skate journal: Flushing Meadows in Queens so fun (July 30, 2015 day 205)

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still better then boulder park

Another early morning mission. Met up with Liz’s sister’s boyfriend Julian at a train station on the way to Queens to hit Flushing Meadows. We peeped the big grate ledge then moved on to the nearby Maloof skatepark. What a bizarre skatepark. It doesn’t flow like a normal skatepark at all. But if you treat it like a street spot (which I guess it is supposed to be) it flows alright. Julian doesn’t skate much and got wrecked right away so sat out the rest of the session. My first few ollies hurt, but after that I felt great. Manualled the top manny pad. Did a couple tranny tricks on the weird bowled in corner. Front 50’d the ledge off the curb, noseslid over the grate right away. Then figured more then anything I wanted to grind the ledge over the mini grate. I got crooks pretty quick then front 50 too. Both felt neat. I did quite a few of each. Took awhile to ollie the 3 stair, but it felt great.

20 feet of gnar

Then we hit the main ledge. I tried to noseslide it for awhile. Got about halfway a few times and realized I probably didn’t have it in me to do the whole thing. Tricks over the grate are also way gnarlier then I thought. It’s a solid 7 foot flat gap. I posed ollies and b/s flips over it.

so fun

3 flip to end an awesome session. 📷 @thejulianthompson

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Then we found this crazy spot. Absolutely perfect flatground and this weird ledge. I started doing lines with a flip trick, front slappy on a waxed curb you can’t see in this photo then ollie onto the ledge and ride down it. It was so fun. I was rattling off my flippers. Halfcab flip, treflip, heelflip, nollie treflip, fakie bigflip. After ollieing onto it a few times I would try manual, but I never got too close to that. Tried a line of b/s flip, halfcab flip, ollie on then front 180 off the last part, but that was scary. Ended with an amazing feeling treflip in front of the fountain while Julian snapped a photo. It was the icing on the cake to a great session (for me) and so awesome to see these famous spots that are a part of skate history. The long ledge over the grate is literally 20 feet long. Any trick that has gone down over that is amazing.

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skate journal: LES early again, this time not skating too good (july 29, 2015 day 204)

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Didn’t sleep all that great, but still woke up early. I got ready to skate slowly. I wasn’t really feeling like going to LES it just seemed like the best option so I did it. Got there around 8am. It was hot already and there were quite a few dudes there already. I started off pretty good at least. Manual and nose manual the pad. Wallie manual the mellower banked ledge. Kickflips over the b/s hip, front smiths on the qp. Went into one of my slow skate no energy modes for a bit. Crooks a metal ledge, front slash the qp, try to kick back tail the curb. Couldn’t get into the kick back tail. Tried it in a different line with wallieing the bank on the back the tall ledge, but still didn’t get it. Started trying back 50s on the metal ledge and it felt really tall. Took awhile, before I got a couple slow ones. Tried to line it out with a halfcab flip over the hip, back 5-0 on the bank, but never got the back 50 too (but I did get into it at least). Also got fakie bigflip over the hip and once again took too long to b/s flip the hip. Added front 50 and hurricane to my qp tricks. Ended while trying noseslide 270 shoves one way and front 50 shove the other. But the front 50 wasn’t working and I just gave up and left to meet Liz and Ollie.

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skate journal: Fort Greene in the heat (july 28, 2015 day 203)

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#skatetourist #theseledgesaretall

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Around noon I got out to skate for a bit. Thanks to Quartersnacks I knew this spot was close. I went by a couple other playgrounds that showed up on google maps first, but they were overrun with kids. I just wanted a shady spot to do flatground without tons of people around. But this is NYC so that isn’t a possibility. I ended up at the Fort Greene spot. There were so many no skateboarding signs. People were working out on the structure or chilling in the shade next to it. I was a bit weirded out, but I still skated it. Poorly. The ledges are quite tall. As you can see in the photo they are technically 4 stairs high, but it’s more like a 3 stair height. I did a few crooks that felt cool on the lower ledge. Then tried to ollie on, front and front 50, but couldn’t get the juice. Flatground was going bad on about everything except treflips where I landed almost every one of them. I managed to ollie up, crook and back 180 off very badly. I was a little bummed how tall the ledge felt to ollie off of. Still felt like I did something though. Then I got sick of the people doing martial arts staring at me all weird and skated off. Thought I might find something else to skate, but I didn’t and ended up back at the apt.

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skate journal: LES Skatepark for hours! (july 27, 2015 day 202)

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Woke up early, went to Manhattan to finally skate LES. I arrived to an almost empty park with two people skating. Both left shortly after I arrived (not because of me ha), but others showed. For about 3 hours the park was just 2 or 3 people. The last hour there was maybe 10 people there, but for that park 10 people isn’t much at all. I skated for four hours non-stop and was a sweaty mess. There is a drinking fountain at the park thankfully. I started on the transition stuff, it was funner then I thought it would be, maybe because it’s all small. I had actually taken a day off skating so my legs felt good. You have to push a lot at that park, things are spaced out, it’s kind of awesome. I got front 5-0 and front 50 shove on one of the ledges. Very low wallride on the bank to fence. Took awhile to crooks the ledge. I thought east coast ledges were supposed to be slicker? I also did a few back lips (kind of) on the little manny pad. Got manual, nose manual and a first try kickflip manual. This was when I began realizing that I was skating exceptional for me. I was doing a lot of tricks first try and cruising the park surprising myself. It ruled. I did spend some time trying to get a b/s flip over the hip. It took a bit, but when I landed it it felt incredible. This would mark the first time I’ve ever done the same trick on the same spot as PJ. Yes, I am a nerd, but man I was hyped. I went on to do halfcab flip and fakie bigflip over the hip pretty quick. Tried varial heels coming the other way, but couldn’t get the flip. I tried a front tail on the bank to curb above one of the ledges for awhile. It was really hard, but the approach was so fun. Roll in, go over the pump bump and a big push. I would eventually land one. Tried to do nosestall or boardslide on the bank to ledge for awhile, but couldn’t get that. Did some more cruising around. Ollies over the hip, kickflips over the b/s hip, front smiths on the qp. Had a fun line where I rode up the bank of a tall ledge, dropped onto another, then down again, then cali grind off the kicker, front tail the bank, kickflip the hip. Manualled the long manny pad. Tried to kickflip pivot the bank to pool coping, but never got close. I was getting pretty tired and wanted to cross f/s halfcab flip off my list too. But rather then just do it I kept lining out further and further. But oh was it worth it when I finally got my line. Front smith on the quarterpipe, front 50 the metal ledge, slash to fakie the qp (or whatever you want to call the weak thing I do), then f/s halfcab flip over the hip (it wasn’t popped, but I was so beat). One of the funnest times I’ve had at a skatepark.

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skate journal: lots of pushing to a rad little manny pad (july 25, 2015 day 201)

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Had a couple hours where I could go skate. We were at our new apt we’re staying at in Brooklyn. I used Quartersnacks to find directions to this manny pad as I knew it was a Brooklyn spot. It looked pretty close on the map, but didn’t feel close at all. I kept skating, walking, skating, walking for what seemed like forever before showing up to this spot. It was quite hot out. Spots are always different in real life as there is a slight slant to this spot that makes skating it from the left side harder then it looks. Oh well. I started with some grinds on the low curb. Grinding granite is the best. Then I went for manual and got it in a couple tries which kind of surprised me. Next was nose manual which took quite awhile, but felt good to do it. I got my first feelings of regret for setting up a smaller board. But then I went for kickflip manual and loved how good it popped and felt good about it. I got a couple with tiny tilts. I felt cool. Not as tech as PJ in Brick Harbor, but still hyped. If I landed the kickflip without the manual I would do 180s off. I tried to front 50 or 5-0 it, but the crack in the middle really messes with that. Had some slappy crooks on the first step on the way up. Or some back 50s, almost back 50 on the 2nd stair. Then I got a text that I needed to head home. On the way I saw this weird little volcano thing, skated it for a second before realizing I was at the Thomas Greene skatespot. Took a spin around it and headed back.

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Skate journal: brief skate in NYC! (July 24, 2015 day 200!)

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Such an epic barrier

Such an epic ledge

I’m in NYC! Everyone was resting so I went out for a quick skate. Turns out these were around the corner. The traffic was heavier then the photo shows so transfer tricks were scary. I only got some manhole ollies and wallrides. Then I met with Julian (Liz’s sisters boyfriend). He showed me the ledge spot. So amazing. But he talks a lot so I never got in the groove. I got crooks, front board pop out, front 50. Julian had some noseslide and front 50s. Such a sick spot that I wish I could have skated more. The smaller board felt good in the city.

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skate journal: real brief rampy on a small board (july 23, 2015 day 199)

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Went out to Rampy a little before midnight after having one of the busiest evenings ever unloading boards and getting ready for NYC. I chose to setup an 8.1. It seemed really small and that’s cool. I skated for about 10 minutes and didn’t get too far into the list of basics.

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skate journal: brief westy rolling (july 22, 2015 day 198)

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After enjoying my smaller setup yesterday I decided to go even smaller. So I subbed in my 8″ hangers instead of the 8.5s. After a fun dinner visiting with my old friend Tricia, Ollie and I drove the two blocks to Westminster park. Ollie didn’t skate at all. I mostly just rolled around mostly, did a front feeble on the little qp, tried switch noseslides down the hubba and did a few kickflips that felt good.

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skate journal: rampy, flatground then red curbs marathon (july 21, 2015 day 197)

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Other people ripping. @matthouse @_f_u_z_z @fullertrron

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Had some time to kill before Ollie went to his friends. He didn’t feel like doing much so I skated. I started on Rampy and it was pretty fun. I didn’t skate flat at all. Skated for almost an hour. Did quite a few basics initially. Then started trying a line with a back smith in it and then a blunt to pivot. Never got the blunt pivot. Ended up heading outside to skate flat. I wasn’t feeling the big board anymore and decided to check out what shape the old spare 8.25 deck was in my car. It seemed good so I set it up. It felt awesome. I felt decent on my board. I did a lot of tricks, some of which were absolutely horrible, but I didn’t seem to really care. Nollie tre, tre, varial heel, fs halfcab heel and a rick flip! Totally landed not even moving. Other tricks were landed ok.

Then Ollie left and I went to Red Curbs to meet Matt and Dave. Fuzz would show a little later. It was a long session so I don’t really remember how it went. I felt good on my skateboard for awhile though which seems rare these days. I had some flippers like nollie tre and tre, nose manuals, got some front lipslides (they weren’t clean) and got closer to back lips, but even closer to kick back lip (so much easier). Dave was hauling ass. Long boardslides to fakie, or 270 out, front lips, a back lip, front 5-0 shove and lasted the longest of everyone (well except he hadn’t already skated for two hours like me! ha ha). Matt had super fast 5-0s, fakie nosegrinds, the back lip, front 5-0 shove, treflips easy, struggled with switch stuff which makes sense because it’s impossible. Fuzz lived up to his reputation as the 180 guy and did 180s before every trick. He took awhile for some of his basics, but then put down tricks like back 180 fakie 50 halfcab out first try (note there are 2 180s in that trick). Almost got back lip. I sat for awhile and filmed as I was tired. We ended with Dave and I doing slappy crooks on the red curb.

(setup 8.5/8.25 null venture wide lights thunder bushings 52mm stf v3 nb+ pj stratford 533 cream)

skate journal: flat for awhile then red curbs with ollie (july 20, 2015 day 196)

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Went out in front of the house on another nice cool evening. I had some new wheels. Yes, new. I always have new stuff. Well basically the 54s were just way too big for me and I measured the old wheels and they were down to like 48 or 49. Too small to start with. I had scored some of the narrow Bones 52s and plan on sticking with them. Flatground went ok actually. My newish shoes grip really well and it added a bit of comfort. I didn’t get too far into the list. Got close to nollie 3 flips. Got a good feeling heelflip which I’ve struggled with lately.


Then I grabbed Ollie and we went to Red Curbs. I was supposed to learn back lipslides and figured it was a good spot for them. It didn’t go so great for me. I got kind of close, this clip is the closest, but yeah, not so close. Ollie was ripping. He did several manuals across the little manual pad. I’ve never seen him ollie into a manual before. He also did his first real boardslides. He was hauling ass and staying on the ledge. He did land one perfect that was like 6 feet long, but here’s the best we captured. He also did a boardslide to fakie, like 20 nollie shoves which he claimed are new, fakie shoves going fast, 180s everywhere, halfcab, etc. He’s one trick away from being better then me (kickflips). At the end I gave up on the back lip and had fun doing some 50s, slappy crooks, almost kickflip manual, almost 3 flips.

(setup 8.5 null venture wide lights thunder bushings 52mm bones v3 nb+ stratford 533 pj cream)