songs of the day: mudhoney, smashing pumpkins, olivelawn, fluf, pegboy, afghan whigs

Posted in Song Of The Day on December 14th, 2016 by corpo

I’ve been on a huge 90s kick as of late. Music was so good then. So here are a bunch of favorites I’ve been revisiting.

skate journal: mostly solo at louisville park (dec 13, 2016 day 348)

Posted in Skate Journal on December 14th, 2016 by corpo

Feeling mentally better, but still pretty arthritic I went to Louisville park on a cool, not not too cold night. No one was there when I arrived so I sat in the car for a bit while the lights turned on. Warming up when ok and it didn’t take long to start trying tricks. That is when I started to not skate so good. It took a long time to get a front 50. I have no idea how I have completely lost that trick, but it sucks. I tried lines. Like ollie up onto the little ledge, front 180 off, fakie flip on flat, switch front nose. Or front 50 shove out, shove, boardslide, kickflip on the bank. But I got neither. I tried a lot of nollie frontside flips near the corner when setting up. They felt close sometimes, but still never flip all the way. I fear they will be the end of the O-L-D-F-A-R-T game. Tried a bunch of 360 flips too, landed none. Posed lipslides on the little ledge. Didn’t get a decent back 50, but had a goof feeling halfcab noseslide. Tried a few fakie 50s. Some other dudes showed up for awhile. Like only 10 minutes then bounced. I was trying kickflips over the backside hip for awhile. I thought I was sucking horribly, but then realized the crack at the bottom is monstrous now and it was throwing me off. I landed one and it felt good. I split as it was getting quite cold and I was tired.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushings, old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, old swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)