skate journal: louisville cold blah (dec 22, 2016 day 357)

Posted in Skate Journal on December 23rd, 2016 by corpo

Went to Louisville after a pretty long work day and some other stuff with Jason and then dinner. The park was empty and I had to turn on the lights. The temp was in the upper 20s with an extra chill to the air. I hadn’t really skated in awhile and I was not looking forward to the warm up process. I also may have finally hit the burn out stage of skating every day. I just think about how in 10 days I can take some time off from skating. Not a good thing to think about when your cold and skating by yourself. I did get a little juice though. Tried a few lines. First was noseslide on the ledge, roll down the bank to frontside ollie the hip then noseslide the bank to ledge. Got that. Then crook, ollie, nose jib to fakie. Terrible back 50, ollie kickflip on the bank. Tried halfcab noseslide, ollie, back 50 on the bank to ledge, but couldn’t get the back 50. Going the other way I struggled incredibly with front 50s. My legs got sore. I posed a few flippers here and there, but I ended up leaving.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushings, old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, old swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)