Uncle Eddie Rules

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Busenitz older Real part to Biggee. WOW.

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Man this is such a great edit. Why couldn’t the new Real video be edited this good? And wow it works so good and he even does the unproper 5-0 to fakie on a bank like me. This must have been after the phone call from him to get tips on nollie tres too.

Wow I want an Inkling!

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This is seriously amazing! Draw on paper and it goes right into vector graphics on the computer. Oh man!

Ray Maldonado rips

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skate journal: bank spot and valmont with Ollie (Aug 29, 2011)

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With my ankle wrapped up for added support and a knee that was still hurting I went out skating with Ollie. That’s all he wants to do these days and I think it is impossible to say no when your kid asks you to go skate (not that I need much convincing but my knee and ankle are not feeling too good). We started at a little bank spot with parking blocks at the bottom that has been a longstanding favorite of his. Right out the gate he was ripping. He ollied into the bank above the sidewalk and back 180’d off the curb (going somewhat fast) within a couple tries. I figured I should try it and it took me more tries and my back 180 wasn’t even as good. He officially is better at back 180s then me now. He also back 180’d into the bank then did a halfcab off the curb. He tried a lot of flyout 180s both ways, but didn’t get too many. He seemed to ollie up the curb almost every try though which is normally tougher for him. Other tricks he did that hyped me up were backside ollie on the bank, back 180 up a curb, front board on parking block and wallie up onto the bank off a parking block and turn around and ride out of it somehow. I was being conservative (old) on my hurting (old) body, but managed a few things that hyped me up. A little line of backside flip on the bank carving into the sidewalk then kickflip off. Also a line of pop shove on flat, backside ollie onto the bank then crappy backside flip off the curb.

Then we went to Valmont and skated the manny pads for awhile. I did a nose manual back shove out first try and started thinking about the nose manual nollie treflip out that’s on my list. I wanted to do nollie front 3 shove out first and got remotely close but it seems like I should just try with the flip while I’m at it. I had tried it in a line of front shove, manny, nose manny huck and flail out. Never got close to the nollie 3 flip out, but it still feels possible. Ollie was cruising around ollieing up curbs better than he ever has and 180’ing off both ways at speed. The ollie onto the manny pad then front 180 off quick was my favorite.

Then we went around to the loading dock area and Ollie said he was gonna try to ollie off the top part for the first time. He did it easy. Then he did it again for the camera. This skate dad needs to document his every step! Ha. It is really cool to watch almost every step of someone progressing at skateboarding though. I tried to 50 the ledge after that, but my knee was really acting up and we decided it was time to go anyways. Fun night.

Carleigh getting gnarly

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Some good photos and write up of a day out with Carleigh on a Girls Skateboarding blog. Good work Carleigh.

skate journal: watching ollie skate (Aug 28, 2011)

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After a crazy Friday/Saturday of camping/partying for Zach’s bachelor party I attempted to skate a little with Ollie. I was as hungover as they come and my knee hurt like crazy. After doing some business at 303 we rolled to a park we have never been to before (first one in this montage (skip the helmet kid to Jimmy)). The park was crowded with kids doing everything but skateboarding. Ugh. I mostly just cruised around and did a few grinds and front rocks. Nothing special. Ollie ripped it though. He did rock fakie, back rock and front rock on the narrow sections of the qp. He also put his board up on one of the benches and did 180s off it. One of the back 180s was super good. His ender was the carve the qp up onto the ledge then back 180 off. So sick. He’s super into skating right now and even asked me to clean out the garage so Rampy could be skated. Awesome.

Such a good way to start a Monday

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Rick Howard is one funny dude.

skate journal: trannie skating only at lafayette (Aug 26, 2011)

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Jumping the gun on the ankle for sure, but I wont be able to skate til sunday at the earliest so I went to Lafayette to meet up with Dean and Derek with the intention of only skating trannie. Only because I didn’t want to hurt my ankle more (didn’t work). When I got there at 8:30 the lights were just turning on (seriously Lafayette how can the lights still be a problem at the skatepark?). Dean and Derek walked up to show me the new Skate Mag with Derek in it. So rad. Dean also had a very special gift for me as a thank you for getting him involved in shooting photos with Null. What the heck? I should be thanking you dude! Anyways, wow, thanks Dean! And you know what they say ladies, a way to a man’s heart is through Dinosaur Jr. Ha.

Although it looked like rain, it only sprinkled a tiny bit. I started in the medium bowl and took too long to get a solid back 50 and once I did I basically ran into a corner and lost my speed everytime. Dean and I hit the little bowl for awhile avoiding scooter kids. Ugh. Dean got some long back 50s around the corner. I bailed a lot of them, managed one long front 50, one front d and that’s about it. Derek was tearing up everything as usual. Kickflip fakie on the extension ok. We hit the snake run for a bit where I tried ollies on the hip and would miss the tail and just hurt my ankle for no reason. At one point Derek and I skated the big bowl with this dude Brandon that was murdering it. I felt like a total idiot and didn’t do much more then drop in and bail a kickturn well below vert. We did some other cruising around. It was fun. The only new thing I did was roll in next to the bowl by the bank which is easy, but just weird. Oh, I also dropped in on the big qp at the end of the snake run. I wasn’t planning on it, but Derek yelled across the park for me to do it so I tried. It was way taller then I thought, I rolled away, but it was sketchy and scary. Derek was hyped. Ha. Fun night once the kids left. I shouldn’t have skated though, my ankle is hurting.

skate journal: KOTC day 3 exhaustion is setting in Boulder, Brighton ankle roll (Aug 21, 2011)

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After a late night of partying, waking up at home and trying to help Liz with cleaning, playing football with Ollie and then meeting everyone at the Boulder park I accidently wore the shoes I was breaking in. Oh well, guess it’s time to say goodbye to the Edgars and hello to the Keswick. Seriously though, eS is done. So LAME. Anyways, we met at the second worst park in Colorado – Boulder (Worst is Denver park). Brian was in full jock mode and wanted to rattle out tranny tricks. Max looked like he was hungover, but still managed to kill the park. Fuzz and Brian did some doubles. I fell trying to do a little front truck bash on the coping and wanted to crawl away and hide. I can’t believe how bad I suck at tranny. I’m sure it has nothing to do with partying til 4am, but still, I need to skate tranny more. I resorted to trying kick back tail shoves on the red curb out front. Carleigh cheered me on then called me out for skating too slow. Man I suck everywhere. We finally left and went to Brighton’s new park. Derek did a gnarly blunt to fakie. Brian grinded both death boxes in one run. Max ollied the park. I did a little line again that I love. Kickflip up a ledge then front board pop into a hubba. Hyped on that. Carleigh did a sick front 180 nosegrind on the bump to bar. I almost got a double flip up the euro. Man I hate scooter kids. Parks suck.

Then we went to the KOTC “BBQ” meeting place. The park looked like the worst park ever, but was actually fun. Jack saw the six inch flatbar and was hyped beyond belief. He did about a million trick including nollie heel noselbunt both ways, bigspin hurricane, kickflip hurricane, fakie bigpin bluntslide 270 out, kickflip pretzel 5-0, etc. The list goes on. Keep in mind he was going 2mph, but having a blast and killing it. I tried to kickflip off the launch ramp and landed weird. Initially it didn’t feel too bad, but it turned out to be a roll of some sort and it’s black and blue now and I’m out for a bit. Doh. Brian, Max, Fuzz killed the mini ramp. Then the Ft Collins dudes showed up and even more killing was done. I wish I could have skated more. My ankle is messed up though. I couldn’t walk on it comfortably on Monday. Oh well, KOTC ruled! Thank you Rich!