skate journal: short solo rampy (July 30, 2014)

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Rainy night. Went to Crisis earlier to sell stuff and had a plumber come later. Struggled quite a bit, but also got quite a few tricks. I blame the new wheels for feeling so big, maybe I should just not skate my old wheels for so long and have them wear down so much. Anyways, got most of the basics. No real stand outs other then a back smith that grinded, front tail, a dorky fakie back smith to feeble, a nollie flip to primo on flatground. Rampy ist awesome.

skate journal: new stuff and falling a lot with matt and jake at red curbs (July 29, 2014)

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herman g6 vulc florecent blue

ALL YOU NEED IS NULL (and some coordination which I don't have)

On a rainy night I gave India a ride to ballet with Jake then stopped by Meta, dropped off some goods, picked up Matt and we headed to Red Curbs. Matt had never been there before. I had a lot of new stuff. Those shoes are way brighter then they look too. They are ridiculous. Herman G6 Vulc. Also put some new 52mm Nulls on because my last set had worn down into the mid/upper 40s. They felt and looked huge! Ha. Oh and some old PJ trucks because I had worn my previous set of Ventures to the axle (unheard of for me). Anyways I set the tone for myself on my very first push around the spot by slamming onto my elbow on the edge of the curb on a slappy crooks. Matt quickly front 180’d the median and ollied some tall cones. Had some sick fakie nosegrinds, front 5-0 180, switch back 50, probably much more. Slammed prety hard without his wrist guard a few times. Doh. Jake gets better every time he skates. Front tails, front 180 over two sideways cones piled up, halfcab over that too, almost a kickflip manual, got into fakie back lips, his new trick the fakie bigger flip, fakie front tail, a treflip and more. I slammed and struggled all night. Managed to ollie the sideways cones, a couple 3 flips, slappy crooks, ride on front 50s and a few other basic flippers.

skate journal: downtown denver with matt and dave (July 28, 2014)

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matt got ollies

After running boards to 303 and Emage, Matt, Dave and I hit downtown Denver. We started here. Well, Matt did with an ollie. Dave wanted to hippie jump it, but didn’t want to try it without being warmed up first. Then we went to the granite wedge/ledge spot nearby. Oh actually we hit a bunch of metal 1″ tall manny pads for a bit. Long enough for me to realize I would not be skating well and slam trying to ollie a 2 foot flat gap ugh. At the granite spot Dave did some front 50s on the weird plastic low ledge and boardslide to fakie up a granite ledge. Matt went buck. Manuals/nose manuals up/down, 5-0’s up down, ollies over a hydrant, treflips. Ripper. I skated horribly and had a very non-confident feeling I couldn’t kick. We got the boot.

srappy heaven

Then we ended up here for awhile. Longer then we would have thought. And we did way less slappies then I would have thought. Dave and I both struggled to slappy the middle stair. Maybe we didn’t even land it. Matt front 50’d the middle one easy then front 50’d the top one. We eventually got the boot.


Then we ended up at this neat little spot. We all did wallrides up onto the bench (not the top one we aren’t that good). Matt ollied in from the low ledge and went for the ollie off the top ledge once, but bailed then we got the boot.

We hit some curbs for a bit. Hit the Chase curbs for a bit. Dave and I were frustrated with our skating. I gave up trying to 50 the curbs and tried to manual the long way like Matt was. I kind of did it, but with a couple minor tilts. Dave said it counts for over 40. Sweet. Dave did some manuals to quick ollies. Matt skated fast. Did long manuals and kept having runs cut short by my dumbass standing in the way. Booted.

Tabor center for a brief minute. I struggled with boneless wallride. Matt checked the gram. Dave slashed the bank and almost frontside rode the bank over rail. Some random dude came up to skate and just walked by and didn’t say hi at all. He was a kook. I can say this because I am 100% sure he will never read this. Booted.

Last spot was my favorite black 2 stair spot. Normally it’s a really quick boot, but we got a minute and the timing ended up being pretty good. Matt manualled a corner, kickflipped up the two and once again did not treflip down anything. I did some slow front shoves and kickflips down the far two, ollied up two, back 180’d off two, halfcab flip once going 1mph. Had a funny slam where I ran into the two stair when trying to ollie up it. Tried to line out a switch front 180 down 2 then kickflip up, but couldn’t kf up. Then broke my board on a front shove off the two. Doh. Next try Dave got a switch ollie down that he had been working on for awhile and then we got the boot.

dave slide

Last spot. I just sat and filmed Dave do a sick boardslide to fakie and Matt do a front tail to fakie. On the way back to the car I pushed switch for several blocks. My car was in sight when I started to think to myself “that’s the longest you’ve pushed switch” then immediately fell down and shot my board into traffic. Perfect.

skate journal: solo research center / campus fun (July 26, 2014)

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feel the heat

Haven’t been able to skate a whole lot and finally feeling quite a bit better. There were clouds in the morning and the forecasted high of 95 didn’t seem like it would happen. So I got out of the door around 10:30, ran a few errands then posted up at the research center. I struggled big time initially just to even ollie. But I stuck with it and ended up having a blast. I started with some simple lines and get a little bit techer with each one. First one was kickflip on flat, ollie up the curb, boardslide pop out. Then halfcab flip on flat, ollie up the curb, noseslide to fakie, turn around and then manual the long pad around the corner. Fakie big flip, ollie up the curb, pop shove, crooks. Oh and the clouds had burned off and it was really hot. Somehow it didn’t bother me too much though. Started going for treflip on flat, up the curb and then back 50. Got a few tres, but the back 50 was going to be a battle. I ended up doing quite a few treflips and added kickflips up the curb to the line. I eventually got the back 50 and I still have no idea how I did it. It was funny. Hyped I made myself do so many treflips. Some took a few tries, some several tries and at one point I did 3 in a row. Then I went home and got some food.

what would suciu do here?

After lunch and then some baseball tossing with Ollie I headed out to campus. I was planning on going to the new ledge that Matt, Dave and I skated a couple nights before, but ended up warming up at the spot above and ended up just staying there. I really like the aesthetic of that spot and it brings out the inner Suciu in me. After some dorking around on the low step (which I should wax up because it could be really good) I basically settled into two lines. Coming from the opposite side of the photo; ollie up the 2, back 180 off then fakie tre. Never got the fakie tre, but after bailing one I randomly decided to try a nollie flip and landed it! So sketchy and horribly landed. But alas, it was a nollie flip! Only my 4th one ever and it’s been several years since the last one I landed. Going the other way was the line I really wanted. Manual, 360 flip on flat, ollie the 4 stair, somehow make the corner of the sidewalk and do the hill bomb. The manual is much harder then it looks because there isn’t much setup room and the brick part is really rough. I only got a couple without scrapes and then of course treflips were a battle again. It started raining and I knew I only had one last try. Somehow did the manual good, did a horrible treflip with both hands down and came to a stop (but had to count it because it was getting wet quick) then ollied the stairs (felt so good, kind of a longer then normal 4), made the corner and had a few fun powerslides down the hill.

way faster then it looks

I took cover at the top of this garage for a bit and ended up skating the hill into it several times. It’s way faster then it looks. The concrete is super smooth. I had bombed into it before and it’s scary, but I felt like doing powerslides so I did a bunch. On one of them I hit a crack and somehow ran out of it. But other then that it was just a great way to end a day. I did a few grinds on the yellow curbs at the top to start the hill bombs. So fun. The rain let up and everything dried out right away so I went over to the new ledge and of course, the only car there was parked right next to the waxed part. Doh. I did a couple front 50s, but it was scary because I thought I’d shoot my board into the car in the landing. I ollied up a taller part of the ledge and then ran out of gas and called it one awesome day of skateboarding.

skate journal: campus fun with matt and dave (July 24, 2014)

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lots of options

Met Dave and Matt at this spot. Riley, Scotty and Bernie were there because they were on campus earlier and saw Fuller skate by. They were just hanging out before leaving though. It was kind of just a warm up spot. I did a few slappy axle stalls and got close to slappy crooks. Dave almost did his patented slappy front 5-0s. Matt ollied the whole ledge. Then we went to check out some new stuff. Found a couple light poles to arrange laying down. Matt got a sick line. Ollie over a ledge, back 50 one light pole, treflip, blunt transfer the next one. Dave was getting into feebles. I tried one of those ‘lapover smiths’ Rob showed me at Spring Canyon a long time ago. Then we mostly hit this new ledge / manny pad spot right next to it that was amazing. Dave was skating so good. I haven’t seen him skate a ledge like that. Crooks and front 50s all easy in lines with manuals. We all struggled with nose manuals until Matt got it. He had some good lines. Ollies over ledges, front, back tails, back 5-0, nollie manual, those steezy treflips. I was feeling run down still and didn’t have my skate legs, but still had fun. Got a treflip then a front 50, but missed the nose manual. Did a f/s halfcab flip, some tic tacs, then ollied the corner of a little ledge and then a 2″ crooks on the ledge. Fun. Then we went to the fence ride spot that’s all the rage. Matt and I were so tired. I technically landed a couple fence rides, but they were so low. Dave had some rad fakie rides. Matt ollied the ledge both ways, but didn’t treflip the 12 stair in a line. Then we mostly just kinda skated it like a bank to low bar. Lots of front 5-0s. I did a mutant front crooks to fakie thing. On our way back Matt showed the skate stoppers by the rec center that they can’t stop the fun.

skate journal: tired late night fence ride and ollie (July 21, 2014)

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fence ride!

lots of line potential

Still feeling run down, after a long nap, after eating and kickball with the family I went out to find a couple spots Jack had texted me. I found one of them (the small manny pads), but it wasn’t lit. I ended up on campus and randomly ended up here. What a cool spot. I took a bit to get a couple really low wallrides. Then I tried to line it out with an ollie over the ledge too. It took awhile. I’m no Will Garson, but it was fun regardless. That pretty much drained me and after looking at some more new stuff on campus I headed home to prepare for Liz’s 40th bday.

skate journal: arvada park in the evening with ollie (July 20, 2014)

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After a long day of working on our storage shed in the heat, naps, slacking, cleaning and eating Ollie and I went to Arvada around 8pm. The park was not crowded by Arvada standards, but still had lots of people. We started off in the back corner as we always do. Ollie had an incredible first run. Little b/s ollie on the mini qp hip, some pumping, came back and front slashed the noping qp, front 180 off the kicker, fakie shove, f/s halfcab, nollie shove (he had never done nollie shove before). Wowsers. He did more front slashes, sometimes transferring over the hip. Dude was ripping. He also tried a switch shove it out of the blue and landed on it and reverted. He was hyped. I felt really out of it and a bit doped up on cough medicine. I had a fun run with a feeble grind on the noping qp, coming back to front tail on it then a little kickflip to fakie on the bank. Went over to the blue bank area. Ollie mongo pushed up the blue chip and dropped to manual on the flat one. Also front 180 then halfcab off. He also did a cab kickturn on the little bank across from it. I had a fun little run of front 50 on the little bank, wallride on the jersey barrier, ollie up the gap to the blue pod, front 180 off then a slow fakie flip. Then I spent a long time trying 360 flips to fakie yet again. This time I ended up successful as the rain sprinkled. Then it stopped and the temperature seemed to go up several degrees. Ollie was messing around just doing stuff that isn’t much yet, but just shows how natural he is. Almost did a frontside 360 off a kicker, rode off the blue chip pretty high, etc. Ollie wanted to go at this point, but I felt like trying to front 50 the super low, longish hubba which I have never 50’d before. I had to get a long line going to get myself to do it. Crooks on the tiny qp near the snake run, ollie up onto the tall blue ledge, roll off, tic tac, front 50 down. Got it after a few tries. Then we left. Pretty fun night. It’s kind of funny that I said it was harder to ollie up stuff on the smaller setup, but then had no problems with it here. Good. There were some good skaters there that were fun to watch and skating the park differently then I’ve seen before. Combining lots of street style with tranny stuff. It was cool.

skate journal: failing treflips in the heat (July 19, 2014)

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I met Dave at this bank. He forgot his board and didn’t have much time to skate. We played a game of bank SKATE with my board. It was pretty fun. He got me on a rocket crail and I got him on kickflip tricks. He’s so much older than me. Ha. We did quite a few no comply, boneless, shove tricks. It was fun. It was hot. Then Dave left and I posted up the tripod in hopes of capturing me rattling off a bunch of flip tricks. When the kickflip to fakie (that I did first try in the game of SKATE) took 10 tries I knew I was in trouble. The b/s flip took awhile and the back bigflip took even longer. Ugh. After a quick front shove fakie I went for the dream trick hoping to get the hardest trick out of the way. Treflip. I couldn’t do it. Landed on a few. But nope. Ugh. I tried it for probably about an hour in the 90+ degree heat. When it was done I felt like I was going to die. I had run out of water and when I got home was borderline passing out. Lovely. That wasn’t good for my cold.

skate journal: short southern hills solo (July 18, 2014)

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I worked from home as I was still feeling pretty sick. Took a couple naps. Went to Southern Hills for awhile and started to feel better being out in the sun and getting some exercise. I started off skating pretty bad, skated ok for awhile, then back to bad. The ledges did not grind very well as the heat had evaporated most of the wax and what was left was just liquid on a crusty edge. I tried some lines. One was switch noseslide (the John Brandow way) to forward, treflip, kick back tail on the curb. Got remotely close. Also ollied the 2 stair from the crack and did a front noseslide to forward (so rare). Tried to ollie up onto the bench in the back and back 180 off, but I could not get onto it. Bummed me out. Then tried front 180 on the sidewalk, halfcab flip into the handicap ramp then ollie onto a bench and ollie off past a crack. Couldn’t get the ollie onto the bench. Finally managed solo, but man what a bummer. I guess the one downfall I’ve found so far with the smaller setup is ollie’ing up stuff. Doh. In the small board defense though at one point I tried a switch flip and almost landed it. So close.

skate journal: brief sick day stair and rail fest at creekside (July 17, 2014)

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Stayed home sick from work and slept most of the day. Around dinner I was feeling somewhat better and wanted to get a big of exercise. So Ollie and I went across the street. I brought my skateboard, he brought a soccer ball. I did a dork line of kickflip into the bank (1/4 of a push by the black door in the photo) then curve around for a tiny crooks on the last part of the low bar on the long handicap ramp.


Then we went around the front and I did a couple acid drops of the 5 stair in between kicking the ball off the stairs at Ollie. Then some old Meta/Boulder naustalgia happened and Ivan happened to be walking by. He gave the 5 stair a go in his running shoes, but bailed out. We chatted for a minute then he left. A few bails later I ollied the 5 stair. I really need to ollie small sets of stairs like this more often because it really is fun. Then I slammed on a treflip, landed a treflip (not down the stairs) and called it a day.