Ron Allen still kills it!

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So awesome.

skate journal: freezing thornton park session (dec 30, 2012)

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derek, connor, bernie, trent

Planned a Null day and it came to fruition. It was almost warm in Boulder, but Bernie was meeting Trent in Thornton so I went that way too. I picked up Derek and we met Connor there. It was cold as shit. There was a really cold breeze. Trent was ripping it. Crooks, feeble, back tail the step up to flat bar. Bernie was almost doing this crazy spin around manual. Derek skates parks so good and even just cruising around he kills it. Connor is so casual, but the first try front 50 up the hubba really surprised me. Everyone tried manuals for awhile. Manual the little manny pad and go all the way to the little quarterpipe. Derek did some where he manualled, dropped to manual, went to front 5-0, back to manual then to another front 5-0. So ridiculous. My head started getting too cold at this point so I made a push for us to leave. We went back to Boulder where it was indeed warmer. I just filmed at that point though. Derek got a good trick. Go Null!

skate journal: short/cold red curbs (dec 30, 2012)

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It was supposed to get into the upper 30s, but it didn’t. Instead I went to red curbs in 25 degree weather wearing a winter jacket and gloves. It was pretty fun for awhile. I didn’t have much motivation though and didn’t want to make my sinus infection worse so only skated for about 30 minutes. I just did a few front/back 50s and front tails, kickflips, manuals.

skate journal: 17 kickflips (Dec 28, 2012)

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Was finally starting to feel a little better after fighting a gnarly cold/sinus infection for a few days. Liz and the kids were gone so I put Pretty Sweet on and stood on my skateboard in the living room for awhile. Then I did some kickflips. I told myself I had to do 10 in a row. After two misses I ended up doing 17 then sat back down. This winter weather is getting pretty old. It’s even cold out on Rampy.

skate journal: snowy commerce city session with chadman (Dec 21, 2012)

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chadmang 5-0

Hit 303 around 11, then met Chad at the snowy Commerce City park. I was able to skate for about an hour before needing to be home and head to my mom’s. The little ledges on the far side were dry. We skated those for awhile. Chad flipped in to frontside and backside 50s, back tail. I got way techer with front 5-0s being my techest trick. Almost got fakie nosegrind. We played on some other stuff for awhile. Chad had a super sick line with an ollie to fakie, halfcab tailslide (while nose grabbing) over the boob (seriously don’t know how to describe it, but it’s super scary looking) and probably some other trick that was super gnarly. I got a tiny back 50 on the qp and an even tinier f/s ollie. One of the flat banks was open. Chad did the MJ casper trick on it. I did a b/s flip and then ollied off of the thing Chad 5-0’d above which seemed tall to me. We did some gaps on the top benches, but there was snow all over so we were pretty limited. Chad did manual kickflip out easy. I did a front shove off the bench and a kickflip. Chad did nollie nose manny (maybe nollie flip out?? I forget). Chad rules. Fun session considering how snowy it was and stuff. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I tried about a hundred 3 flips. Landed on most, but only rode away from a couple.

skate journal: Rampy dust fest with friends (Dec 20, 2012)

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This is some of the longest I’ve gone before updating my journal so this entry will be blunt. Which doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any blunts, because there was. And although the dust kicked in and you would think we were smoking blunts, that was not the case.

Connor front 5-0 to fakie

Connor came with Fuzz and held it down pretty hard. Fuzz and I don’t understand how he can have so many tricks. This was a front 5-0 to fakie. He did miss a first try boneless though like he said he would do.

feebs fake

In between pouting over a bad joke Carleigh did some tricks like feeble fakie and front d.

jake piv fake

Jake didn’t have his best performance, but it was still a double double. Pivot fakie and gave the pool coping it’s first nose pick.

tail stall nose grab tail stall

Fuzz was in good spirits. Fakie tail stall nose yank back to tail stall. Ha. He did it to fakie pivot too. Lots of other tricks.

Brian left before the phone photos started, but he would somehow grind the coping a little and do blunts to fakie that were as close to hanging up as possible.

I had a very uninspired session. The crappy pool coping is taking it’s toll on my motivation to skate Rampy. I had a couple ok runs for me. Got a front d revert. Came close to a lien boneless to tail thing.

skate journal: “working from home” solo rampy session (Dec 19, 2012)

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Was told to work from home in the “blizzard”. It only snowed a couple inches, but I still bailed on driving to work. Around 4 I skated for about an hour on Rampy. I went out with the intention of learning some old man tricks, but I didn’t end up even really trying any. Instead, after doing some basics I resorted to trying kickflip axle stalls or 360 flips on flat. Maybe my first viewing of the DGK video is too blame. That video has lots of flippers in it. Basically every time I bailed on the kick 50 I would try a 3 flip. As you know there isn’t much flat on Rampy, so I was pretty excited to land any at all. I got 4 of them, but landed on about 20. As far as the kick fitty I came surprisingly close to getting into one. That’s why I kept trying it. I’ve never done that trick on any halfpipe before. It’d be way easier on a mellower/less tight ramp.

stoner owned and operated.  oops, i mean skater owned and operated

Almost forgot to mention I had new shoes! Huf Southerns. These shoes are crazy weird. They come with an insole that is super thick in the sole and really stiff. So I took it out and put two flimsy insoles in it. Seems to work so I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Awesome older dude NYC video

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Rob’s friend Marco made this. It’s some older dudes (not old, just older) skating for fun in NYC. Lots of fun spots, more fun and even some Null boards. This rules.

skate journal: super fun broomfield session with fullerton (Dec 17, 2012)

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Had the late shift at work so didn’t get home until about 6:30. It was windy and snowing slightly in Boulder, but Dave still wanted to skate. So after eating I met him at Broomfield park where it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would feel. We basically had the whole park to ourselves all night. A few other people were there at various times, but they were never skating/biking the same thing so it was like we had it to ourselves. It’s been a bit since I’ve skated there and man, there are so many fun things at the park. Warming up didn’t take long at all either so that was a plus. When I got there Dave was trying fakie 540 kick turns on the mellow bank so I tried too. Almost got it first try, then kept getting it further away. Fun. We had lines going to get there. Dave had pole jam (off the side which seems even harder to me), bluntslide, rock fakie on the brick qp. I had f/s flip on the bank above the bowl, axle stall, noseslide to fakie on the black ledge. We mixed it up though. I was hyped on doing halfcab flip, then kickflip into the bank, manual the black box, rock fakie on the brick qp. Dave got a bluntslide 270 out then moved on to the bump to flat bar where he did boardslide, boardslide fakie and boardslide shove. I played on the black ledge a little. I got front 50 back 180 out and I think backed it up with the first and only fakie 540 kickturn I landed. It’s harder then I thought it would be, but super fun. We both had a couple falls trying it. Then we kinda moved down to the blue ledge where we both struggled with nose mannies. I never did land one, but Dave got a couple. I managed a few slow front tailslides (yes “slides” as in they actually slid), front 5-0s, fakie nosegrind, kind of a fakie nosegrind 180 out to stop, back 50 while doing tricks on the quartapotty like front feeb, front d and front t. I also got kickflip back 50 and then a kickflip back 5-0 which I haven’t done intentionally in a long long time. Hyped! Dave was doing crazy lines with fakie ollies on the steep bank, ollie out from the quarter potty to b/s pivot on the wallie hubba thing, back 50s on the ledge and almost back nosegrinds. He also did a front 50 back 180 out. We were having a blast. The park was just ours. The main lights shut off. Doh. Dave spent that time doing tricks on the brick qp. I skated slow and did flatground. Got 3 flip and nollie 3 flip as an icing on the cake for a super fun night. Stay away winter.

skate journal: super tired southern hills session with john (Dec 15, 2012)

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Played basketball with Ollie for a couple hours which ended up wearing me out way more then it should have. Ollie and I went to Southern Hills where we met John. Ollie didn’t really skate except for a few high speed coffins and cannonball grabs. John and I did our warming up. I felt ok for awhile, but the fatigue kicked in quick. John and I settled on trying some lines. His was 360 flip on flat, ollie up the 2, back 180 off the 2, switch front noseslide, halfcab flip, nollie back tail. Yeah, crazy huh?!?! He never quite got the halfcab flip and only got the back 180 twice. I tried varial flip on flat, ollie up the 2, front shove off the 2, crooks. Got to the crooks once but did a noseslide instead. Doh. We skated the ledges a bit too until John tried to knock himself unconscious on a front 50 slip out. Such a bad slam. That pretty much ended the session and all I skated all weekend. Doh.