skate journal: brief garage hucks (dec 12, 2016 day 347)

Posted in Skate Journal on December 13th, 2016 by corpo

Went out to the garage after a busy evening of running errands for Jason and Christmas. I must have gotten some gluten in me over the weekend because I felt terrible. I think the depression must have started because of that. Anyways, I had kind of thought about trying nollie back shove nose manuals on the sheet of wood, but I quickly learned they wouldn’t work. So I hucked nollie frontside flips for a bit. I realized I was too stiff sore and not motivated enough to really try them so I went inside.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushing , old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, old swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)