The first Null teaser from late 2003

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Wow. So hyped I finally uploaded this. Null has been nothing but a blessing to me. I’ve met so many awesome people and had so many good times. This teaser takes me back to when it all started and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So fun. So hyped to see Jason’s front noseslide and all the old guys in this. Thanks to everyone that has supported Null.

Feeling really old

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Since I’m on a possible two month break from skateboarding while tendonitis heals I gotta find new ways to occupy my time. Last night I went for a long walk. I don’t really care for walking around neighborhoods at night. It’s just creepy. So I went to campus and roamed around looking for new spots, but mostly just saw spots I already knew about. Spots I’ve had fun at. I stared at pieces of concrete in ways that no one except skaters can relate to. That made me feel pretty good. But then the reality of why I was walking around campus instead of skating set it. I felt like an old man looking back at his youth. It was really depressing. I know I’m supposed to be 100% at some point, but I don’t know that. I really don’t. My arthritis has been pretty bad the last couple days. It’s supposed to go away, but it keeps returning. So even if I didn’t also have tendonitis I wouldn’t be able to skate right now. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s not easy.

Sorry for the downer. Getting old sucks. I know that even if I can never skate again I still have a pretty great life ahead of me. It’s just tough to not be able to do something that has been a huge part of me for most of my life.

I want to skate Rampy right now!

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It’s been one week on the no skating/jumping/squating tip. It’s really hard to not skate because everything feels better. I think they were right when they said that being too active is keeping the arthritis around. Anyways, yeah, one week and I feel decent. The pain in my left knee is still around, but less painful. Here’s a couple mini ramp clips that make me want and go skate Rampy right now! Argh! Dave Bachinsky rules. One of my all time favorites.

This clip is sick too. What can I say, I like tech skating.

Done skating for awhile. Tendonitis.

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Went to an acupuncturist this week about the sharp pain above my left knee cap. It was happening before the arthritis and it’s back. She said it was tendonitis and to not skate/jump/squat for two months so it can heal. Arghghghg! After some research it looks like most people suggest a rest period of 4-6 weeks. So maybe it wont be two months, but wow, I’m bummed. Hopefully this will give me time to get rid of the arthritis at least and so when I can finally skate I am 100%. The acupuncturist thinks the arthritis is still around because I’ve been pushing it too hard. Interesting.

I ordered this little stationary bike awhile ago and just brought it into work today. It’s funny. I can’t use it too much yet because of the tendonitis, but it’s pretty fun to use it when I sit at work. And yes, for those keeping track I still have a stand up desk and I still stand quite a bit, just not as much as I did before the arthritis episode.

Mark Suciu. Best part in a minute

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This part makes me want to go skate! Seriously epic part.

skate journal: had fun at CSU even though my feet felt like bricks (1/10/2012)

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Went up to Ft Collins after work to sell some boards at MRKT then maybe do some skating. Bernie bailed and Dean slept through my calls so I went solo. It worked out though because Ft Collins has a one of the friendliest skate scenes around and this dude Jake I’ve skated with a couple times through Chad was at MRKT and wanted to skate campus too. We went across the way to CSU, one of my favorite places to skate. I had been feeling sore/weird all day and on my first push I knew I was gonna have a tough time. If I was solo I would have probably turned around right then and not skated. I keep hearing that with my arthritis I will hurt the day before a big weather change. Guess that explains it. I had no coordination, my feet felt like bricks and my knees weren’t good either. Ugh. We had fun though. We started with the ultra dork spot above. Jake killed it. Back D, back blunt, beanplant to fakie, side blunt to 50 (photo) and more. I really didn’t to anything. Some pivots, front tail stalls, one bad crail stall, got close to front tail on the wood to disaster on the curb to shove out but not really that close. We had fun though and we got dirt and mud all over our wheels, shoes and grip. Next we found an angled ledge coming out of a tunnel. I tossed some horrible attempts at front noses down it. Jake got a noseslide and a crooks to fakie which apparently he just learned earlier in the day. Some cruising around we ended up at the Clark building with all the two and three stairs. Man I was feeling my arthritis at this point. It took at least 15 tries to ollie down the three stair and it took Jake ollieing up it after the two to get my hyped enough to do it. We posed some more tricks and Jake probably landed a bunch more. It was fun times. We hit a few other things briefly, but mostly just walked along and stuff. I wish my arthritis would go away.

Purple Fluid / The Fluid / MUDHONEY at the Bluebird Theater Jan 6, 2012

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I’ll start by saying Mudhoney is one of my all time favorite bands. It’s been several years since I’ve seen them play and my excitement level was very high. Especially since I’ve never heard anything off of The Lucky Ones live and it’s become my favorite album of theirs.

The first band was Purple Fluid. They were young and the twin brothers in the band are the son of Rick Kulwicki, the member of the Fluid that died a few years ago. The show was a benefit for the them. With the exception of the glam kid that didn’t seem to fit into the band at all I thought they were great. Later on Mark Arm would thank them for opening and said how proud their dad would have been. Awesome.

This show had the most gray hair I’ve ever seen at one show. At one point the singer for The Fluid announced that he wrote a song for his daughter when she was born. Then said that she was at the show and she was now 25. I guess that explains the gray hair everywhere! The Fluid played a long set. I wasn’t that impressed. Zach was though and he’s in a band so we’ll say that The Fluid was great. Ha.

Mudhoney came out and completely ruled it. The start of the set was mostly early stuff. Superfuzz Bigmuff and the s/t album with some other classics mixed in. I was kinda worried they wouldn’t play anything off The Lucky Ones. Luckily near the end of the set Mark Arm put away the pedals and set down the guitar and they went into several off of the Lucky Ones. Stoked! They have such a great stage presence. At one point a water bottle was thrown onstage and Mark Arm held it down in field goal position for bassist Guy Maddison to kick it back into the crowd. Mudhoney completely killed it. It’s gonna be hard to top this show in 2012.

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skate journal: the no tricks landed session at the manny pad (Jan 8, 2011)

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Picked up Carleigh around noon and we looked for a dry spot to skate. Sure we could have skated Red Curbs or Rampy, but the sun was nice and warm and we wanted to skate outside. We ended up at the Mikes Camera manny pad where we skated for almost a couple hours and didn’t land much of anything. When I first started ollieing up the curb seemed hard. It took me at least 10 tries to get a manual. A tries less to get a nose manual. Carleigh got about 100 manual scrapes, but no clean ones. She got a front 180 up. I think I did a nose manny front 180 out. Tried a few nose manny big spins out, but never got close. Did a line with sw front 180 up the curb, kickflip on flat then ollie a tiny gap. I’m trying to lift my feet up when I ollie. It’s not going so well. I tried a bunch of sw 180 mannies, but never got one. I did a slow front shove off the curb and a few flip tricks. Even though it was a mellow session and not much was landed we had fun trying tricks again and being out in the sun.

skate journal: campus with Ollie (Jan 7, 2011)

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After a late night of grunge destruction (Mudhoney ruled it!) I was a bit tired, but wanting to skate before the snow settled in. We didn’t feel like driving 20-30 minutes to a skatepark so we went to campus. The parking block above was the first thing we skated. I was feeling insanely stiff and awkward. Ollie could boardslide the parking block, but my grown up body would bend the block enough that boardslides would stop in the grass making my wheels yellow “Well then stop riding through grass!” I managed a front 5-0 fall off over it. We cruised around some more. Neither of us overly hyped on much it seemed. We ended up at the super mellow bank to tiny curb. I tried to do a front 270 to switch crook stall, but never got it. I did have one awesome slam onto my hip though after I overshot the curb. Ouch. I started hucking a couple flip tricks and kickflips were feeling decent. I got a varial flip and a b/s flip. At the end managed a back pivot to fakie with a fakie bigflip after. Everything was landed horribly, but I felt like I got a little something back. My ankle and knee was feeling weird, but not painful. Ollie did a front 50 on the curb. Pretty rad. After that I ollied a little gap off a ledge which felt pretty awesome. We hit this weird long two stair area. I managed to ollie onto one from downhill manual it then drop to the next one and ride away. Seems dumb and it is, but it felt great. Ollie did a few early grab cannon balls off the curb. Next was the stone bank/manny pad thing. Ollie wasn’t feeling it. I got a front rock on it and we moved on then kinda just kept moving on back to the car as it started snowing. Mellow, but fun. Hyped to try a few flip tricks. Hyped on the smaller board.

Adidas in Montreal

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I don’t know man, Grant Taylor is amazing and all, but Busenitz is the best.