skate journal: safeway ledges by crisis with neil and rob (May 29, 2012)

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Woke up at 5:00 am, worked, took a brief nap then picked up Rob/Neil and headed toward Crisis for the safeway ledges. Neil was Neil and killed it out of the gate. Ollies over boxes right away, front 50, front lip, front tail on the ledge, halfcabs over boxes. Struggled with back crooks. Rob hasn’t been able to skate much lately, but decided to get his skate feet back by doing tricks like front nose 270 out and cab front nose. Wowsers. Struggled with switch boardslides for awhile, but banged out a good one. I was struggling big time in the beginning and couldn’t ollie a simple little crate. About the time Neil was wrapping things up I started to feel good. I got a grip of ledge tricks total. Back crooks, back noseslide, noseslide fakie, back 50, front 50, front 50 shove, front 50 front 180 out, front crooks jib to fakie, kickflip back 50 (a few of these!), front 5-0, front 5-0 shove (took a long time, but the one I got felt so good) and lastly a front 5-0 front 180 which I am the most hyped on as I haven’t done it in forever. Other tricks I was hyped on was kickflipping the little crate, an ollie over the tall box and not being at a skatepark.

Nico Magalhaes anihalates

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This is shaping up to be another good internet part week. This one blows me away. Metal, fast skating, sketchy spots, I love it.


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Man this part hypes me up so much I might even push twice before doing tricks tonight.

skate journal: old guy fun in louisville tech (May 28, 2012)

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Was up at my mom’s in Buena Vista for most of the weekend. Drove down in the afternoon, got home, played football with Ollie for awhile then met up with Fuzz, Neil, Dean and Lester in the Louisville Tech Center area. First spot was the OG ledge / junk spot. Fuzz and I arrived first and we were slow to start. It was fun, we were totally just dorking. Neil showed up. We moved a big metal rack so we could skate it which was fun. We all did some 50s. We all got some boardslide transfers up onto the loading dock. I did a couple super slow bluntslides. Neil and Fuzz put a metal shelf thing out to ollie. Neil had it every try. Fuzz crooked the corner of it and manual bonked it. I rode by it. Things were starting to heat up a little when we got the boot from a nice and respecting cop. That’s always nice when police are cool.

We went over the blue angle bar. Dean showed up. Everyone did boardslides down the end to begin. Neil added a lot more with lines that included front boards, front shoves, no complies, ollies and probably 20 other tricks. Fuzz did halfcab boardslide, nollie front lip. Dean had halfcab noseslide. I tried a run of no comply 180, fakie flip, sw boardslide, but never got them all and was too embarrassed about my pushing/slow speed anyway. After awhile everyone was doing a flatground trick then trying something up. Neil battled b/s flips for awhile and when he got it bailed the sw front 180. That sounds like something I would do. He had some bluntslides up and a sick ollie onto it, then no comply out. Dean was working on 360 flips and getting so close. So close that he landed it, rolled a few inches then wilson’d hard. Ouch. It’s so rad to see an upper 30 year old learn 3 flips though. Get it Dean! I mixed up a few flatground tricks, halfcab flips both ways, heelflips and managed a decent for me crooks pop out up it. I don’t remember what trick I did before it. Once I slammed and put my fingers up in the grate. Not good. My fingers survived though. Fuzz wasn’t in a flip trick mood. He had some fun looking 180 slides and sw 180s though, nollie front 180, sw front shoves. The session kinda fizzled out and we talked about Four for awhile before calling it. Fun times, good to see Neil out after 5 pm.

skate journal: Boulder park in the morning what is wrong with me? (May 26, 2012)

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Had one of those Saturday mornings where I woke up at sunrise for some dumb reason. I did some stuff on the computer for awhile then decided I should bite the bullet and skate a bit since I wouldn’t be able to the rest of the weekend. I went to Boulder park. There was some dad’s in sandles and bike helmets skating with their kids and some remote control car action going on. Ugh. Just another reminder why I despise skateparks. But I stuck with it and had some fun. I was feeling very caffeinated from some matte and cranked up OFF! on the way to the park. That happy caffeine feeling went away pretty quick when I bailed and axle stall and I almost went down hard. Skating early in the morning is so tough for me. In the end I did some basics that I’ve done at that park awhile ago when I skated it once in awhile. My favorite line was dropping into the deep bowl, grinding out of the roll in thing, front 50 down the hubba, roll into the mini section then a front rock. I also got a front d there, but man I suck at tranny. Granted I haven’t been skating it at all lately, but it’s pathetic. I also did like 20 f/s ollies over the tiny hip hoping that maybe on one of them my board would actually leave the ground. I don’t think it did. Ha. Hyped I skated at least. Boulder park is so dated.

skate journal: hard spots with carleigh (May 25, 2012)

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Got off work at a decent time on a super nice friday. Met up with Carleigh then we went to the 30th & iris ledges. It was kinda dry and things didn’t start all that great for either of us. Eventually we landed some tricks though. Carleigh got noseslide, noseslide shove and almost 180 nosegrind. She also almost did a b/s flip on flat. I got some uphill crooks, slow front 50, front 50 180 out, front 50 shove, front 5-0 and a weird first try kick back tail with a slide that I couldn’t get again. Flatground was ok, got some heelflips, treflip, some kickflips.

Then we went to the crazy bikepath kicker in north Boulder. I’ve never skated it before. We both had some ollies. It’s really fun. I got a smallish kickflip too, but it felt cooler then I would have thought. That thing boosts you. Carleigh basically got pop shove, but fell off. I ended it by trying a big ollie and not even hitting the tail. Ugh. Even though we didn’t land a whole lot it felt cool to skate some harder kind of spots.

Sebo Walker

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Jack photos

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Jack’s blog has some fun photos from recent session. Peep it here.

skate journal: epicly fun cheyenne park session for john doe zine (May 22, 2012)

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Right after work on the first 90 degree day I met Jack and Carleigh and we went up to Cheyenne for the 23rd anniversary John Doe skate jam at the Cheyenne park. We pulled in at the same time as Skelly, Justin and Mike from Ft Collins. Good timing. Most of the Cheyenne dudes were chilling as they had been going at it for hours. Sean hadn’t stopped though, he was still busy destroying the park. Monster sw back 180, a million awesome tricks all landed every try. Dude slays. I started out on the tiny qp in front of the main ledge. That thing is fun. I did a first try blunt to rock fakie which was new for me last time I went there and then a few backside blunts. So hyped on learning that! Everyone else was kind of all over the place. Jack did a crazy manual late 360 shove, Carleigh got a front 50 across and down. I got a noseslide down. Got into some front 50s across and down, but never quite got it. Had a couple fun lines of front 50 the top, ride down the bank, boardslide the shotgun rail, nose manny the flat of the mini ramp. Jack did a nice front hurricane on the shotgun rail right in front of me and told me to crooks it. After a patented crooks/willy/jib I did an actual crooks. Neato. Man so much was going on this is hard to remember. Mike did a really long wallie 50. Skelly was nursing a broken foot, but still shredding. I tried wallieing up the green box and was kinda just sucking flailing around. Oh yeah, I had new shoes:

Fallen Forte Lowcard collab. They are thin as hell so skated pretty good on day 1. After awhile Mike and I started trying tricks over the hip. He did back 180, cab and fakie bigspin. All were tight and all were after doing rock ‘n roll or rock fakie on the weird dark metal qp at the top. I tried backside flip and got a couple. The second one felt great. Next up we all skated near the top of the park. There were some crazy long lines going with lots of ollies. I think both Carleigh and Mike got the following. Ollie the long two, ollie up 1, quick ollie up the next 1, ollie up the taller ledge (2 stair height at the top of the park), ollie into the step up. So sick. Jack was in on the action, but I forget what he was doing. He would manual the middle stair and ollie up the next of course. No comply flip up the long 2, no comply tailslide on the bank, a ton. I was hyped on a line of ollie the long 2 (which was way easier then I thought it would be and I’m sorry I embarrassed myself so much in front of Jack and Carleigh), ollie up 1, quick ollie up the 2nd, kickflip up the tall ledge, kickflip down the top 2 stair. That’s almost as exhausting to type as it was to do. Ha. At the end Jack, Carleigh, Mike and I played a game of SKATE. It ended up Jack and I going at it and it went on forever. We weren’t landing all that much, but somehow we went on forever and it seemed like a totally epic game to me. At one point we were tied and Jack did a double flip. I hucked it and landed it. Hyped me up so much. Later on Jack would take me out with a 43 shifty that I managed to land after the game (of course). That trick hates me. What a fun night though. Warm weather, no wind in Cheyenne, a couple beers, homies, good skating. What a blast.

skate journal: slappies, southern hills, new cu chaos, fun, slappies and slams (May 20, 2012)

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Whoa, a null filming mission? Haven’t done this in a while. Went to meta to meet up with Jack, Dean, Derek, Chad. While we were waiting I skated the slappy curb as I didn’t want to lose front feebles and slappy crooks. I did a bunch of them and the dream line, but with an ollie instead of a kickflip. Jake randomly biked by at one point. He’s been out for awhile with a rolled ankle, but still managed a couple slappy grinds and a bluntslide. Then we went to Southern Hills. While the boys warmed up I skated. I got a little line of ollie the 2 stair, crooks the ledge, 3 flip on the smooth flatground. Might have gotten that line twice actually. Also did a front 50 and a front 50 shove as time expired and I turned into filmer Glen. Jack got a good line. Derek almost got his gap back tail bigspin out. At times I thought I was going to throw up. I felt really weird and still sick. But I pulled through. We went to Petes to eat then to the new CU Research center. Most of Meta was there. Chad and I arrived first and Cameron filmed Josh do a completely ridiculous line in front of our eyes. It was crazy. After some drama everyone ended up at the front for what was mostly just everyone skating flatground and Josh continuing to rip everything. Josh did front 180/fs halfcab twists down the long two stairs. It was so funny. His fakie benihana was hot too:

Pretty much everyone was landing crazy stuff. Cameron did 3 shove late flip back to back. Josh did a nollie treflip and I jokingly said that trick was easy, posed one and somehow landed on it at 270 degrees. It was funny. After all that we went back up to the hill to drop some people off. I had mentioned to Chad that I really wanted to try a line at the slappy curbs. I wasn’t feeling very well and probably should never have tried it, but I did. Oh, and did I mention my shoes were literally falling apart?

Not so good for hammers. Or anything really. Jack and Carleigh hung out too as Chadman filmed. For any doubters out there, Chad is one of the best dudes ever. Well, all three of these people actually. But yeah, Chad has a heart of gold. Anyways, I started trying the line and eventually got all 4 tricks, but the kickflip and the slappy crooks were a bit too arthritic for me. What’s that? arthritic. As in that is my style. Thanks for the help Fuzz. Instead of having too artistic of a style, I have too arthritic of a style. Ha ha so awesome. I did manage to line up a front feeble with a decent kickflip over the little gap though. Maybe I’ll use it at some point, maybe I’ll just talk trash on it. I blame Chad for saying “You know if you land the kickflip you’ll get the slappy crooks”. Have I mentioned what a dick Chad can be? The kickflips over the gap (off a bench, over a short sidewalk section into a crack infested bike path) felt really weird. I committed every time, but with the lack of grip on my shoe sole I was really having troubles and I only landed 3 total. But it felt awesome to try so hard. Thanks Chad.