New Dinosaur Jr song

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NEW DINOSAUR JR SONG HERE! I did my ritual of listening to the song loudly once and only once. 81 days of waiting now until the album ..

skate journal: more campus fun. this time with dean and fuzz (June 28, 2012)

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Another hot day with a thunderstorm then a cool down. I met up with Dean at the slappy curb after work, a nap and some basketball with Ollie. We moved into campus right away and ended up at the good flatground area where I had my good line the other night. That wouldn’t happen again. Dean was ripping though. Halfcab a grate, kickflip, front 180. I think there was a fourth trick too. He landed more kickflips in this session then I’ve seen him land since I’ve known him. I landed a few tricks, but not a whole lot. We moved on. It was kind of sprinkling. I ollied this little thing again. Harder then it looks as the ledge is curved on top and you have to clear a crack. It took awhile. Next up was this spot. We hit this for a bit. Dean did a few tricks down the stair then proceeded to nearly noseslide the kink part of the rail. I was hyped on it! I tried too, but Dean got closest.

I tried to front 50 the ledge off the 5 stair. Took forever. I got really close, had some good slams, battled the rain then ultimately ran out of juice as I was getting too nervous. Got a good hipper from it. Dean was just chilling and shot some photos because he’s good like that. Here are the funny ones.

Mentally preparing for such a hammer.

Yeap, did this a few times seeing as how the ledge is so tall.

Next level shit.

Totally got a good hipper from that one.

I am such a pansy.

This is what happens when you try to commit to a 2mph front 50 with a drop.

This one makes me laugh. My board had rolled down the stairs as I stepped gingerly on the ledge so I jumped on it. Thanks for the photos Dean!

Fuzz arrived and we started trying manuals on the sidewalk. Between the three of us doing laps non stop for 30 minutes only Fuzz was able to manual it twice. Yikes, we’re old. Dean had a couple good slams. I landed a treflip like I was a skier. Fuzz did drop down manual up to manual. We had fun. Then we went to Black Dots.

skate journal: some campus mellowness/fun (June 27, 2012)

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After selling some hats at Meta I went down the hill to the slappy curb. I was pretty tired and not as fired up as the last session. I started dorking on the slappy banked curb and started feeling good. Had some troubles with slappy crooks, but landed every slappy front feebs. I started hucking a few tricks to see what would happen. Got remotely close to front blunt, but then they slid I would shoot out. Kind of did switch slappy crooks. Tried a bunch of switch front slappys and they kept going into front feeb so I went with it. Not even that many tries and I got it. Pretty hyped. I came out switch and all that. I felt like Karl Watson. But I still looked like me. I moved on. After some dorking around I ended up in front of the student center. I tried a few things on this. At first I just wanted to ollie on then ollie the rail. But I’m not that good and the bushed had kind of overtaken it. So then I tried to manual the first part, drop down, drop down thread the needle through the rails. Nope. Last time I couldn’t even ollie up the ledge consistently so I’m happy I was at least doing that. Lastly I ended up at the hill ledges which had been freshly sand blasted. The taller curved one still grinded though. Well, at least it did the one in ten times I could get on it. I left after a couple weak front 50s and one real weak front 5-0. That ledge is hard.

skate journal: Solo QUIK inspired campus awesomeness (June 25, 2012)

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Had the early shift at work and it was 100 when I got out. So I went to sleep for awhile, woke up, got some null/four stuff done, ate dinner then watched Austyn Gillette slay the streets of LA yet again. I’ve probably watched that part 20 times now. I wanted to skate to campus, but a couple things held me back. First, I had to bring a board box to FedEx. Second, it was still 93 so I wanted to have water nearby. It didn’t matter though, I got to campus and started pushing. I had put my headphones on and went straight to gold, You’re Living All Over Me. I ended up at the Library and did a fun little line of ollie a sketchy 3 stair, push down the hill, ollie a metal grate going fast (okay I was going fast enough that it was terrifying for me so I barely tapped the tail but since I was actually moving kinda fast I would clear it) then keep going and ollie into another little hill and push down it. Got to the end of the hill that normally has a sidewalk, but due to construction I ended up almost dieing as the sidewalk turned to gravel. Ended up by the rec center and got a fun line of f/s shove out of the kicker, ollie a median, manual the median then bail a nose manual. The f/s shove took a bit, but was fun. Next up I saw some new jersey barriers near a long manny pad. I started out doing a little slash on this curb thing, try for manual then a wallride on a barrier. Never put all 3 together, but got the wallride everytime. So that would mean I couldn’t get it when I started trying a harder line; Fast ollie up a sidewalk, f/s 180 off (which was scary the first few times), halfcab flip on flat, manual, wallride. Never got the wallride. It bummed me out a bit, but I liked the line anyway. It seemed like everytime I actually landed the manual I had to weave through cars or bikers. On the way back I had fun trying nollie tres and was getting super close. Also tried kickflip up the curb, kickflip off, kickflip a manhole but ate shit when I got to the manhole. It was one of those “wow I’m skating really hard and slamming feels good” slams. I went and got some water, lurked at the new area for a bit, cracked my board on a boardslide on a bench (not bad enough to stop skating) then went and skated flatground at the art building. It started off horrible, but I got one of the best flatground lines I’ve ever done. Heelflip, treflip, b/s flip, fakie flip, f/s halfcab flip and almost a nollie tre. I guess that would be the PJ inspired part of the session. I tried a bunch of nollie tres, but never got one. Half the time I wouldn’t even snap the nose. I did get quite a few treflips though. I felt like trying some more stuff, but after kind of just looking around I headed home stoked that my body/mind felt great and I skated as hard/good as I did. Skateboarding rules. So does Dinosaur Jr, I think they get partial credit for the evening being so amazing as I went through YLAOM, Bug and Where You Been. 3 of the finest albums ever made.

skate journal: Rockcreek ramp with Carleigh (June 24, 2012)

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Pretty tired from a late night before and lethargic from the heat I met up with Carleigh around 6pm to go skate the Rockcreek ramp. There was actually some cloud cover and it was pretty nice out. I started off sucking like no other. It took four tries to do an axle stall. Ugh. I had been in the mood for street skating so I guess I wasn’t ready for this. Carleigh pretty much did all her moves in the first few runs. Well, everything but front disasters, which is my fault because I had them for the day. After my slow start I skated decent and had fun. Almost got a Joe Hamilton (fakie 50 to rock ‘n roll). Did some more wannabe smith grinds. Had fun. Tried a bunch of kickflip f/s boardslides on the flatbar at the very end. Got remotely close, but mostly just lost a lot of griptape.

skate journal: QUIK inspired curb/pushing fun then meta fun/lurking (June 23, 2012)

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Back home on the scolding hot front range. Got a bunch of stuff done during the day then took a siesta knowing I’d be skating late. Fuzz and I turned down a Northglenn park invite because as Fuzz said, “Parks are for scooters”. Ha. We had both watched the amazing Austyn Gillette QUICK part and felt like pushing through the streets. While waiting for John we went to a parking lot near Fuzz’s and got things moving quick. Lots of boardslides on a parking block, ollies up curbs, etc. We were having a blast. It was pretty funny too, as we were skating Colorado legend Travis La walked out of a restaurant he works at and hung out awhile. John eventually showed up too. We kept skating. It’s funny that John struggles with boardslides considering all the other amazing tricks he can do. It took me awhile, but I managed a slappy crooks which really hyped me up. Halfcab boardslides went down. Fuzz’s slappy 50s and noseslides were so good.

Off we went to meet up with Meta at a loading dock spot. Meta kids were going off so us three old men played a game of SKATE for awhile. It didn’t go so good. Fuzz had a heart palputation, my feet stopped working and we lost interest. After awhile we went exploring. We saw a crazy bump that Dompierre busted a huge tailslide on a window sill out of. Ridiculous, completely ridiculous. Then some dudes at a warehouse told us to come check out their miniramp. What? Ha, it was in a loading dock hole and too dark to skate, but we saw their board press and stuff. Pretty random to say the least.

I was trying some stuff on the other side by myself mostly. Ollie up the little curb, front 180 over a pallet, f/s halfcab flip. Tried a few rick flips, not even close. I got a couple ollies over the pallet up the loading dock which was fun for me, actually going kind of fast. Then I skated this door wallride thing with Jack and John for awhile. We all did the basic wallrides which was really fun. John and Jack did soft rocks. Jack did a wallride to manual. I got a f/s wallride that felt great. After that John and Fuzz got in on the loading dock ledge action. I got too tired and didn’t have the will to ollie up the curb four pushes deep. It was already like 2am at that point. Sean, Josh and JJ got some cool stuff on that ledge though.

Austyn Gillette, Madars Apse and Mark Suciu are really good at skateboarding

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I got back from Durango and watched three straight amazing clips. Nate sent me this one of Madars Apse. So good. Thanks Nate.

I don’t care that Mark Suciu is an am, he’s got SOTY on lock in my book. This is throw away? wow.

Wow, Austyn Gillette makes me want to go push through the streets and do the gnarliest tricks at full speed. No offense Austyn, but I think I’ll wait til this evening when the temperature drops under 100.

skate journal: more durango park, this time not so bad (go skate day (the pseudo holiday, not how every day should be) 2012)

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Woke up early on another sunny and hot day in Durango. Waited forever for Ollie to wake up and lost a bit of my motivation. For some reason I had been craving skating the six foot qp all morning waiting for Ollie to be ready. We stopped at the Board Haux to show them Four/Null and they were super hyped on both, even bought some boards. Sick! The park was almost empty. Luckily no parents yelling at kids or razor scooters. After some basic carving around for warm up I actually started skating ok. I got a little line of f/s ollie over a nipple bump, manualled the long section and then back 50 on the qp. I also got a line of switch boardslide to regs on a parking block, noseslide down the hubba (came out early though) then ride over the pyramid, pump to fakie the big qp to setup and get a fakie bigflip over the hip. Ollie cheered for that one so I guess it must have been ok. Ollie was cruising around, mostly just joking, but still skating. He had some little 180s (the hard way) on the hips, early grab cannon ball airs over the nipples including a switch one and the gnarliest trick he did was manual up, over and down a nipple. I seriously have no idea how he did it. He wasn’t even going fast. So I sucked it up on the qp after that. This always happens to me. Anytime I think of something I want to skate I can’t do anything on it. Since I had been thinking about all the tricks I wanted to do on the 6 ft qp I was doomed to not land anything other than the basic back 50. I tried hyping myself up by doing flatground before it and even landed 3 treflips in a row at one point, but no, I could not land a front disaster and eventually had to just leave because Ollie was bored and we were supposed to go tubing down the river. Oh well, I guess the fact that I was able to land several 360 flips outweighs not being able to land a tranny trick.

skate journal: Durango Park sucking (june 17, 2012)

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This years family reunion for Liz’s family is in Durango. We arrived early so naturally I went to the park to try and get in some skating before the madness started. I had thought that park was fun years ago when I was there with Jeff and the Fremont dudes. But no, it’s not. Especially when the flow section is inhabited by by moms yelling at their kids on longboards. It was some of the worst skate coach parenting I’ve ever witnessed. The mid sized bowl is a joke of transitions. My arthritis was hurting and took away any sense of confidence I had so the big bowl was too intimidating. So I just fully dorked out on the mellow hip, went slow and hucked some tricks. To my surprise I got a fakie big flip within a couple tries. Also managed a bad b/s flip and an awkward f/s halfcab flip that took a lot of tries. There is a really good 6 foot quarterpipe lining the back wall of the park. Normally six feet is about 3 feet past my tranny trick limit, but after getting axle stall first try I wanted more. I threw a few front disasters and really wanted it, but we ended up having to go. I might skate that park again, but I’ll probably just end up skating flat somewhere instead because that park is about as motivating as the Boulder park.

skate journal: wilville filmer glen and a long line (June 15, 2012)

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Had a productive day calling mega skate companies looking for advertisements for Four (I talked to Colt Cannon and James Craig among others!) and selling some Null boards at Meta. All day I wanted to skate hard, but I could tell my knees were still stiff. Derek and Chad showed up and we met up with Carleigh and eventually Dean at Wilville. I dorked around as Derek was going for revenge on a drop down b/s flip. Unfortunately he never got his revenge. Chadman ripped it too and almost got some goods. I started trying this line and it seemed like my legs were gonna work. Front 50 the ledge up top, kickflip a crack, ollie onto the ledge, ride into the bank, ollie off the curb, manual the sidewalk (at this point it’s downhill and kinda fast (for me .. derek would push downhill at it)). I didn’t quite get the manny, saw a cop and hid our boards. Carleigh wanted to ollie a rail and after it appeared the cop didn’t care I filmed her and Dean shot photos. Sickness Carreigh! After that I tried my line again and got really pissed at how much my legs had shut down in such a short period. Ugh. I would eventually get it though with a couple small *tilts* on the manual. Oh well, in a few months that shit will count (being 40 is gonna rule for excuses. Oh what’s that my tail scraped on a manual? Screw you I’m 40 ha ha). Next up a week in Durango with Liz’s family reunion. At least the park is decent there.