skate journal: all day broomfield park awesomeness (april 28, 2013)

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40 dinner

Today was a big day. Went to Broomfield park a little after 10 am on a super nice day. The goal was to film 40 tricks in a fun way that makes fun of me and highlights how lucky I am to know so many amazing people and skaters. It went better then expected and was a total blast to do. There is gonna be a video of it so I don’t need to list the tricks I did and ruin the surprise. I’ll just say I did 40 tricks and it took me almost 8 hours to do them. I obviously got really tired and could not be picky with how I landed tricks. There were a few where I was so tired and could hardly do them, but whatevs, it was a blast. Big thanks to Chad and Jack for not giving up on a few of the harder ones. And of course, thanks to everyone that came and showed me up! Dinner and videos at Crisis after was a blast too. What a good day. So many awesome people.

skate journal: some pj / moose inspired flat ground in front of the house (April 27, 2013)

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Ollie turned 11 years old on this day! So the day was full with different activities for his birthday. I watched the PJ vs Moose game of SKATE and got super hyped to skate some flatground. PJ is my favorite and seeing him land tricks that I’ve never seen him do in all my nerdness was inspiring. It’s not just the tricks though, it’s how he does them. The Rick flip and nollie cab flip were amazing. It was super nice outside, actually so warm that the street had softened up in places making it slow. I didn’t really have the option of going anywhere so I just dealt with it. I did some of the basics, tried a line of fakie bigfliip, halfcab flip, treflip, but couldn’t get the treflip with that. Had some good fakie bigflips though. Tried quite a few rare tricks like nollie big flip (landed on one and almost rode away), fakie bigger flip and some more. I was fading near the end and used my skate dice app to come up with trick ideas. Kinda fun hucking tricks I’ve never landed. Got close to front heel. Then it was time for Ollie’s Bday party to start so I had to go in.

skate journal: Ledges and manny pad fun with Jake (April 24, 2013)

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downhill ledges is scary

kickflip a truck

Finally a kind of warm day in the 50s. After work I went to Target to get Liz an anniversary card (15 years of awesome tomorrow!) and saw a cheap candle begging to be used on ledges instead of burned slowly. And since I was right there I went to this ledge. John was thinking of meeting up and I figured he could grab Jake. So I skated for awhile and it was fun. Waxing it was a good call, wow it was slick. Had some fun front 50s, front 50 shove. Lots of noseslides and a few crooks. Followed them with attempts over the hip (from steep to mellow). Got a couple b/s flips over it and maybe a kickflip over the f/s hip. John bailed so I needed to go get Jake. That fool should get a car. Ha. Before I left though I did a fun run of switch front 180 off the very start of the ledge, ollie a corner of curb along the bike path, b/s flip on the hip then fakie flip on flat. Neat.

Then I drove to Jake’s and we came back. I almost got the crooks then f/s flip line again. Kept stepping off the flipper. Tried noseslide then front bigspin, came close. Jake killed the ledge with back 50s, crooks, crooks fakie, noseslide, front 50, front tailslide. The light wasn’t turning on so it got tough to see the ledge after awhile. I got a couple bad back 50s and one front tail that slid. We did some bonelesses over the hip. I got a no comply bigspin. I tried a few 3 flips over the hip before we left for the next spot.


Jake suggested a manny pad spot so this seemed like the perfect fit. I was on the phone with my mom for awhile while Jake rolled around working on some stuff. He got a line with manual, ollie onto the sidewalk, kickflip off. I couldn’t manual one of the pads initially so instead I just manualled the long one first try. Ha. Tried to nose manny it too to relive my Blame The Filmer part, but couldn’t quite get it. We put a little plastic bucket out to do tricks over. Jake worked on a line of front 180 over it then halfcab manual. He had never done hc manual before, but he got a couple. Sick! I tried a few things then settled into a line attempt of kickflip manual, ollie onto the sidewalk and then 360 flip off. Never quite got the manual part or the 3 flips. Switched it up to nose manny instead and got closer, but still never rode away from the tre. Doh. At one point the funniest thing happened. Jake nollie front 180’d the little bucket and I tried to get his back with a kickflip and I landed right on it and it shattered. Disgusting wet cigarette butts and old banana peels went flying. Ha. We laughed for awhile. Even though I didn’t land much it was a really fun session.

skate journal: Rampy fun with Jake (April 22, 2013)

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Another snowy and cold night in late April. Will it ever end? Seriously though I have seen plenty of snow in April before, but it’s not normally accompanied with temperatures in the low 20s. Ridiculous. Luckily though I have a ramp in my garage. Jake hit me up and we made it happen. I skated a few runs before he showed. I have a couple gnarly blisters from my new basketball shoes and new skate shoes I was trying to break in. Ouch. I didn’t do anything special before Jake got there and ended up tossing some darts around for awhile. When Jake showed it was on though. We both skated hard knowing we didn’t have a lot of time and pounded out tricks quick. Jake has pivot fakie every try now. Didn’t have backside blunt this time though. I didn’t have any new tricks, but stacked up most of the ones I have. I guess I got a fakie front smith which is very rare for me. Such an awkward trick. And a few front tails. Fun night.

skate journal: old man fun around boulder (April 21, 2013)

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neil was over this spot in 1 minute

Jack had shown me a photo on his phone of this spot and when us older dudes were thinking of spots to meet at I remembered it. Dave had gotten to the school before us and said there was nothing at the school. Ha. But this spot was there and I thought it looked pretty awesome. Luckily we had to wait for Neil to show so Rob (yes, Rob is back!!!), Dave, Ollie and I were forced to wait there and skate. Unfortunately we didn’t have any wax, but I thought it was still fun without it. Ollie found a basketball so he just hung out and shot hoops so he was hyped. Rob was reaquainting himself with skateboarding. I saw a first try kickflip. Dave was doing lots of 180s and nollie/fakie shoves. I was hyped on how my legs felt. This might partially be because I got some basketball shoes for when I play with Ollie. We played for awhile on Saturday and it felt like leg rehab. I guess playing basketball in tiny vulcanized shoes is not a good idea. For that matter maybe tiny vulc shoes hurt even when skateboarding. Or at least when they are worn down to just the insole. With all of that said, I had some new shoes.


After my previous pair of these I had said I’d never skate them again, but Meta Sam said that Lakai has a new manufacturer and he hasn’t seen any problems with them. This is great news because the Carlo is one of my favorite shoes ever. Considering the previous pair wore flat in one session and this pair showed almost no signs of wear in one day I’m guessing Sam was right. Anyways, enough about shoes. I skated pretty hard out of the gates. I love random spots that aren’t perfect. I got ollie up the curb, front board transfer up. Ollie down the “bigger” drop, front 180 off. Front 180 down then switch back 180 off (so stoked! although there was no pop involved). Eventually kickflip up the curb then front board fakie transfer up. Hyped on that one too. The smaller setup was ruling it and solidified in my head why I like low trucks. They are so much better for street skating and trying to have somewhat quick feet. Even without wax Dave and I tried to cali grind off the two stair. He managed to get one and then did a drop down boardslide off it too. Neil looked at it and was over it immediately. He skated a bit, but mostly just played basketball with Ollie. Jack, lets skate there again! These dudes suck! Ha. With wax the spot would be amazing. You can even wax up a long ledge for boardslides.

Next we went to a long, red metal flatbar/curb that we later coined as Retal Curb. Ollie continued his non skating ways and just hung out. The rest of us had some fun boardslides to get started. Neil and I added crooks and halfcab boardslides. Rob did a lot. lap over lipslide, smith. boardslide pop out. Dave straight slayed this thing. Boardslide, boardslide fakie, long front 50s, almost front 50 back 180 out, feeble grind transfers. So good. Lazer showed and did a couple tricks before sitting down. I got a couple tiny front 50s on it and tried a bunch of kickflip back boardslides, but my board was too new to commit to it.

We got some burritos, picked up Jason and headed to Southern Hills for a mostly mellow session. Ollie skated a little finally. Did some pop shoves and a coffin down the handicap ramp before finding a tennis ball to shoot hoops with. What a jock. Ha. Rob, Neil and I played a game of SKATE to get started. I was the first out. I wasn’t too into the game. I started skating the ledges though and had fun. Boardslides, noseslides, crooks, a couple slow front 50s. Rob ruined his board on a wallride nollie out attempt on the brick wall and tried some 3 flips (both tricks on his ‘by 40’ list). I skated kind of hard for awhile. I have been so bad at ollieing onto stuff lately that I forced myself to ollie onto a bench for awhile. I couldn’t do it with any speed, but I did manage to get one with a kickflip off at the very end of the session. I had also landed a 3 flip with one hand down and man it rules being 40 and not even thinking I need to clean that up. Fun times. Great having Rob around again. Great to see Jason.

DC Wes Kremer Anvil Shoe Review

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skate mafia for life!

good board feel eh

These shoes lasted 15 skate days

Rating: ★★★☆☆ STYLE
Rating: ★★★★☆ COMFORT
Rating: ★★★★½ BOARD FEEL
Rating: ★★★★½ BREAK IN PERIOD (Good rating means quick break in period)
Rating: ★★★★½ OVERALL

DC is as corporate as I will go with a shoe company. Wes Kremer rules though and it was about time I support my fine friends at Motive and get some shoes from them. I wish I could have tried them on as it seems DCs run smaller then other skate shoe brands and I would have liked a bigger size. Oh well, they are vulc so they stretched out and ended up fitting great. Other then the ugly brown/black colorway this is one of the best shoes I’ve had in awhile. The board feel was great, they were ready to skate pretty much right out of the box and they held up well. They should give up on the “Super Suede” saying though, I had to shoe goo the toe just as quickly as any other shoe brand with normal suede. All in all though a great shoe that I was really impressed with.

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skate journal: longmont park flat bank session with fulltertron (april 19, 2013)

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longmont park crowd rules

I met up with Dave after work on a nice friday afternoon. My legs didn’t feel as bad as normal. I rolled around a little before Dave got there. Once he did we started skating the mellow flat bank and mostly just stayed there the whole time. We rattled off quite a few tricks. Dave got fakie flip and a first try kickflip to fakie. Dude! He also came remotely close to a switch flip. I was getting used to a new board (8″ this time since I’m out of 8.1s) and my low Venture trucks again. I really like how quickly that setup kickflips. I got a sloppy b/s flip, a fun feeling f/s flip followed by a b/s flip flyout. b/s halfcab flip. Then started going for 360 flip to fakie which I’ve only landed a couple times in my life. I got one. It was an over 40 make with a hand down, but you know what, I’m 40. It counted! Ha ha. Dave did some more cool tricks like nollie bigspin, switch front shove. There was this little kid from Isreal riding around on a plastic board having the time of his life doing early grabs and stuff. It hyped us up. He had no concerns about doing cool tricks, he was having a blast and it ruled to see. I added fakie flip to my collection, couldn’t get fakie 3 flip and landed a few f/s halfcab flips at 90 degrees and stopped. Doh. We finally moved on to the other corner of the park where Dave crushed the little bank that’s the top of the oververt corner. Back tailslide to fakie. He also got nose manual the long ledge. I lined out halfcab flip then crooks, but struggled with front 50 so bad. Finally got a couple at the end, but I slammed pretty hard as Dave was leaving and decided I’d leave too. I was glad that my legs were feeling a little bit better. I give credit to the low trucks. Ha ha.

skate journal: this 40 year old thing is really starting to suck (April 18, 2013)

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My legs have felt horrible for a week now. I have no jump at all. And my stubberness insists I still go skating. It was around freezing after an early dinner and I wanted to go somewhere I’ve never skated before. I drove around for about 25 minutes to find something dry enough to potentially have fun. I found a Chase bank that had some little snow piles and a few options. I set my board down and immediately felt weirder then I ever should on my board. I tried to do some warm up tricks and this is how it went.

not so bad

again, not so bad


I was getting really angry. Not so much at my board going in the snow a bunch, but how horrible I felt on it. I tried a couple lines.

20 stair

mega ramp

First run was to ollie the little table top kicker (which I was kind of surprised I was doing) then a 3 flip on flat and then manual a median. Never got the 3 flip. Ugh. Second run was a f/s halfcab flip, then a heelflip, then ride through a bunch of crappy salt and ollie up the curb and front 180 the snow pile. Only once did I get to the snow pile. Actually I got there a second time, but a car had pulled in to use the ATM or something. Jerk. The f/s halfcab flip was not working at all so I gave up on it and went to b/s halfcab flips which pissed me off even more because I would land on them, but they were horrid. So I gave up on that and went for fakie bigflip which I got first try then slammed hard on a stupid ass pop shove. Seriousy? I’m amazed my soaked, cracked, chipped deck survived that one. Then I could not land another fakie bigflip to save my life. I couldn’t even get close. I lost my shit and got all Jack / Rick Howard on that thing. I’m out of 8.1s so I guess it’s back to 8″ and I think I’ll put my Ventures on again. But wow, what a depression session. Hopefully my legs get better again with warmer weather that should eventually enter CO by July.

skate journal: short solo pissed jeans inspired rampy session (April 17, 2013)

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Went out to Rampy for a bit after a snowball fight with Ollie outside. Yes, there is two feet of snow outside. Ugh! I hooked up my phone to the speakers and put Pissed Jeans on shuffle. Sometimes it inspired me a ton and sometimes I just stopped because I wanted to listen to the awesomeness. My legs have felt like dog piss since turning 40. This was no exception. I blame the cold weather for this one. I landed quite a few of my small bag of Rampy tricks along with a few flatground kickflips, heelflips and was 3 for 3 on 3 flips. The only thing out of the norm was some attempts at frontside melons. Ha, I have never done that trick and was thinking how I’ve wanted to do it forever. I had a couple where I got some decent air, but missed the grab. I have no idea what would have happened if I would have actually gotten the grab. Such a cool trick though. I should keep trying it.

skate journal: skating like a hung over 40 year old in Crystal City near DC (April 14, 2013)

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Went to a hockey party the night before that a friend of Josh’s was having. He’s a bartender. He likes to make people merry. He succeeded. After another kind of mediocre breakfast (is DC known for having mediocre restaurants?) Bernie and I went to the last crime scene. The brick bank area we found by the metro the day before. It wasn’t as fun this time. We skated it a bit, then crossed the street to a rough brick area that had some marble curbs and wallrides. Bernie was on point with some good wallrides and manuals. I sucked as bad as I could. Below that building we found this weird brick 3 stair with a ledge going off it that Bernie front boarded first try and then ollied onto it and off. Then he sat in good spirits while I pansied out of a boardslide for a long time. Ugh. Across the street into a parking garage for a weird yellow/black painted ledge that was creepy and not so great. I fell off some front noses. Some walking, skating later we came upon this:

bernie butter bail.  say it 5 times real fast.

Looks amazing right? Unfortunately the bricks are the rounded edge type making for some hefty cracks that even filmer wheels would have trouble with. We skated it though. There were 4 of these. Bernie did some long front 50s, front 5-0, probably some more. I got some back boardlides, back noseslides and a few back crooks that felt decent. Yeh I finally landed something. Couldn’t get front 50 though, mainly because I can’t seem to ollie anymore and also the cracks were messing with me bad. This was the end of the skating. We found a couple more ledge spots that looked good and had good ground, but we were beat and needed to eat before heading to the airport.