skate journal: garage flatground (aug 7, 2017)

It was raining hard and I was feeling kind of lazy, but not so lazy to avoid skating. I went into the garage. Did a few manual warm ups then went into flip trick mode. The goal in the garage is to try tricks I can’t normally do because I have to go so slow. But instead I tried basic ones and got stuck on them. Kickflip and fakie flip were quick. Heelflip took forever. B/s flip and f/s flip weren’t too bad, but the ones I “landed” were terrible. Varial flip took too long, Tried fakie tre for awhile and got remotely close. Hucked nollie back heel for awhile, not close at all. Went in sore and wondering why I made flip tricks so much harder with the wide trucks (hint hint you know a change is coming).

(setup 8.25 null jack spanbauer deck, venture 5.8 trucks, venom 90a bushings, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, nbnumeric PJ 533v2 black/white/gold 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles with stock insoles)