Nullozine print coming and Crisis art show/ Anniversary party

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Issue One of Nullozine print is done! While the name is similar to this blog (without the jr though) it isn’t the same thing. It’s a Colorado skate zine. Issue One is heavy on the Null tip, but we hope to expand outside of our circle in future issues. Super hyped for this! Dean is largely responsible for it happening and I am super grateful to him and the others that helped with this. They are now printed and we will have them at the Crisis art show this Saturday!

Congratulations to Fuzz and all the hard work he’s put in the last year with Crisis. Happy one year anniversary and thanks for all the support! The party will be a blast. The art show will feature art from lots of friends and family. And when I say family I don’t just mean Trick Factory or Null dudes (which is totally awesome family!), but I also mean my family, as in Liz and Ollie. Yes, they will have art there too. See you at Crisis Saturday night!

Nick Boserio is really good

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Saw this first then saw the following as a link from it.

And wow this dude is one of my favs now. He could be my favorite, but the stupid Nike’s suck too much.

skate journal: solo campus fun times with a good knee (Sept 28, 2011)

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Get this shit, so I’ve been tired all week and not really understanding why. The night before with Jack I was way more tired than I should be. Turns out Liz had wanted to stop drinking caffeine and didn’t bother to tell me the coffee she’s been making is decaffeinated. WTF! No wonder I haven’t had as much energy as normal. Damn woman. Anyways, I went to Meta to sell some goods then went on a solo mission. I’ve been feeling the solo missions ever since St Louis. I think it’s mainly because my knee had been hurting and I was embarrased about my level of skating. Not that it’s really noticable that I haven’t been skating good lately, it all looks the same, slow and boring. Ha ha. Now I feel like I just want to feel comfy on my board again and skating solo is so good for that. I setup a new board and started some new shoes:

Some Lakai Judo shoes. The IPath shoes were pretty dead. I need to get bulkier shoes, but I just keep buying smaller and smaller ones that don’t last long. These seem like they wont last long and they fit a little big so my toes move around. Oh well, they seem good.

So I just rolled down the hill from Meta. Cruised around for awhile getting vibed by longboards, bailed some slappies, ended up at the art building with the good flatground. Eventually started trying a line from the top of the place with crack nollie, no comply 180, fakie flip, switch front 180 then 360 flip off the little curb cut thing. I got it, but the 3 flip was horrible. Coming the other way I was just trying to ollie up onto the bench and ride over the stoppers. The only time I did it Max rolls by and yells. Ha he was on his way to Sean’s and seem stoked that I was just out skating solo. Some other weirdness was going on. There was a girl skating in short jogging shorts and a tank top showing her sports brah wearing pink jogging shoes. She was trying ollies and came up to me asking how high she was ollie’ing. It was like six inches and when I said it might be easier in skate shoes she said she didn’t want to come off as a poser. Ha, so awesome. I tried some lines with backside flips at the start, but never got one. Mainly because I was going fast than 2mph for once (maybe 3). I’ve been trying to skate a little faster, but it sure isn’t easy for me. I ended up back at the hill ledges. I did a few front 50s on the top ledge then tried to swerve and do a b/s noseslide on the next ledge which comes up quick. I got a couple bad noseslides. Next I wanted front tail on the top ledge then front 50 on the rounded ledge below. Both tricks were sketchy, but enough to hype me up. Then I left because I was tired. It was only 9:30 of course. Thanks Liz. The best part of the night is that my knee never hurt. At times it felt 100%. Other times a little weird still, but yeah, at times I totally forgot about it. SO STOKED!

skate journal: a couple spots with Jack (Sept 27, 2011)

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I picked up Jack around 8 and was greeted with some guacamole that Jack made. Jack makes guac? Yes, and it’s super good! Ladies take note. Anyways, we drove for a bit eating chips and guac with no place on our minds and ended up at a new school that has some three stairs, a somewhat tall pyramid ledge and a lot more. I was feeling really rusty. After boardsliding the side of the ledge, Jack and I started playing some weird transfer front board games over the ledge. Jack got front board to hurricane transfer. Ok, front board is a stretch since we were stalling. I eventually got front board pop over to fakie and Jack got my back with a front board to hurricane to shove transfer. We high fived and moved on. Some more chips and guac and we ended up at the ledge spot off 30th & Pearl. There Jack did about 5 million long back 5-0s to back 180 out that were all amazing regardless of what he says. I struggled at back 50s like I always do when there is a downhill approach. I got a couple noseslides one was followed with a little kickflip to fakie on the bank below. And a couple crooks. One was followed by a b/s flip on the bank. Fun. Jack tried a bunch of back 5-0 bigspins, but ended up approaching Max’s fall down record. I wish I would have had more energy then I did. Oh well, it was fun and we played a mediocre game of SKATE before eating the rest of the chips and guac. Yum.

skate journal: Table Mesa area tiredness, but no knee pain! (Sept 26, 2011)

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Finished up Nullozine issue one the night before and got home around 2:30. So I was eat at work and after getting home I took not one, but two naps. I went for a quick skate nearby. On the way I cranked the crap out of Mudhoney – If I Think to get me hyped. It worked. I got out and pushed around and there were cars or people at all the warm up spots I normally start with so I went to the brick wallride area and long manny pad. All day I had thought of b/s flips up a curb all steezy like Janoski does them. I got one up a curb, but it was nothing like how Janoski does them. I was actually going fast enough into it, but when I landed I skidded to a halt. That didn’t stop me though as I wanted to line it out and did a sw front 180 to wallride then pushed for a kickflip off the curb. Neat. Going the other ways I was trying manuals the whole thing. I got pretty close, but never did the whole thing. OH yeah, there are some benches around the corner now that have potential for someone that can ollie. I got a boardslide pop past the curb (kind of). Someone good could do manual pop past a bigger gap. Hint hint null kids. All in all a fun night since I wasn’t in pain! I wish I wasn’t so tired though.

skate journal: Lyons ramp for a few minutes (9/25/2011)

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After working on Nullozine print for a few hours we took a break and went to the nearby skatepark. They had just locked it up for the evening. Ridiculous. We waited in the parking lot for awhile for the parks guy to leave. We just messed around on parking blocks. Then we climbed the fence and skated the black ramp in the dark for awhile. Not a whole lot went down. There were a couple other guys skating that were fun to skate with. That ramp is hard to get used to. It’s super mellow with huge coping. We skated til it got too dark then went back to work.

A couple of awesome video parts this week

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Two dudes that kill long lines in the city. Bobby Worrest and Travis Erickson. Amazing.

skate journal: Just when I thought my knee was getting better (Sept 24, 2011)

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Took a couple days off skating because I was in Denver for my friend Zach’s wedding. Walked around a lot and felt pretty good. Picked up Max and Jack and headed to Northglenn for their skatepark grand opening party. It was mad chaos and the skatepark was basically unskateable. Brian and I skated in the basketball court for awhile. Neither of us doing too good. Derek and Jack joined us and we played a game of old people trick skate. Well, we started to at least until Brian went 0-3 on no comply 180 and left. Ha. We went on to play regular skate. Jack won the first game and Derek had to leave for work so Jack and I were playing another one before I totally won it (because he snapped his tail on a hardflip and couldn’t continue ha). My knee was not feeling good. It wasn’t in a lot of pain, but it was feeling weird. I took one run in the bowl with Dean. It was a fun bowl. Mellower than most, but too crowded for me to really skate it. That park looks fun. If it weren’t crazy crowded I’d like to skate it. We went back to Crisis so Jack could set up a board and leave my grip tape there. While he was doing that Dean, Max, Will and I went over to the Safeway ledge across the street. It was doing pretty good and I was having fun. I got front 5-0 shove real quick. Dean almost learned from 50 front shove in a few tries. Max did halfcab back 50 back 180 out, back 180 fakie 50 full cab out. Will made the basics look easy and got some fakie front tails. I had done a couple front crook jibs when my knee flared up. I was just squatting down, setting up for a frontside trick and the intense pain kicked in again. UGH UGH UGH UGH. After this we went to Hobby Lobby and for once no truck was there. It’s such a fun spot. All I did was push around on my filmer board for awhile while everyone else was having a blast. Dean got front 180 up, fakie ollie over the two. Jack did a nose manual! And some other rad stuff. Max was killing it and I ended up filming him for awhile. He got some good lines. Switch heel then fakie tre. Back 180 fakie manual halfcab out, hardflip. Looked fun. After that we went to the Black Dots show and had a blast playing foosball. Fun ender for a bummer of a day for me (because of my knee).

skate journal: Denver mission with a big crew (9/21/2011)

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Carleigh and Sketch arrived at my house and we rolled to Crisis to pick up Fuzz. It started raining hard. Really hard. We talked to Bernie in Denver and he said it was dry. We met up with Chad, Chris, Derek, Bernie, Jack, Max, Dean, Spencer and probably some other people I’m forgetting right now. It was indeed dry when we pulled into Denver, but by the time we said our hello’s it started raining. Doh. I had a couple fun downhill powerslides and Max skated through the rain anyways. After some food and chilling we ended up cruising around some spots. I was feeling like I had never rode on a skateboard before and it was really annoying. Everyone else seemed to be killing it. Jack had some crazy back 50s on a weird banked flat bar. Spencer was ollie’ing fire hydrants. Fuzz had a tall boardslide. There was a lot going on. We ended up at Tabor center. Fuzz, Sketch and I were dorking around on the bank. Well, they were skating it, I was being a dork on it. Eventually I just went to line out something to 180 on the stairs. I got a backside flip, halfcab flip, front 180 the stairs and then switch ride down the next set of three. Not sure where that came from but it hyped me up. Spencer and Max jumped over a rail. Jack almost died trying to manual wet marble. I think we eventually ended up back near where we parked. Spencer, Bernie and Derek did some funny manuals to a wall and pushed off to go back in manual. Jack, Carleigh and I played a game of SKATE. It didn’t go so good for me. Jack did a gnarly wallie and I started trying to line out some flatground tricks after ollie’ing up the curb. About the only trick I landed was a kickflip. Yippee. I landed on a nollie tre, but got wheel bite and fell. Weird night. Wish I could have skated more.

King Of The Chode clip

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So hyped on this. Bernie edited it and did a bang up job. We had a blast.