Ishod Wair should be the 2015 SOTY. Thrasher, you messed up!

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Sorry AVE, but everyone knows Ishod should have gotten it.

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skate journal: short and cold lafayette session (dec 29, 2015 day 349)

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Somehow I had a blast in the cold tonight. #day349 #onemoredayuntil350andthenicanrest #goprosarefun

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After running boards to Crisis I was going to hit Broomfield park and Riverdance, but the lights weren’t on. Doh. I had to pick my mom up in one hour at the Boulder park ‘n ride so I went by Lafayette and to my surprise there was a tiny bit that was dry. The clip above is basically all that was dry. I did a few grinds on the spine thing. A line of front slash, nollie to fakie, fakie back smith stall on the spine, then noseslide down the hubba. I forced myself to roll in on the qp next to the bank I did the kf to fakie on. It took me several tries and my board kept going into the deep end pit of snow. But luckily it was so cold that the snow would not stick to my shoe. Ha! After I did the roll in I got the GoPro out and did the tricks above. Neato.

(setup 8.38 null venture wides bones med bushings spitfire 52mm F4 99a nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

Tom Knox’s Vase part is amazing!

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This is the front runner for my favorite part in 2015. But until I see the 5Boro video I’m not going to call it.

skate journal: lazy garaging while listening to the broncos game (dec 28, 2015 day 348)

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Went out into the garage feeling very bummed on winter. It was 16 degrees out so any parking garage would still be pretty cold. I fired up an old radio and turned the Broncos game on. I’m not the biggest football fan, but it ended up being a fun way to listen to the game. I started with a few river dances on Banky. Then I attempted kickflip noseslides and heelflips for a long time. Landing a heelflip took me an hour. It was ridiculous. I managed to land another bad kickflip noseslide. One with the board in rocket position that slid off. It still felt cool, but I really wanted to get posted up on it. Then I mostly skated flatground. I tried a million nollie flips and came close, but never landed any. Never got a treflip either. Pretty close on switch flip. Got b/s flips and halfcab flip and f/s flip first try. Remotely close to switch f/s flip. I also tried a couple Rob tricks for some reason. Back 180 one foot and halfcab one foot. Those were fun. All in all a pretty bad session, but it was cool to get close to switch and nollie flips. I haven’t been skating flatground enough lately.

(setup 8.38 null venture 5.8 bones med bushings 52mm spitfire F4 99a NB# PJ stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: river dancing in the garage (dec 27, 2015 day 347)

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not john rattray doing a riverdance

After a late night out in Omaha and then a long drive home I went into the garage. I only tried river dances for the game. It was fun. Gotta do it on something better for it to count now.

skate journal: fun times in the frigid cold with joe and matt! (dec 26, 2015 day 346)

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Fun times in the frigid weather with @joerhamilton and @mattrief

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On a cold and windy midwest day I drove to Fremont, NE to meet up with Matt and Joe. Joe was still working and after Matt and I hung out for a bit we went to this slappy curb spot. Wow, it’s an amazing curb. It’s got a slight angle like a Cali curb. It was PERFECT for slappy tricks. It was so perfect in fact that it took me awhile to land a slappy crooks. I figured it out though and tried to crook the whole section. I never got to close do doing the whole 20′ section, but man it was fun. Matt was ripping with tricks like the nollie shove back 50, front 50 nollie bigspin out, slappy back 50 the whole section, manuals, nose manuals, first try nollie flip off the curb, backside nosegrind the yellow end part of the curb. We both did kickflips off. I never got regular slappies frontside or backside. The front feeble didn’t take too long though and felt super rad. I messed around with some other basic tricks and had fun. It was hard to not just do slappy crooks over and over though as it was so incredibly fun. In the end I had an over 40 make on a new trick. Fakie front 50 b/s halfcab out. It was sketchy, but felt cool. Joe finally got off work and skated with us for about 15 minutes. He did a bunch of tricks first try. Slappy, front 50, front 50 shove, slappy back 50 to boardslide pop to fakie, fakie 50 to boardslide pop out to fakie. So rad to skate with these fellas. I wish I could skate with them all the time.

(setup 8.38 null venture wides bones med bushings 52mm spitfire f4 99a nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: short solo parking garage in omaha (dec 25, 2015 day 345)

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next gen

On Christmas Day I stopped by this old ‘famous’ garage on the way to a big family gathering. Liz and the kids were in the car and they didn’t really mind me taking my time as they weren’t too keen on going to the party. I was really stiff initially as it was pretty cold. I was wearing some new wool slippers I got for Christmas and they were super slippery in my shoes making them very dangerous. It was weird. I quickly got to the point of trying a somewhat long line. Noseslide on the top part of the ledge above, kickflip up a curb, cali grind off (tech!!!), turn around and manual on the sidewalk, front 50 down the ledge. Never got the manual and front 50 together. Only got one front 50 and it wasn’t good. But I only was able to skate for about 15 minutes.

(setup 8.38 null venture wides bones medium bushings spitfire F4 99a 52mm nb# pj stratford 533 brown/gum)

skate journal: brief garage nothing (dec 24, 2015 day 344)

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So yeah, since I’m so close to 350 days I really want to get to 350. And then never do another 300+ day goal again. So after walking through 8″ of fresh snow to get some presents for the family I had a few minutes to play in the in-laws garage. I only did a few nollie shoves and some slappy noseslide spins on the stair. Yippee.

skate journal: short morning manny pad before driving to omaha (dec 23, 2015 day 343)

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Since we were about about to embark on an 8 hour drive to Omaha I went into the garage at 6:30am to do a few brief manuals. And of course it was fun while it lasted. About 5 minutes.

skate journal: boulder spots with jack and josh and more (dec 22, 2015 day 342)

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Jack came over after an early morning shift at Que’s. We headed downtown and ended up at the alley little ledge spot. It was fun. I was feeling a little lazy and stuff. I skated poorly enough that I remember being happy about back 50s. I got close to a kickflip back 50 too. Jack rattled off a ton of tricks. Bigspin back tail. B/s shove to back 50. Wallride above the ledge. Pressure flip noseslide maybe?

Then we moved on with the intention of going to the Wells Fargo QP, but there was a cop parked at it. Doh. We met up with new Boulder park guy Josh. We looked at a couple wet spots and then ended up at Arapahoe Ridge and started skating it a little. Jack had done nollie shove manual and almost hippy jump back 50. Josh did a manual I think. I had done a drop done manual. Then some lady “politely” kicked us out.

@jackspanbauer fun times at an old spot.

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Then we ended up here. I parked right by it. It was quite fun. We rattled off some tricks and ended up being here for a long time. Jack did blunt to nosepick, pivot shove nosepick, up to front lip, almost wallride on the electric box and a bunch more. Like Jack, I was pretty tired. I didn’t do any new tricks. Oh, actually transfer to front 50, but that doesn’t really count. I struggled with backside flips and all flip tricks. Ugh. Josh had a lot of fun it seemed and did a bunch of transfer tricks. I’m writing this too much after the fact to remember much about the session. It was fun and great to skate with Jack again. It has been too long.

(Setup 8.38 null venture wides bones medium bushings 52mm spitfire 99a F4 nb# PJ stratford 533 brown/gum)