skate journal: solo research ledge blah on lows (sept 9, 2017)

Went to Research Ledge on a busy day where I was feeling paralyzed by my setup OCD. Lows vs Highs. Small board vs big. Riley had stopped by and encouraged an 8″ board with lows so what’s what I did. It felt whatever. The first kickflip still took several tries and I still wasn’t able to front 50. I did manage a few sloppy back 50s, noseslides. Struggled with some lines, may have gotten a bad one or two. I was riding a super old 8″ board that was razor tailed, so some of the lack of pop can be blamed on that. Didn’t get a treflip, but did get a first try heelflip that felt very easy, almost fakie heelflip. It got really windy for awhile and I just tried really slow noseslides trying do the 270 shove out. Didn’t get close. Did a couple more crooks and rested. Tried to get halfcab noseslide next, but it hurt so I left.

(setup old null 8″ board that I don’t remember the name of, venture custom hollow lows 5.25, way to hard venom bushing 94a, 52mm bones stf v2 that felt big with low trucks, 1/16″ riser, new balance numeric 212 burgundy size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsole, footprint 5mm insole)