skate journal: Research Center / FFFFF with TF (Nov 27, 2013)

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After a hectic short day at work I met up with Neil, Brett, Rob and Carleigh at the Research Center. We started at the manny pad. Neil had manny and nose manny quick. Rob too, and he added a manny drop to manny. I never got a manny. Brett had a bunch of no complies up, 180s, and all too naturally acted like he had tourettes. Then I started skating down the hill again trying tricks. My flatground game was not on though. I landed quite a few of my tricks, but they didn’t come easy. I cracked my tail pretty bad on a 3 flip, but luckily the board was still skateable. I managed one line with fakie bigflip, front shove, heelflip. Geez, that’s it. Carleigh was doing front shove, kickflips and nollie 180s. Brett was on the 180 and no comply program. Rob manualled for a quarter of a mile and almost nose manualed that long too. Neil was ripping, I just didn’t seem to notice him and then I’d realize he made it all the way down the hill and would crooks the ledge. We ended on the ledge. I tried kick back 50s and failed. Carleigh had a good noseslide or too. Rob had some front noses. Then a CU cop game and told us not to skate there. Doh.

skate journal: arvada park with ollie (Nov 26, 2013)

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The kids have the week off of school and I randomly asked Ollie if he wanted to skate and he said yes. Cool! So we went to Arvada around 7pm and a pretty chilly night. We warmed up in the typical area in the corner on the bank to curb stuff. Ollie beat me to front rock. He also seemed to have lost nothing by not skating for a couple months and did his little front slash grinds on the noping, front 180s off the kicker, rocks both ways on the bank to curb, etc. I struggled for a bit, but ended up getting some decent lines for me. Hurricane the noping, front rock the elevated qp, front lip the noping, kickflip to fakie on the bank. Front 180 fakie 50-50 to forward, front d the elevated qp, front tail the noping, kickflip fakie the pyramid bank, then tried to noseslide the 3 stair hubba, but over shot it.

Then we played on the blue bank area for awhile. My favorite thing there. Unfortunately people kept standing on it, so I just skated it anyway and bummed them out by almost hitting them over and over. I started with a series of tricks all first try that surprised me. B/s flip, kickflip fakie, fakie shove, bigflip. Ollie did a lot of his front 180 off the bank to the manny pad with halfcabs off. Or ride up the bank to manny the manny pad. I ended up getting a lot of flip tricks on that bank. I started hucking cab flips and got one! It was sloppy, but I was still hyped. I tried to get a better one and may have gotten another one, but I think I slid it around too much. I also got halfcab flips both ways, f/s flip, better bigflip. So fun.

We skated the Pier 7 area for a bit. Nothing notable went down there. We left after I ollied the marble flat bar thing as my ‘ollie something everytime you skate” regimen Neil has me on. Fun night. Hyped to skate with Ollie again.

Flatground insanity

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This is incredible.

skate journal: more geezer action. longmont this time (Nov 24, 2013)

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After doing an early morning run to Crisis I picked up Neil then Jake and we headed to Longmont as Fuller had said it was drier then Boulder. We started at Rocky Mountain High. There was a lady standing in front of the school so we started below at the weird block thing. I should have taken a photo because it’s a really hard place to describe. Basically a block of concrete with some wide stairs on one side, a slight bank above it. Neil and Jake were on the ollie game way before me, I was so sore/tired. Neil had all kinds of moves and would go around in a circle doing them all. Manny, nose manny, one foot, kickflip, back 180 one foot, front shoves, no complys. Jake had mannies easy, kickflips. I couldn’t manual forever and Jake and Neil had moved on before I finally got my two trick combo. Manual then b/s flip off the bump. But it was a rare b/s flip where I landed and kept my speed, so I went down the hill and did a good feeling fakie flip and ended with halfcab flip into the downhill. Hyped! I joined Neil and Jake ollie’ing out of the rollerblade rink which was too high for me. I think I’ve done it once before. But not today. Jake and Neil both did it then kickflipped into the downhill. Bernie and Garret joined us and we went up top to the ledge/bank area. Bernie is just starting to skate again after a bad foot injury so was taking it easy, but still managed to rip. Front tail to switch manny, halfcab heel, kickflips, front tail shove out. Garret is super young and popped some nice kickflips and treflips. Proper front tails, front tail shove. Jake makes front tails look easy and stands way up on crooks. Neil was lining out everything as he usually does. Pop shove up a curb, manual around the flag pole, front tail or front tail to fakie. This one is crazy. Ollie up no comply to tail on the windowsill of the bank, ollie up the curb, crooks shove. Not sure if he got the crooks shove. I tried to copy Neil going the frontside way, but I can’t front tail so it’s kinda silly. After a hundred tries I managed to get a front tail onto the ledge and fell off right away. Eh it’s a start. I struggled with back 50s, gave up and just kickflipped in. That’s really weird how much easier that is getting then regular back 50s. Front shoves up the curb were fun too. Neil and Jake were sitting in the car so we moved to a new spot.

We went to Skyline High. They redid the back area. No ledges anymore. But a weird curb to ollie which I did a couple times after nosesliding a bench. There are some rails to ollie over there now. Upon leaving I ollied onto the narrow ledge and rode down. Pretty fun.

yeap, skated a 9 stair

i suck

Then Bernie, Garret and I went to look at a new spot behind an old school while Jake and Neil sat in my car. It ended up being pretty cool. I tried a line of ride down the 9 stair hubba thing to cali grind off the end of it and then ollie the 5 stair. The ollie took me a really long time. Mainly because it was so narrow. After getting some snowballs thrown at me for bailing yet again, and some swearing I finally got both. Ollieng a 5 is nothing to brag about, but for me it felt rad so somehow skate two sets of stairs in a row. Pretty rare for me.

Skate journal: cold red curbs geezer session (nov 23, 2013)

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neilsoffire’s video on Instagram

Red curbs on a cold and snowy Saturday afternoon. It was barely 30. Neil and Blake picked me up. Neil put in about 20 minutes before getting on a marathon call with his lady. Blake did a sick quick Ollie on this weird loading dock that somehow didn’t have snow on it. He also put a sign in front of the rock to wallie it and got a cool line to it. I didn’t skate great. I had new shoes and a new board. Went 8.1 this time for whatever reason. I got a smith grind at one point on the taller curb that hyped me up. I’ve done what I thought were smiths before, but this one felt legit. Other then that I had a couple front lips, struggled with kickflips, had a bunch of ride on grinds like above then started bucking some new ones. Did ride on front 50 no comply shove out. Stoked! New one. Then started hucking no comply finger flip out. Got really close, but didn’t get it. Gonna put that one on my list. Dave ripped it. Boardslide 270 out, front 180 nose manual, almost front 5-0 to nose manual, wallie the rock with help from the sign, a lot more. Decent session even though it was so cold.

Come to the Null premiere!

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It’s looking pretty good!

skate journal: brief cold weather flatground after work(Nov 22, 2013)

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Had the early shift this week. Didn’t sleep much all week due to stress/anxiety about the null video. But started getting the itch to skate and hit a parking lot after work that I had eyed up last winter. It’s nothing special, but I had noticed a building for lease that faces the south and has a wide sidewalk. I figured it would dry up faster then most spots and I was right. The warm up was pretty bad. It was about 25 degrees so warming up was even tougher then normal. Since my board had been in my car all day the bushings had frozen a little too. Ugh. That made for some awkward pushes and bails. I got a line of fakie flip, fakie ollie up the curb, sw front 180 off. Manual, nollie up the curb, kickflip off. Ollied a little ashtray on it’s side. Struggled at halfcab flips (WTF!). Then had a dream of doing a 3 filp followed by ollie’ing over the ash tray upright off the curb. Unfortunately I couldn’t land a treflip and eventually snapped the board in half. I blame my shoes being out of tread. I can’t do treflips without tread on the front shoe. Not sure what it is. But it was kind of dangerous. I landed a few and slid right off. Also almost rolled my ankle once. That will be the last day on those shoes. As much as I sucked and broke a board it was still nice to get out and find something to skate.

skate journal: brief safeway ledge session (Nov 19, 2013)

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Met Rob at Crisis. The goal was to do a bit of filming so Rob would have a trick or two in the video, then go to Chad’s to edit. As we were warming up you could see the stress in Rob and he slammed so hard on a front tail. Geez. He brushed it off though and got a few of his patented moves. I’ll save the surprise for the Null vid. After filming I skated for about 20 minutes. I felt pretty good. Did quite a few front 50s that felt fun. Also even a rare back 50 before starting to kickflip in which is slowly becoming easy then ollie’ing in. Got kick back 50 and started hucking kick back smiths. They felt possible. Then it was off to Chads.

skate journal: denver park laziness then some warming up for filmer glen (Nov 17, 2013)

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Slept in kinda late and headed to Chad’s around noon with the goal of him getting his ender. We went to Denver park to warm up. One of my least favorite parks ever for lots of reasons. Mainly, because I don’t really like any of the stuff there to skate. It’s slippery as hell. And there was about a million little kids there trying to film and parents encouraging this crap while standing there with their bike helmets on. I had no motivation at all. I will blame Liz for this (in a good way). We were there for about an hour and I really didn’t do anything. Seeing Malto, Atiba and Mike Mo in their football jerseys was pretty funny though.

We went to Chad’s spot. The gnarly bank to wall in DTC. Before he started trying I messed around on the bank to curb a bit. Totally not doing anything worthy of mentioning. Chad kept getting close to his trick and everytime he would get really close his board would go in the water. Doh. Tough day. It got cold once the sun went under.

skate journal: Filmer Fun, Wind, Jack Ruling It (Nov 16, 2013)

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We are approaching the end of filming for the Null video and Jack had the day off work. The day was geared toward him, meaning spots of his choosing and whatnot. We stuck around in Boulder. It was really nice out for the most part early on, with crazy wind gusts every once in awhile. We all met at Wilville. The crew was Blaine, Jack, Carleigh, Rob, Neil, Blake. This session was really fun. I was feeling energetic and my skateboard was behaving alright. We skated the area connecting the cafeteria to the main dorms. Blaine was blasting ollies over a long metal grate, back 180s, soft rocks on the bank by the stairs, and riding down the hubba thing. I tried to line out things, soft rock on the bank, kickflip on flat, nose man into the hubba. Might have gotten that. Rob was trying to comply shove manuals. Jack was setting up a board then manualling the whole thing first try. Carleigh said she was scared to roll into which Jack and I could not believe. Ha, her first roll in attempt was sketchy, but after that no problem. Neil was one footing into the bank no problem. A bank carve session ensued with everyone (I think) getting long carves over three benches. Not all that hard, but kind of scary and incredibly fun.

Then we went to the parking lot for a Jack trick which he did relatively quick.

Then we went to the Table Mesa Park ‘N Ride for some more Jack fun which he handled as well. Some really hard slams this time though. After he landed his trick the rest of us joined in and skated. It was fun. Dave had joined us too. I did a line of ollie up the curb, worst front board ever (the last part of the rail that is just downhill) and a kickflip off the curb. Dave killed boardslides and boardslides to fakie. Neil had some proper front boards. Carleigh noselides. Rob with fast and steezy back 180’s up the curb with halfcab noseslid on the rail. Jack did a bunch of tricks like front smith, front lip, etc. Blake was doing some messed up Chinese Nollie tricks.

Lastly was the above spot. Jack threw down here. Like whoa. About the minute he landed his trick the wind kicked in something fierce. But that didn’t stop people from skating in it. Carleigh learned early grabs. Lots of them were complete cartwheels down the hill with lots of laughter. Dave did his 360 eggplant to grass ride. Blake did a bunch of different early grabs to grass ride. Rob tried to ollie to grass ride and back 180’d the little gap easy. Blaine had some nice bean plants over the gap and grass rides. I had the funny looking kickflip above and ollied up that gap to to early grab grass ride. At the very end Dave and I ollie rock’d up onto the kinked ledge and rode down it. We contemplated ollie’ing onto it, but the wind was too much. Epic day. Good work Jack!