skate journal: research ledge whatever (april 23, 2015 day 110)

Plans to meet at Erie park fell through so I just went to research center. Felt sore initially but it got better. Noseslide, noseslide fakie, boardslide pop out, crooks, crooks fakie all happened within a couple tries which hyped me up. Then it was time for back 50. UGH. Just when I thought I could back 50 I seem to have lost it. I got a couple, but they were not good. It took my mood down. I also tried a bunch of frontside noseslides and never rode away from one. I managed one front 50 out like 20. I’ve probably skated too many days in a row and should blame my legs for the lack of pop. But instead I’ll blame the softer wheels and old board. Tried a line of front 180 up the curb, halfcab noseslide, but game up. Flatground went ok. I slammed on a front 50 when Janitor Joe came out for his smoke break. I think he finally doesn’t hate me. Either way I headed up the hill to let him enjoy his smoke break in peace. I tried to pop a good ollie over the little kicker thing (doubtful it popped much). Then I tried a b/s flip for awhile and got a pretty weak one. Went back to the ledge and just started hucking as it was getting windy. I tried kickflip noseslides or crooks nollie tre out. Ha ha, sounds good right? No really I want to do a crooks nollie tre some day so I tried to grind while setting up the back foot. On a scale of 1-100 with 100 being close and 1 being not close at all I think I got to 2. The kickflip noseslide was closer. A couple almost happened. Then the wind became too much and I left.

(setup 8.38 null venture wides bones med bushings spitfire f4 52mm 99 NB+ stratford 479)