown Boston and sunshine! (june 25, 2011)

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We started out at this spot. It looked fun like you could skate the lower one as a bank and do slides. Not so easy. It was gnarly. I don’t know the last time I was that humbled by a spot. Dave Bachinsky is seriously good. He did switch front 180 to manual to back 180 into the lower bank. That isn’t possible. It’s an 8 foot drop from the top of the ledge down to the bank and the bricks are rough! It’s insane. Pat rolled in easy. i worked up to it and did it. Matt dropped in. Joe did some f/s ollies then nearly died on the run out of the drop in. Almost worst case scenario. he lied in the grass in pain for a good 5 minutes. ouch. Then we left for downtown.

We parked right next to the infamous PJ Ladd flatground spot and then skated around the city for awhile. We didn’t really hit much until we ended up at Eggs again which is just fine because that place rules. I had thought about how I wanted to do a run that involved ollieing the 3 stair then crooksing around the corner ledge so i went to work on back 50s to start it. Took forever, but once I started getting them a few tries later I did back 50, ollie the 3 (which was surprisingly fun) then crooks for a couple feet in the corner. Rob nailed some front tails. Joe threw down some great lines. Matt slayed everything. Pat played SKATE with the locals. Charlie showed up after awhile. At the end Rob, Matt and I played a game of SKATE (Matt won) then ollied an egg which wasn’t easy for me. Oh yeah, I forgot I tried about one hundred front 5-0 kickflip outs and never got close. maybe two of them you could tell what I was trying. I also did a few 360 flips and cracked my board on one. Not too bad though (hey, it’s a Null! ha). Then we cruised back toward the car and did some sight seeing.

Then we ended up at the PJ flatground spot. This was the spot I wanted to skate more than any place in Boston. The window sills are knobbed now unfortunately, but still, this is the spot where the best line in skateboarding history went down. It felt cool to skate it. Joe and I started by trying fakie ollies up the curb then trying to do halfcab flips after. Took us a minute, but we got it. Not quite a fullcab 540 flip, but whatever. Next up Matt and I tried to 360 flip the manhole that is at the end of the PJ line. It’s way closer to the wall then the video shows. Matt was trying to one up PJ with a switch tre, but never got it. I never go the regular tre either. We ended up all trying lines down the hill which was amazing. My best was fakie bigflip, pop shove, kickflip the manhole. Pat did some crazy lines obviously. Matt and Rob tried manuals and nose manuals respectively. I tried forever to get front 180 up the curb, fakie bigflip, pop shove, 3 flip the manhole. But I never got the 3 flip. I as really close. Super fun session.

Next up we went to this ledge that smells like chocolate/mint because it’s behind a chocolate factory. Brian would never survive here. After falling pushing switch and accidently shooting my board into a huge puddle of water I thought I would sit this one out. But Matt, Joe and Charlie were ripping so I had to join in. I ended up getting a run of halfcab flip, noseslide, crooks and I was hyped. Matt did crazy stuff. Nollie crooks, smith grind, etc. Joe landed everything. Front 50 bigspin, front 50 front board pop out. Those dudes killed it. We were all so beat and the rain started so Black Ice wasn’t an option later on. We rested.

skate journal: Wet Eggs, mist skating and Black Ice in Boston (June 24, 2011)

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After a decent game of SKATE near Pat’s house we went to Eggs. Carleigh unfortunately had to leave. Going to Eggs was unanimous though. The spot looked epic to say the least and it didn’t disappoint at all. We got cut short due to the rain/mist picking up. But the session lasted a long time and we had a blast. Matt and Joe got so many ledge tricks and they busted most of them here. I had a couple lines I was hyped on. Noseslide, crooks, boardslide the 3 stair ledge (take that PJ). Front 5-0, front board, front 180 down the 3. Joe had some mean front smiths. Matt had some sick nollie crooks. Super fun.

We did some sight seeing, and rolled around in the rain. Rob did a ridiculous boneless to manual down a hill. Then we ended up at AQ where I took a long time to do the manual above, but no time to do PJ Ladd’s trick first try:

After that we did some chilling then went to another spot that could be characterized as completely incredible, Black Ice:

Yes, this spot is real.

We skated Black Ice for about an hour before the rain kicked in again. It was a blast. Rob had some amazing front slashes on the bank to curb. Everyone was ripping. I can’t remember much. I got a line I was super hyped on though. Wallie from a curb into the bank, front tail slide over the grate, then backside flip on a bank. It really hyped me up. So much fun.

skate journal: Ramp skating in Boston (June 23, 2011)

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Not a bad day for a rain day after partying so hard at Dinosaur Jr. After awhile we ended up at Orchard skate shop which impressed all of us. They have a ramp inside and let us skate for as long as we wanted to. We probably skated for two hours as we were waiting for Rob to show up. Carleigh ripped it. Matt and Joe came through with their moves and I kind of just blew it. Pat skated it a little. The vibe was great though and it was so cool to be skating instead of complaining about the rain.

Matt blunt to rock fakie, but mostly just a cell phone shot to show the ramp.

After some driving we ended up at this skatepark called Boardwalk I think. It was crowded. Rob and I skated the ramp the whole time. Carleigh joined us for a long time, but skated the ledge with others as well. There was some dudes ripping. Joe and Matt were some of them. Pat skated flat mostly, but managed to do a fakie blunt bigspin out. Ridiculous. After some troubles warming up I basically did every single Rampy trick I’ve done. Even tricks like fakie pivot fakie, fakie hurricane, front feebs, back 5-0 fakie. Hyped! Near the end Rob, Carleigh and I got in a race for a beer. Carleigh was trying kickflip rock fakie, and Rob and I were both trying kickflip pivot (or axle stall). Carleigh was first, but it took a long time and Rob and I were solid sweat before we gave up. So fun. Kind of funny that I only skated Ramp while in Boston though.

skate journal: Go Skate Day (June 21, 2011)

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Man it’s been sooo long since this day and I’m finally getting to the journal entry. The morning started early with Nate and Carleigh at Lafayette for awhile. Nate slammed super hard within 30 seconds and almost ended his day with a bash to the knee. But he stuck with it and we skated for awhile. I don’t remember much of anything other than I finally got an axle stall on the rock in the little qp, Nate boardslid the little rail and back 50’d the smaller hubba, Carleigh pop shoved into the mellow bank super easy.

After that was the event with Crisis which would be more work than skate for me. Which was just fine because there was a huge turnout. After playing judge for awhile and doing some filming we mostly played SKATE. But it turned into doing a trick 6 times. Fuzz was always the first to 6. We did treflip, heelflip, halfcab flip and maybe something else. I didn’t mind having a mellow session considering I was leaving for Boston the next day!

Go to this tomorrow!

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skate journal: Sussex Fail on Fathers Day (June 19, 2011)

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Had some down time on Fathers Day and went skating. Picked up Carleigh and headed towards Sussex ledge which is on my ‘by 40 list‘. We warmed up messing around on some little blue manny pad we found near the dumpster behind Ross. It ended up being fun. We each got mannies and I got a nose manny. I also got a couple front lipslides and Carleigh ollied up to powerslide on it. Then we went over to the ledge and the failing began. Carleigh started slow with noseslides, but by the end was sliding over half of the ledge. I got relatively close to front 50 a few times. Had a couple good slams and lots of mental breakdowns. Still, it was fun to finally try a trick on my list and I guess the tricks on that list aren’t supposed to be super easy anyways (for me). A little more speed would help me, but the double sided thing scares me. Mostly when I would get on it my balance wouldn’t last til the end of the ledge. Maybe next time.