skate journal: broomfield pain (sept 29, 2015 day 263)

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Went to Broomfield feeling better then I have in awhile. The park was super crowded though. Argh. Darin was there when I arrived. We started out on the Quartapotty and blue ledge. Things were going pretty well for me. Landed lots of the qp trick, back 50, back 5-0, a couple bad kickflip back 50s. Was trying switch noseslide to back 270 out. At some point I messed up my upper back and was unable to skate. I watched Darin for awhile and Dave showed up. Darin took awhile to get back tail to fakie, but the one he did was tight. He did like a million back tails on the qp as a setup. Dave was going for nosegrinds when I left. Man it hurts. That’s two times in a row at Broomfield park where I’ve been in too much pain to really skate.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows no lower bushing 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford white/gum)

skate journal: dorking around at safeway ledge (sept 28, 2015 day 262)

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Was very tired at work all day. Got home and immediately drove to Broomfield to bring India to ballet. After dropping her off I chilled in the car for a bit and took a much needed nap. Then I went to Safeway for a mellow dork session I thought. I started just doing all the various no ollie noseslides. Pretty fun. I’m loving the looser trucks after taking off the lower washer. I was really lazy for awhile. I wasn’t in the mood for trying hard. I did some 50s. Didn’t try many flip tricks other then a few kickflips. Tried front tails for awhile, got some that didn’t slide. Posed back tails for a bit. Tried fakie nosegrinds for a long time and never got one. Tried front lips for awhile and got into a bunch where my tail was hitting the wall so I stopped. Landed on to fakie really poorly as I needed to leave to pick up India.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows no lower washer 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford 533)

skate journal: campus struggles (sept 27, 2015 day 261)

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Feeling tired and slightly hungover from date night with Liz (I have zero tolerance anymore) I headed to campus on another hot day. I was really hating my setup the day before and how stiff the trucks were so I took off the lower washer. This gave it some wiggle and I liked it. I started off at the little downhill manny pad. Not sure if I even did a clean one or not, but I definitely did on the way back to my car later in the day. I did ollie off the ledge in the background before the scooter was there. I had fun doing 180 variations over a manhole.

the new clipper ledge

Then I skated this amazing ledge. Ha. I tried a line of halfcab flip, back 50, ollie the next 3 stair. The back 50 kept sticking for me. Doh. I started going f/s halfcab flips instead. I would eventually get the line, but the 3 stair ollie was horrible. So I switched the heelflip as the first trick and then did it good enough to move on. I checked out a couple spots, but they had cars or people in the way. Actually, the brick area near the ledge I was just at would have been good, but these new Sptifires, which are supposed to be the 99a, seem hard as hell and the cracks were really annoying.



I ended up here for my most frustrating part of the day. Front tail this ledge, curve around a picnic table, ollie onto the ledge, stop, turn around and kickflip off. I never got the ollie up. The shortness of this board was really bumming me out on the front tails and ollies. The ledge wouldn’t have slid really anyway, but I feel like I posted up on some front tails good at least. I managed to kickflip off at least.

a manual pad for most, a drop for me

Then I went here which was pretty crowded with college students at times. I tried a line of ollie up, varial flip on the top, front shove off for awhile. the ollies up felt alright, but varial flips were being elusive and pissing me off. I would managed to get the line though and it felt awesome. Then I went home.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows without lower washer 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

skate journal: fort collins spots with nolan, bernie and scotty (sept 26, 2015 day 260)

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Picked up Nolan around 10am after a couple of boardslides on the mini bank to curb at his apt. Then we headed north and stopped at the old taco thing by Walmart in Loveland. I did a few bank rides and a rock ‘n roll. Nolan did a bunch of tricks. We filmed a couple for the gram and one for the video. He’s good. Then we brought boards to MRKT, ate and rolled into campus to check out a few things. First spot was that steep bank. I was thinking Nolan could do a trick into it, but he had nothing other then some drop ins. Nutter had joined us and he front noseslid the crazy steep/kinked rail out front. I filmed it. Then I filmed Nolan try some nose manual nollie flips out, but he didn’t get it. Man it was hot. We looked at the clark building hip for a bit, posed some tricks over it then headed back to the car.

Stick with it. @nolancormier 🔨🔨

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We went to this alley. I wasn’t sure what Nolan would think of it and he wasn’t really into it. Especially with someone pouring stuff into the drain and it smelled horrible. He did some wallrides on the one above and I started thinking it would be a good time to finally land one. We were waiting on Bernie and Scotty to join us. Some large amount of tries later I had kind of landed it. Neat. Then we all goofed around for awhile.

@nolancormier tubular in Fort Collins.

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Then we went to the fullpipe. The last time I skated there I took the a really bad slam. This time I survived and had fun. Bernie ripped it. Scotty hauled ass down it. Nolan filmed a really cool line.

Then we went to Fossil Creek. I struggled. Nolan mostly chilled. Scotty has a broken toe so he mostly chilled too. Bernie was ripping hard. Nose manuals the long pad every try. Kickflip manuals. Front smith front 180 out easy. He tried a line of nose manual, then a quick manual as a setup for front smith kickflip out, but never got the last trick. I had some fun crooks. Tried a line of front 50 shove out then front shove down the 3 stair. I really struggled with the front 50. Just getting on that ledge was hard for me. The new null 8.1s that generator sent this time around are shorter and the smaller tail seems to be effecting my ollie. Argh. And every since putting those new Spitfires on my board my trucks have felt really tight. I don’t know why.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

Song of the day: Royal Heartache – Garbage

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Totally loving this band.

skate journal: flatground friday at blue skies (sept 25, 2015 day 259)

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Feeling pretty sore from slamming at Broomfield still and all the skating last night I went to Blue Skies for the first time in months to skate some flatground. I pushed and carved around a few laps to attempt warming up. Felt the groin on the first ollie attempt. It’s never gonna heal. Because I never stop skating. 🙂 In about 5 minutes I was doing kickflips and shoves. In about 10 minutes I was trying whatever. I took a long time to get b/s flip. But I didn’t stick to just that. I was pretty chill, not trying to skate fast, just throwing trick after trick and not landing much. I would get heelflip, halfcab flip, fakie bigflip, treflip, f/s flip, b/s flip, fakie flip. I got close to f/s halfcab heel, nollie flip, nollie 360 flip. I didn’t get close to b/s halfcab heel, nollie bigflip, nollie inward heel. What a great break from work even if I did struggle.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

skate journal: ledge/flat and 10×10 at valmont (sept 24, 2015 day 258)

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Went out to Valmont not feeling so great around the time it got dark. Skated the ledge for awhile and did some flatground there and there. The ledge was fun, I went through a few basics. Still struggled with front tails and getting front 50s up on the medium part. My trucks feel tighter with the new larger wheels, it’s weird. Harder to do stuff. Tried backside hurricanes for awhile. Got into most of them, but didn’t grind or get the pop out. Tried f/s haflcab noseslide for awhile and didn’t get very close. Had a fun line of kickflip up the curb, heelflip on flat and ollie off the loading dock. I tried to lift my back foot up, not sure if I did though.

Then went over and skated flat for about 10 minutes doing the basics before attempting the 10×10. The 10×10 is up for debate, not sure Josh and I want to keep doing it, it’s so hard. I wasn’t feeling very good on flatground so I knew the results would be bad. Especially when it took 8 tries to get a varial flip. I was actually surprised I landed the 3 flip. That put me in a better mood until I couldn’t get fakie tre, halfcab heel and nollie flip. Ugh. The cab bigflip wasn’t close. I can’t seem to spin like I did magically the first day I tried that trick. I do want to get that one down though, somehow that seems like the easiest way to cab. Nollie bigflip wasn’t close, but the nollie inward heel totally felt doable. I left right after.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 51mm spitfire f4 nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

skate journal: broomfield park pain (sept 23, 2015 day 257)

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Haven't skated this graphic yet. #hyped #spoiled #hyped

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Arrived to a very crowded park as darkness set in. Thank god for lights! I played on the Quartapotty doing basics. Darin arrived shortly after me and was doing the same. Then a bunch of people joined. I was feeling pretty good with new grip tape (MOB this time around) and softer wheels on the qp. Nolan, Riley and I tried backside kickflips. Nolan got his real quick. 20 tries later Riley landed a really good one and I got his back with one too. I was hyped! My next go on the qp I tried to do front disaster to sugarcane. I slipped out and slammed incredibly hard for me. This pretty much ended my session. I tried to keep skating, but I couldn’t really get it going. I filmed Nolan do every blunt he could in one line. Riley was hurting. Fuller had shown up so I tried to skate with him and Darin on the qp/blue ledge combo. I just did no ollie noseslides and posed kickflip back tails though. I saw Darin do a bluntslide. Dave with some great frontside nosegrinds.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows spitfire f4 51mm nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

skate journal: started off ok, then totally sucked (sept 22, 2015 day 256)

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boulder's hardest skate spot

I had new wheels on my old board. I didn’t think it would go so good as it was a big change. My old wheels had worn down to 45mm-48mm depending on the wheel. I got some new 51mms. They felt huge. I know that is pathetic, but it changed the timing of everything. With that said, I started off pretty good. This spot is hard to skate. Wayyy harder to skate then it looks. I was sore for some reason, but started trying lines with ledge, bank, ledge action. First was noseslide, back smith stall, front noseslide 270 out. Second was switch front nose to fakie (coming out forward that’s confusing eh), front tail stall, front board pop out. Then crooks, ollie to fakie, switch noseslide. Next was switch front nose, fakie ollie on the bank, front 50. One of the switch noseslides was the best one I’ve ever done. Things were looking good even though all of these took longer then you would think and were done way worse then you can imagine. I was happy and sad trying to push switch at this spot. Then I wanted to do back 50, frontside ollie, front tail. I got a few back 50s pretty quickly and bailed the ollies. I was still hyped though. I was hucking flip tricks when I bailed and that was ok. Heelflip, treflip, halfcab flip, hucked some ones I can’t land.

how to not back 50

Then I got into a rut where I could not do a back 50 to save my life. This spot is so much harder then it looks. You come around a corner on the narrow path (crack kills) and you can’t really see the ledge as you’re approaching because of the bush. Anyways. I mostly bailed, fell back into the grass a lot or would lock in like the photo above and come to a stop. It was very depressing. I would eventually get another back 50, bailed the f/s ollie after. UGH. Then another back 50 attempt that turned into back 5-0. I took it! Got the f/s ollie, but the f/s tail failed me. I didn’t care anymore. I left. Stopped by Valmont manny pads briefly. Got manual first try, nose manual 20th try WTF. Then hucked kickflip manual and manual front shove out briefly before having to go pick up Ollie.

(setup 8.1 null venture lows 51mm spitfire classic f4 nb# pj stratford 533 white/gum)

song of the day: Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me

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