skate journal: red hawk with dave then saul’s with saul and eric (dec 26, 2016 day 361)

Posted in Skate Journal on December 27th, 2016 by corpo

Feeling decent I went to Red Hawk to meet Dave on a decent winter day. Sunny without wind, but not warm. Dave was in the back which I had never even looked at before. There is a bunch of flatground, some weird rocks to ollie over some rad mini hubba that have a dirt runway, etc. I had decided I needed to wear vulcanized shoes again and rocked some old Es Accents. . So it felt really weird for awhile. Dave and I played a game of SKATE that lasted a long time. Dave landed on two switch flips, but didn’t ride away. That would have been so awesome. I forget what else we did or even who one. Even though I wasn’t skating all that well I was still having fun. It was kind of mind blowing how much better the board feel is with vulcs.

Then we went to the front with the ledges. Oh yeah, Dave was riding an 8″ setup. It was funny seeing him on a smaller board. It seemed like he was having problems locking in to tricks, but he wouldn’t blame his setup at all. He did get a really good front 50 back 180 out, noseslides, and ended with a really good front 50 front shove out. I didn’t have my normal struggles of getting up onto the ledge frontside, but I took awhile to lock into 50s and grind them. I posed some slow front crooks, got a really slow back 50, and a few crooks that were really fun. Dave left and I tried crooks to fakie for awhile until I got a couple. I also did switch crooks going back and never got a good one, but had a couple little jibs.

Then I went to Saul’s and joined Saul and Eric. They were both ripping already. Saul’s lines get faster everytime I see him skate. Eric was landing back d’s and staying on more of his back 50s. I struggled keeping my speed for awhile then just kind of did what I’ve done there before. It’s always so fun though. Pool coping is fun to grind. Eric had some funny falls, all of which I seemed to capture on film.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushings, old 52mm Spitfire F4 99a classic shape wheels, washers outside, old swiss bearings, es accent black/white)