skate journal: manny pad / ledgy in the cold with dave (nov 29, 2015 day 319)

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cold weather skateboarding in colorado

Went to meet Dave at Red Curbs, but saw that this spot was mostly dry and went for it. The sun came out a few times which was nice, but other then that it was cold in the low 20s. I got there first. I put Ledgy down the lower curb and took awhile to do a line of manual the top section then noseslide down. I finally got it right as Dave showed up. Dave didn’t seem hyped on the setup. Ha. He warmed up for awhile, I tried some other stuff. We eventually settled in on trying lines hitting the manual pad the short way then doing a ledge trick. Man I sucked it up on Ledgy. It’s so scary. You gotta get out as soon as you get in. I didn’t really land much on the manuals either. Came close to switch 180 to manual. Dave came close to front 180 nose manual.

More cold weather action just to make @neilsoffire jealous. @fullertrron front crooks on Ledgy.

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On Ledge I got front 50 and back crooks. Yippe. Oh and a horrible back 50. Dave got a clean back 50 and a front crooks! My flat ground wasn’t going to good. My board was old, my legs were tired, it was cold. Dave gave me more pointers on the ‘poor man’s 360’ and I got a couple without hitting the tail. I’ll keep working on it. At the end we set the ledge after a curb and did a couple tricks. Dave did back 50 easy and came close to back nosegrind. I struggled with front 50 so did front 5-0 instead. Dave left and I set it up backside for me. I got into several back 50s and would stick. So I waxed it and then it was easy. Imagine that.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings old stf v1 52mm nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: red curbs in the cold with dave, rob and jake (nov 28, 2015 day 318)

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Jake and I met Rob and Dave at Red Curbs on a cold, dreary and snowy day. Jake and I got there first. Somehow I felt pretty good right out of the gate. I was wearing long johns so my legs didn’t feel cold for once. I started with slappy crooks as I always do there. Then moved up to 50s, etc. Dave and Rob showed up. Jake and I were trying some lines starting at the far side of the garage. I forget exactly what, but I was trying something like manual around the corner pad, 180 over a little chunk of snow, halfcab flip, nose manual the main pad, slappy crooks. I had some regular slappies too. Jake was doing nollie f/s 180 over the snow chunk. Dave went into the fast boardslides pretty quickly. Rob had some proper slappy crooks, back 50s, walked over to Ross to get some gloves (smart move). The session got good, everyone seemed to be skating good. I cannot remember everything from an action packed session, but I’ll try some highlights. Jake fakie front tailslide, slappies, pop shove and kickflip out of the kicker, front lipslides and his first ever slappy crooks! Rob had the dopest halfcab back 50, back 180 fakie 50s, lap over lipslides, nollie 50s, close to no comply 5-0s, lines for days. I had a couple front nosegrinds which I was really hyped on, front 5-0s, slappy crooks on the taller curb, one 360 flip, a nollie 360 flip, a slow line of kickflip up the curb and an over-40 make b/s flip out of the kicker, didn’t get kick back tail or nose manual shove, I had a lot of fun. Dave did 100mph boardslide 270s, noseslides, back 50s to fakie, steezy back 180s out of the curb cut, back 5-0 band back 5-0 back 180 out on the little part of the median. At the end we both tried back nosegrinds for awhile. Both getting close and sticking a lot. In the end Dave got the one above. It was rad. Then we went across the street to Twisted Pine and had a couple of celebration brews. Super fun day somehow in the cold.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings old 52mm stf v1s washers on the outside nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: flatground in the garage (nov 27, 2015 day 317)

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Another cold and snowy day. Went out to the garage for about an hour and a half. I started with some manny tricks, then moved the sheet of wood and skated flatground. It took me about 5 tries to land a kickflip. UGH! It wasn’t all horrible though. I did quite a few more of my ‘basics’. I couldn’t seem to heelflip though and that was annoying. I did a varial flip revert which was kind of rare. Nollie varial flip. B/s flip, f/s flip. Came close to switch flip, nollie treflip, varial heel, nollie f/s flip, switch heel. Didn’t come close to nollie heel, switch f/s flip, heelflip (UGH), cab. Ended as I normally do by trying to just ollie and touch my knees to my chest. I didn’t, but the bigger setup is definitely better for ollies.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings old 52mm v1 stfs washers on the outside of the axles nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: short and sweet ‘manny pad’ session in the garage (nov 26, 2015 day 316)

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Went out to the garage shortly before Thanksgiving dinner on a cold and snowy day. I just grabbed the 8.38 setup that’s in there and started doing the ol’ manual routing on the sheet of wood. It’s a great thing to do on ‘off’ days because I don’t actually ollie ever, I just lift up into nose manual or bonk up into manual. I did most of the ones I’ve learned and then a couple new ones. I got a frontside 180 fakie manual to f/s halfcab out. I felt as cool as Bernie, except that I didn’t ollie in, I just turned off the nose. Then I did it to f/s cab out and it felt even radder. Then I put the manny pad the long way and did a few switch nose manuals, switch manual 180 out (new one) and the f/s 180 fakie manual f/s cab out. Fun!

skate journal: flatground in front of the house while working (nov 25, 2015 day 315)

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I went out in front of the house on a cool day 4 times. I brought my work computer out each time to hit refresh in case I had some work to do. The first three times I would immediately see something that needed attention for work. It was so annoying. Luckily the 4th time was a success though and I had about an hour and a half to get used to flipping the bigger setup. I started by doing the no comply finger flip for the game. It was cold enough that slapping the board with my fingers hurt. I was pretty sore and arthritic from the weather change, but after some no pop shoves and ollies my body felt pretty loose. Pretty early on I got a nollie varial flip which kind of hyped me up. Took a bit to get the fakie bigflip, but once I did I had it every try after. I got 5.25 treflips. Ha ha, 4 clean ones, 2 one-handed landings (.5) and 1 two-handed landing (.25). Landed on a bunch of nollie 360 flips, but didn’t ride out of any. Also landed halfcab flip, heelflip, b/s flip, f/s flip, varial flip, fakie varial flip. Geez, that’s not a lot. Came somewhat close to switch frontside flip. I had fun even though I really didn’t land a whole lot.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings 50mm stf v1 washers on the outside of the axle nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: campus fun with dave and matt (nov 24, 2015 day 314)

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Fun in the streets! @fullertrron Slappy front 5-0 and @matthouse with the ollie/kickflip combo. #friendsthatrip

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Met Dave and Matt under the Engineering building where we would end up staying quite some time. We started by doing some rock climbing and stationary nollies. Unless you are Matt and that also included some nollie heels. Then we started doing different lines and stuff down/up the handicap banks or stairs. Matt easily ollied up the two sets of 3. Dave did too, I was impressed. Matt missed several treflips at first which I was pretty blown away by. He would end up getting a bunch of perfect ones though. Had a line of ollie up the first 3, then noseslide to fakie up the second. Then the banger above. Dave went for the ollie/noseslide combo too, didn’t get it, but made up for it by getting close to back 180 up the 3 stair. I had some kickflips over cracks, back 50s down the ledge, halfcab flip into the bank (couldn’t fakie bigflip again) and took the longest to get an ollie up the lower 3 stair. On top of that I had to put a hand or two down. Oh well. Then we hit a nearby ledge for a bit. Matt back tail’d it. Dave did boardslide to fakie avoiding death into a pillar. I did some noseslides.

Then we skated the slanted ledge area for awhile. Fun area. Matt chilled a bit, but still got some slappy back 50s, front tailslide. Dave did his patented front 5-0 slappy that is so sick. The best slappy crooks I’ve seen him do there, good slappy back 5-0s. I did a few backside slappy tricks that didn’t grind, 50, 5-0, back smith (kind of). Got a couple slappy crooks that felt rad, couldn’t slide front tail and struggled with some lines. Matt may have done a manual or two on the orange platform. Matt easily ollied the ledge and I posed some attempts over it. First time I’ve had fun skating in awhile. Maybe I should make an effort to skate with friends more often.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings 50mm stf v1 washers on the outside of the axle nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: nollie noseslides, blah, flatground, most days in a year (nov 23, 2015 day 313)

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Headed to campus without much intent on trying any more nollie front noseslide for the game. But then I parked right by a tiny curb that was slightly downhill so I went for a few (last clip). After I did it I did a couple of fun hill bombs. It was nice having STFs again and I could powerslide without getting flatspots like I do with Spitfires (even the formula fours). Then I headed toward the long ledge and ended up at some mini bank to curb that looked easy for nollie noseslides (first one). It was dark, but probably my best one. The long ledge had cars so I just hucked a few kickflip noseslides. Then I wandered around some more and ended up at the stadium bank to curb, but there was bikes parked on it. I skated flatground by myself for a bit. I first said I had to do 15 flippers. Then I got stuck on fakie bigflip for a long time and lowered it to 10 flippers. 360 flip felt good, but other then that they felt bad and I never got the fakie bigflip and gave up at 9 and went home.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings 50mm v1 stfs washers on the outside of the axle nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: i hate the wind and nollie noseslides. then some campus action that cheered me up a little (nov 22, 2015 day 312)

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I’ve had several depressing session in a row. So what does any sane skater do in this situation? Blame their setup! Ha. I switched my hanger to a wide hanger. It was family day and since everyone else sleeps in I had to get my skating in early. I went to the research center around 10. It would also mark the windiest point of the day. I was going to go to red curbs for the nollie noseslide, but since it was sunny I figured the research center would be warmer. To my dismay the back area of the research center was totally shaded, dark, and cold. I tried a few nollie noseslides and got close so I setup the phone. But then every couple of tries the wind would blow my phone over. UGH. It was a constant battle for awhile until I finally just put my phone at the base of the light pole. I went on to be incredibly frustrated. Almost to the point of focusing my board. I probably tried the trick for about an hour. It was really depressing. I couldn’t really do flip tricks in between tries do to the wind. I did two of the worst ones you can imagine. I have two more days to try that trick for the game. Not sure if I will try it again.

manny mania

Then I went to campus and started at this little manual pad. After doing so many manual in my garage on a sheet of wood I hoped that I would benefit from it. I think I did. I got manual, nose manual, manual front 180 out, front 180 nose manual (took a long time) and a 3rd try switch 180 manual. I came close to manual back 180 out (never done it at a real spot) and tried some halfcab nose manuals which weren’t close.

ledge mania

Then I went to the nearby ledge. I wanted 10 tricks and I got 10 tricks. Noseslide, noseslide fakie, front 50, crooks, front 50 shove, front 5-0, back 50, switch noseslide, switch front noseslide, halfcab noseslide. It took awhile. I hucked some flippers which felt ok. For once I wasn’t completely depressed about my skating. I still struggled with front 50s, but they felt a little better with the wider/higher trucks. Same with crooks. I didn’t like how the trucks seemed wider then the board though.

(setup 8.25 null venture wides bones medium bushings axle washers on the outside 50mm bones stf v1 nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

skate journal: another depression session. fossil creek. (nov 21, 2015 day 311)

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Had a busy day scheduled of bringing boards to MRKT and then Crisis before getting to the 98% premiere at Meta ( #3shopsoneday ). I saw on a webcam that Fort Collins didn’t get any snow, but I wasn’t really sure and it was still cold so I just headed out without making plans with anyone. I got to Fossil around noon and one other skater was there. Warming up wasn’t horrible and I felt like it might be an alright session. I moved up to the top area and started trying nollie front noseslides on the curb. Never got one. Started getting bummed. Kind of did one, but it wouldn’t have counted for the game anyway because I hadn’t started filming it. Was also trying a line of ollie up the 3 stair, ride off the drop, kickflip up the curb, front 50 the ledge that goes off the curb. I got one ollie up the 3 stair out of about 20 tries. I managed to get the whole line that time, but the front 50 was beyond horrible. Then a few people showed up including Alfred who challenged me to a game of SKATE. He pink slipped me. More depression. Not because he beat me, but because I didn’t land anything. Then I just skated the ledge for awhile. I struggled with front 50s. Got a crooks to fakie then spent a very long time trying crooks shove and eventually landed one that felt pretty neat. That was the one saving grace of the session. I failed at a bunch of front smiths. Alfred was ripping. Then I headed off to MRKT.

(setup 8.25 null venture lows 1/16 riser bones medium bushings 4 washers inside each axle 50mm v1 bones stfs nb# pj stratford 533 black/white)

Clean Girls – Bloodlust, Virginia

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This band is ruling my world.