Off The Couch 2 Teaser!!!

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Fullertron with a killer edit! I doubt we will actually follow through with it, but why not try!

skate journal: Red Curbs cold (Dec 29, 2013)

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I was really sore after the epic day before. It had snowed, but was sunny. Still, there was enough snow that spots were still wet so Red Curbs was called. Ollie and I went ahead of the meeting time. I had landed a few things, he had landed a few things. We both seemed tired. Although we both did lines we were hyped on. I did switch front 180 into the far cheesewedge thing, ollie onto a curb and back 180’d off, halfcab flip on flat, nose manual the main manny pad, slappy crooks the red curb, varial flip on flat. That probably wore me out right there. Ollie’s line was front 180 out of the curb cut, halfcab on flat, manual ollie out on the middle area, manual the little cheesewedge, turn around, another manual then front board the end of the taller red curb. I settled into a line attempt for a long time of cali grind the red curb then kick back lip the waxed curb. I came close to the kick back lip, but not too close. Dave showed up and cali grinded the whole curb. So rad. We had some slappy crooks. Then the Crisis dudes showed up which meant shy boy Ollie was done. I skated for awhile longer, but I was beat. The only thing left I was hyped on was a first try no comply shove out of a front 50. I felt like crap after as the cold and wind had gotten to me.

skate journal: boulder spots with Neil and Ollie (Dec 28, 2013)

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Back in Boulder after a fun time in Omaha for Christmas. It was a super nice morning and I wanted to get out skating early. So I did. I started flatground in front of the house. I had new shoes and new wheels. Emerica Provost. Null superthane 52s. Flatground was fun. After doing several basics I started trying two tricks in a row without pushing between. Since I skate slow this was a challenge. Got fakie bigspin then front shove, no comply 180 then fakie flip, pop shove then treflip, almost kickflip then nollie treflip. Settled for my first nollie varial flip in awhile instead.

Neil arrived so we took off to campus. We started at this silly little rock wallie. Neil and I took awhile, but we both got lines we were hyped on. Back 180 up a curb, b/s halfcab flip on flat, rock wallie, ollie a 4 stair. So ridiculously fun. Both of us were set for the day at this point, but it went on. We ollied the round 4 stair then ended up at the art building double set / ledge area. Ollie, Neil and I back 180’d off a ledge. Neil first try. I tried mine in a line with a crooks then a noseslide on the ledge after. Didn’t get it, but was hyped to try. Then we went to the library. My legs were feeling pretty sore, but I tried a silly line of ollie onto the downhill ledge and ride through skate stoppers by doing the little front wheels/back wheels dance. It was fun, minus the one time i hung up and dove over the last part. Ollie did that too. Neil was too scared of hanging up. Ha. I got one with an ollie onto one of the benches after. Then we hit the plastic ledge area for a bit. Neil got front 50. I got noseslide. Ollie randomly did a perfect no comply. Then a few more to show he had it down. Then we went to go pick up my mom at the bus station and ate some food before heading back out to the streets.

crazier then it already looks

Neil and I were super sore and we started off by riding down some long stairs. It was actually pretty fun. Ollie got buck first with this crazy jump over the mini rail to his board then firecracker a 3 stair then ride down a bunch of long stairs going fast. Neil ollied onto a ledge before the stairs. I did a noseslide down this weird metal ledge then front 180’d the 3, turned around and rode down the stairs. Street skating rules. You can’t do stuff like this at a park.

Then we went around the back and ended up at this thing for awhile. Neil could ollie up all 5 so easy. Ollie mostly just goofed around like in the video above or just riding down the stairs.

cute socks

I mostly tried lines starting with noseslides. Got one with a b/s flip off the last stair going so slow I didn’t even roll 2 feet past the last stair before I came to a halt. Ha. I managed to ollie up all 5 stairs, but it wasn’t as pretty as Neil’s at all. Last line was front 180 down the first one, switch roll off one, switch front 180, roll off, kickflip off. So hard.


Those dudes were pretty over skating and it had cooled off quite a bit, but I wanted to try a few things back at the front of the school. First was to kickflip into the downhill sidewalk then ollie the 5 stair. Didn’t get the ollie. Didn’t even commit. It was harder then I thought. First the 5 stair is big. Bigger then a normal 5. And second, the downhill takeoff is just plain weird. Didn’t get it. But I did get something else I was probably even more hyped on. Ollie onto the tall ledge down the stairs in the very front of the school, ride around the pole, drop down a level then ride off the big drop. Hammers! Ha.

Lastly after dropping off Neil, Ollie and I went to the Louisville park for a few carves around the snake run. Kind of a nice ender on one of my favorite street skating days ever. Gotta start off with flatground more often!

skate journal: The Bay with Drew, Dan, Joe, Matt and more (Dec 26, 2013)

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Went to this skatepark on a pretty nice day for the midwest:

Above is the Precision team skating this park as an overview of the park and below are the Motive dudes skating it.

I rode with Drew from Omaha to Lincoln which was rad. That dude rules. So nice. We met up with Joe, Matt, Dan, Cory and Cody from Fremont. Joe, Matt, Dan and I started in the corner on a 3 foot qp that was super fun. The park was really crowded. Quite a few basics were landed. Then we moved on to the long concrete ledge area. I struggled for awhile and didn’t land much other then crooks. Joe, Matt and Dan though landed all kinds of tricks. Dan had manual to front board, front nose grind to front board and so many other cool tricks. Joe was kinda run down, but still killing it with all his front 50 variations. Matt is too good. I think I saw a nollie shove crooks? So good. Cory had kick back tails and more. Drew would fly by in the middle of a 50 trick line. Then we skated the bank to ledge mostly for awhile. I took a long time to get kick back 50. Joe did boardslide 270 in and almost boardslide shove to fakie. Dan had ollie oop fakie front smith. Matt did nollie flip front noseslide fakie. Serious. Cory did bs flip fakie 50 halfcab out. Geez. Drew was busy front blunting the bump to bar in the middle of the park. The park had started thinning out a little so we kinda split up and did whatever for awhile. I bailed no comply pole jams while Dan almost got no comply pole jam late flips. Back in the long concrete ledge area I managed manuals up and down the slanted bank. Kickflip on the bump into the bank. Such a fun park. Matt, Joe, Dan and I skated the angled manny pad from the bottom for awhile. I did a manual up to rock kickflip to fakie. Dan was hyped on it! Matt manualled around it easy. Dan tried manual up to fakie manual down. Then I did a few transfers over the little spine that felt fun. Near the end Matt made me try to carve the weird tight corner. Pretty easy. Matt and Dan were trying to front 60 the lower part of it above the manhole which just isn’t possible. I managed the grind around the corner and then we left. Super fun session. I wish that park were near here, it’s amazing. There was a lot more I would have liked to have done, but that was a pretty good first time at a new park. The Fremont crew rules. Those dudes are the funnest most positive people. And Drew rules too. I could talk for quite awhile about how rad it was meeting Phil from Precision, Mike Smith, seeing the skateshop, etc. One of those epic days for skateboarding.

skate journal: Louisville tech center area with Neil and Fuzz (Dec 22, 2013)

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Picked up Neil on a sunny, but still cool afternoon and went to the Lville tech center to meet up with Fuzz. We started at a long manny pad. Ordinarily I would love it, but I was so beat from the day before that I didn’t feel much like ollies. Neil and Fuzz got the show started with some long manuals though. Then we started getting old man tech. Fuzz had a few lines with lots of 180s and hipster pants. Then a speedy halfcab up the curb, front shove, kickflip off. I was somewhat warmed up after getting a kickflip up, kickflip on flat, kickflip off. Was trying for front 180 up, halfcab flip on falt, b/s flip off. Got closeish. Neil nollied up which was sick. Then was going for back 180 up, halfcab flip on flat but never got it.

Went to the OG curb/ledge spot. I was so beat. Neil however was ollieing everything under the sun. Then we all did kickflips on flat then boardslide transfers up the ledge. So fun. I took the longest. Well, because of the boardslide. Had the kickflip. Ha. Then we all kinda did our own tricks. Heelflips were had. Halfcab flips. Fuzz got stuck on halfcab heel and never quite got it. I Couldn’t get past nollie tre. Argh.

I had to go to Sol so after dropping Neil off I headed into Longmont and decided to skate the little ledge at Rocky Mtn Elem. Probably a dumb idea considering how sore I was, but I did it anyway. Got some slappy noseslides, a crooks or two, and a couple front 50s before calling it a day.

skate journal: Downtown Denver fun with Nate and Chad (Dec 21, 2013)

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Had such a weird morning. Stuff kept coming up. I tried to skate a couple times and just about the time I’d start getting warmed up I would have to stop. It was about 20 degrees, overcast and cold. Finally met up with Nate and we dropped his girlfriend off at the Denver Art Museum and rolled around to this fun spot. Nate did frontside and backside wallrides on it before I got a frontside one. Chadman showed up and did a frontside one pretty quick. I posed some kickflip backside wallrides and got kinda close initially and then Nate started trying it and did one. Pretty sick. We moved on.

They had torn out our favorite mellow brick bank and replaced it with a perfect marble bench. We kind of just walked around it for a minute to see how quick security would come out, but they didn’t. So we skated. Chad and Nate did so many tricks so quick. Chad did front 50 back 180, front smith, front nosegrind, front smith front 180, back 5-0. Nate had front nosegrind, front 50, back 50, almost back nosegrind, probably more. I got front 5-0, front 50 front 180 out, front 50 front shove out and back crooks. The bench was so new/perfect that it didn’t even feel like you were grinding. So amazing. Then we got the boot. Went up to the capital and had some fun there too with some manuals into the little bank. Chad man ollied the sidewalk into the bank hauling ass in the landing down the hill. On our last go I got manual off the 3 stair, manual into the bank and bombed the hill timing it perfect to get through the light. so insanely fun.

Then we skated the Civic fountain area. Chad and Nate spent a lot of time doing 50s on the little metal bars all over the inside of the fountain. I tried to line out flippers with the ledge. The sun had set so it was getting really f’ing cold. Nate kept skating though. I got a couple basic flippers. A couple basic ledge tricks. The switch front nose felt neat. Nate did those proper. Chadman was trying to manual from the 3 stair then ollie into the fountain. He spent so much energy trying. So funny.

Then we went to Launch for the Null premiere. There were quite a few little kids there, but the ramps weren’t crowded. We skated the little one before the showing and it was fun. We all did a couple tricks and had a some funny falls. After the video we skated the big ramp. But it was mostly just cruising and not really doing tricks. Chad did have one run with a kickflip to fakie and a front feeble in it though. Epic day. So fun.

skate journal: solo brief rampy (Dec 20, 2013)

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Went out to Rampy for a brief session before watching A Wonderful Life with the family. I was feeling way more arthritic then I have in awhile and it showed. Rampy felt so much quicker and dangerous then normal. It got my legs moving though and seemed to loosen things up a little. Nothing new on tranny. Flatground went ok with a few of the basics.

skate journal: Denver with Connor/solo (Dec 18, 2013)

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Got home and split for Crisis right away after picking up boards. Hung out for awhile and Fuzz didn’t feel like skating so I left for Denver to do it. I parked near Connor’s house so he could get a dvd/deck. We started at a curb that I could not ollie up and my legs felt horrible. Connor did a cool wallride though.

Then we cruised around a while. Ended up at the two stair spot that I normally love, but my legs were feeling the most arthritic they have in months. Ollie’ing up the two was hard. Connor was just kinda cruising. We ended up back at the car. He got his stuff and split. I skated a little more. Tried to skate flat, but it didn’t go so well. Ended up at one spot I kinda like. Ollie’d onto a bench, rode off, ollied onto another, rode off, then did a b/s flip into a slight downhill. Got one b/s flip that felt super good. Everything else felt pretty weak.

skate journal: solo valmont wearing off the rust (Dec 17, 2013)

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Was on my way to Longmont to meet Dave when he texted saying he couldn’t skate. So just pulled off at Valmont and skated there. I started off so rusty. Ollie’ing up curbs felt hard. I stuck with it though and after a few noseslides and front 50s on the low part I started to feel better. For whatever reason I got it into my head to relearn nollie varial flips. I probably landed on 20 of them. Some of them even faster then lots of my tricks. They felt great, I just didn’t ride away from any. Doh! Made myself ollie off the loading dock which was harder then normal due to their being a puddle after making me go about 1/2 mph faster then normal to clear it. Ledge tricks were whatever. Front 50s on the low part were my fav. Got a couple crooks, one back 50, a switch front nose that I was pretty excited about. Did lots of flatground, defeated on 3 flips though. I started to feel cold at the end so I left. Felt good to burn some of the rust off.

skate journal: solo rampy sketch (Dec 16, 2013)

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Still feeling like crap and after a long day at work I went out to Rampy for a few minutes and was amazed at how horrible I was skating. I had a 4 wall run, followed by a 3, 2, 1, then couldn’t back 50 the first wall for awhile. I was almost mad, but I still felt pretty out of it mentally so just went with it. Didn’t land much at all. Had a couple flat ground kickflips. Tried some more switch heels and wasn’t close.