skate journal: early morning parking garage motivation/depression struggles (dec 11, 2016 day 341)

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redder curbs

redder curbs part deux

I’m not sure what happened after I got home Saturday night, but I got insanely depressed. Something about alcohol wearing off, starving and the fact that I hardly landed anything really messed me up. I could hardly sleep. It sucked. I figured I should get my skating out of the way so I could hang with the family the rest of the day. But man, I was super depressed, I could feel it like I got kicked in the head. I went to Red Curbs wanting to just do a few grinds, but there was a few cars near the curbs so I avoided it. Went to a garage with a yellow curb, but left because the incredibly rough finish on the concrete just didn’t appeal to me. Plus they had just repainted the concrete and I wasn’t in the mood to ruin the paint job. I tried another garage too. Ugh, the one under the asian deli and it was super smooth, but covered in debris and seemed like it would cave in at any moment. So I ended up at the spot in the photos, aka Redder Curbs (because the curbs are more red then Red Curbs). I started with a slappy crooks up the kinked part and kind of rolled my ankle not coming out right. Ugh, this day. It got better though. I skated somewhat hard. I never skated great, but I did do a few things that lightened the fog in my head a little. I mostly went between slappy crooks up the kink to backside slappy on a parking block, or frontside slappy the parking block to start then front 50 before the kink then flail a nollie frontside flip. Then tried some lines of back 180 a parking block, fakie flip, switch slappy crooks (never got it). Did a lot of slow back 50s on the kinked curb. Did a few 360 flips with the hands down. Hucked a few switch tres. Did front 50 back 180 on the median over the blocks. Tried switch front tails for awhile and kind of got one. Seems somewhat doable to keep trying it. Couldn’t land a heelflip to save my life. At the end I messes around with a dorky little nollie shove to noseslide. I didn’t get any to slide, but it seems like another one try work on. I left feeling a little better about myself.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushing , old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)

skate journal: ricks bowl then a 3 stair ledge (dec 10, 2016 day 345)

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Old people fun earlier.

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On a cool morning Carleigh and I rolled to pick up Fuzz then hit this little bowl. Saul had sent an invite. I’ve seen footage of it for a couple of years and always thought it looked fun. It’s at a guy named Rick’s house. He seemed like a nice dude. I’m not sure we were supposed to be rolling so deep, but the crew was rad (the Cooks and a few others I didn’t know). It was very cold when we got there. Then about half an hour in a warm breeze moved in. Then a cold one. Then a warm one again and it was all of a sudden t-shirt weather. Most of our crew was having troubles getting used to it. Dave though, geez, he was manualling around hips, grinding over hips, grinding around corners, everything. Saul was ripping it too. He’s got such a fast and loud carve grind/slash. Carleigh was carving good right away, got disaster both ways quickly and almost got a backside blunt. Fuzz likes to say he can’t carve. False. There are also rumors he does a lot of front tails. Now that used to be true, but not so much anymore. But he did get a good one. I started off pretty bad, got better for a bit and did a disaster and thought I’d be doing a lot of tricks, but then began not landing anything. Argh. Wrex though. Wow. He is pro for a reason. He goes so fast, grinds so long, goes big, everything. The mute to fakie over the hip was fire.

Carleigh by Fuzz ~ yesterday seemed a whole season away going from 60 and sunny to 30 and snowy today. That's Colorado.

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After some really expensive tacos we ended up at this spot. Fuzz and I were both super stiff. There is something about weather changes in the winter and just pumping a bowl that kills me. I could barely bend my legs. Carleigh had no problems though. She just went straight no noseslide. Seriously, like 2 or 3 tries she does it. I skated the basketball court for a bit trying desperately to get the legs going a little. I warmed enough to try switch noseslides without ollieing. I would try it for a couple of hours and not get it. I got close a few times. I had to do kickflips before almost any of them to motivate myself. As you can see the runway involved a big curve which was not that easy to setup for switch. Carleigh tried noseslide shoves and was super close, but having some dangerous primo action going on. Fuzz was going for a line of back 50 the ledge in the background then front 50 the ledge Carleigh noseslid. We took turns filming each other. Fuzz would be the only one that got his trick(s) though. Then we hung out for awhile at Crisis, and it was good times with good friends.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushing , old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)