skate journal: depression minimum (dec 21, 2016 day 356)

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Feeling physically terrible after a long day of meetings and stuff at Jason’s I went to the research ledge thinking I would maybe get motivated. Nope. Rode down these stairs a few times as “warm up” then just left. My legs were killing me.

skate journal: brief slappys on an 80s board at crisis (dec 20, 2016 day 355)

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Jack and I dorked around on this weird board. My legs were incredibly sore. Thanks to Jack’s filming I now realize my front slappy is not a real front slappy. This is why I should avoid seeing footage of myself.

skate journal: garage minimum before the nuggets game (dec 19, 2016 day 354)

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After a busy day at work and a quick bite I went into the garage and did about 5 “manaual” tricks on the sheet of wood before heading out to pick up Zach for the Nuggets game.

skate journal: ice cold fun at redder curbs with dave (dec 18, 2016 day 353)

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@fullertrron and I staying cold and matching @crisis_skateboards hoodies

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On a sunny, but cold day I went to Redder curbs to meet Dave. Outside in the sun it was bearable, but everything was covered in snow. In the garage it was frigid. But we skated. I had thought of a line there and my whole warm up process was basically geared at it. It’s all simple tricks, but I had thought about it anyway. I got it. Kickflip the curb, front slappy the parking block, front 50 the median past the parking block, slappy crooks. I ended up trying it over and over and Dave ended up filming me. It didn’t take that long, but I switched the front 50 for 5-0 and added a slappy on the parking block then a back 180 over the parking block I started on. I was hyped. I had also done a few slappy front crooks earlier. Dave did a first try back 180 fakie 50, long back 50s through the kinked curb, tried to no comply both parking blocks, slappy crooks to fakie on the parking block, a bunch more. Near the end we were trying tricks on the stand alone parking block. Dave’s switch no comply is ridiculous. I got a couple no comply flips and helped coach Dave get the one he did. Then the day was over.

Oh man, totally forgot that before all of this I went into the garage to try nollie frontside flips again. I might have tried 5 of them before I stopped and told myself I would rather just lose the game of OLDFART. I want to go into 2017 with no skate goals other then to skate less, skate better and have more fun.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushings, old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, old swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)