skate journal: rampy at josh’s and some broomfield (aug 29, 2015 day 233)

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Moved Rampy to Josh’s house for his surprise party with the help of my awesome friends Riley, Jack and Carleigh. It went pretty smooth and we got it together pretty quick. Josh had no idea it was showing up at his house. So funny. After the party hype died down I skated it for awhile. Didn’t do much other then a hurricane stall. Carleigh almost got a back blunt. Riley almost got front noseblunt rewind. Jack did a bunch of pressure flips. Josh was hyped and started feeling out his ramp.

Then we met up with Drew and a fun crew of former Nebraska residents at Broomfield park. I avoided ollieing for the most part. Had some fun ride on noseslides to 270 out and at the end I skated the weird steep bank and did my first frontside grind on it. It was rad seeing Drew skate again, he is casual yet powerful. The back tails on the steep bank and brick quarterpipe were so good. Carleigh and Riley skated the pool for awhile. The double set got attacked for awhile too. Lots of tricks like nollie flip, hard flip, fakie ollie, ollie, back lip, back smith, all da basics. I wish my body would have been in shape to try it, because the hype was high and I think I could maybe have committed to it. Oh well.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533)

skate journal: messing around on the curb (aug 28, 2015 day 232)

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Intended to go out to Rampy for my last session before it gets moved, but there were too many hornets in the garage. Ugh. So I went to “The Curb”. It’s my little retreat where I can skate super slow and dork around. The groin tear I have going has gotten worse so I tried not to ollie at all. I ended up getting a new one. “nollie” back tail shove (click the link for action packed video). It actually did hype me up, but the shove out part probably wasn’t good for my groin. I’m old. Then I went in and took Rampy apart while bundled up in case a hornet tried to get me. I was sweating like crazy. I’ll miss you Rampy.

(setup 8.1 venture lows 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533)

skate journal: manuals in the house (aug 27, 2015 day 231)

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Went to skate Rampy, but a few hornets had gone into the garage after we tore their house down. Ugh. So I decided to do some manuals instead. I was totally annoying India who was trying to do homework. Ha. Got one manaul from the kitchen table to the bathroom. Tight.

Song of the day: Thee Oh Sees – Rogue Planet

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Been so hyped on this band after seeing them a few months ago.

skate journal: broomfield park with pain and a fun crew (aug 26, 2015 day 230)

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Right after dinner Carleigh swooped me up and we headed to Broomfield park. Carleigh started in the pool with her girl friend rippers. I’m scared of that thing. I saw Carleigh carve over the stairs pretty quick. I started on the Quartapotty and blue box. Jake and Matt showed. They had skated Safeway ledge. Fun! Jake tried a line of boardslide to fakie the little rail then halfcab noseslide. Matt did a few lines, I saw a front lip the rail then back nosegrind the black ledge. I think I did boardslide then back 50 or crooks. Then we played a game of SKATE. We all got the first kickflip and back shove, but after that it got ugly. I missed the next four tricks, Jake and Matt missed 2 of them. Front shove, fakie flip, heelflip and treflip. I was pretty much ready to leave at that point, but got another turn and did 3 tricks in a row and somehow ended up winning. Ha. f/s halfcab flip, b/s halfcab flip and fakie bigflip. Matt crook bonked everything in the park. Jake learned varial flips. I did some fakie front smith to fakies on the quartapotty. I hadn’t done that there before. Carleigh did the pole jam and almost kickflipped the 6, but settled for an ollie down the double set. At that point my body was starting to shut down. The pain in my groin was bad with every ollie. After messing with some ledge basics I tried Dave’s trick on the mellow bank until I got one. Then I tried it with a Judo kick. That would be so cool I bet. Carleigh got close to back disasters. Other people were ripping. Darin showed which was great.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: real brief rampy (aug 26, 2015 day 229)

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Went out to Rampy feeling pretty tired and unmotivated again. First run was kind of fun. It’s neat being able to grind right away sometimes. But after that I didn’t want to be on the ramp again. I did a few kickflips on flat, did some manuals and finally some switch kickturns before calling it a night.

skate journal: fun times with ollie on rampy (aug 24, 2015 day 228)

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Went out to Rampy with Ollie after work, picking up India in Broomfield and then finishing a loft in Ollie’s room. As you can imagine I was super tired, but at least not feeling quite as arthritic. Rampy treated us well. Ollie’s first run had almost all of his tricks in it. I had a couple long runs that hyped me up, then made me sad that Rampy will soon be gone. Oh well, change is good.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows w/stock bushings 52mm stf v3 pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: fun bank to pvc curb with dave (aug 23, 2015 day 227)

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Went to Stonehenge hoping I’d be able to warm up enough to skate, but they were moving again. Doh, drove to Arapahoe ridge and Dave called me. We agreed to meet in Gunbarrel and skate his manual pad as a bank to curb on this mellow bank. It ended up being super fun. I had changed bushings because I was sick of wheelbite. I went with the stock Venture bushings since the bottom one is a barrel bushing that should limit the trucks from touching the board. I liked it for the most part, but I was mostly skating straight. They were stiffer for sure, but I never once had wheelbite so that is awesome. Anyway, the skating, it went way better then yesterday. Especially because I did Dave’s trick in a few tries as he showed up. F/s cab tailblock nose grab (no idea what you would really call it even though Dave told me). We setup his little box and went through the basic grinds. Dave quickly did some really long front tails that were super good. I was kind of all over the place and had some problems with the kingpin hanging up on the wide coping. Darn low trucks (ha! I love them). I would do a few other tricks like kick back smith stall (trying 50), front 50 and 5-0 to fakie, failed at front smith kickflip out for awhile, failed at kick back tail, had some front lipslides and even a tailslide that actually slid and what you see above, almost a front nosegrind or two. Dave took awhile to land his first back tail shove out. It was tight when he got it. His pop shoves to nose were great too. Flatground went ok for me, the stiffer bushings definitely felt weird on tricks like treflip. I did have a few poorly landed b/s flips and a first try nollie varial flip though. Not having wheel bite was awesome so it might work out. A lot more went down then I remember, but it was a fun session. I set the phone down to film the last few minutes of it. Otherwise the clip would have tons more hammers.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows stock bushings 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: brief warm up at research then totally sucking at southern hills (aug 22, 2015 day 226)

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good ol' research ledge

Had 30 minutes in the morning after dropping off Ollie before I’d have to bring India to ballet. So I hit the research center. The pain in my right groin was bad at first, but it seemed to warm up quickly. I got most of my basics down. Back noseslide, boardslide popout, noseslide to fakie, crooks, back 50, halfcab noseslide. I forget what I did frontside, but it wasn’t too special. Had some ok flatground tricks going back up the hill.

more my size

grind you basterd

up, up

I got home and India was feeling sick and opted out of ballet. I had told Nullers I would film them when I got home from INdia’s ballet, so instead of telling them I was done early I went to Southern Hills to shred. That was probably the wrong choice as I SUCKED it up big time. I felt horrible. I waxed the curb and tried a ton of front crooks on it. Got none. Could barely do noseslides on the bench. Sucked at flatground. My legs didn’t feel connected to me. It was horrible. The one positive I took away from it was ollieing onto the bench and then the table. It wasn’t perfect, but I was happy to do it. I got one front 50 on a bench, those things don’t grind very good. Tried noseslide 270 shove for awhile, got super close, then decided to lie down and take a nap in the shade. That’s how bad I felt. Then I met up with the Nullers, Riley and Nolan killed it and things were good.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows thunder bushings 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: holey banks then valmont with dave (aug 21, 2015 day 225)

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Dave and I went skating around 6:30. We went to go to Stonehenge, but there were moving trucks and people moving into the building. DOH! So we went to the bank spot with the 4 holes in it and the ledge. There was some serious struggling going on for both of us. I tried a line of halfcab flip, back slash on the bank, front 50 the ledge for like an hour before getting the worst 50 ever. I slammed on the halfcab flip a lot due to wheelbite. Dave got frustrated trying to ollie a hole. I had a couple brief crooks on the ledge as did Dave. Dave put down several front crooks! Seriously. So sick. I put down a hurricane that grinded at least an inch and had a long lunch break. Add in a horrible tic tac landing and you have the makings of one awesome trick. Dave had some good front 50s too and near the end did a really good boneless over a hole.

🔨🕤 with @fullertrron

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Then we went to Valmont. For a brief period I skated great. And by that I mean I got super close to two new tricks, but didn’t actually land them. Nollie inward heel and kickflip crooks on the ledge. Both very close. Got a few other basics like back 50 first try, crooks, but couldn’t front 50 the middle part, couldn’t get front crooks. Did a couple other tricks, flatground was ok. Dave got into crooks both ways and a nice front 50. Then we goofed around off the drop doing various street plant tricks. That was fun. I need to tweak more to hang with Dave. That boneless bonk was fun though.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows thunder bushings 52mm stf v3 nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)