skate journal: stoner park on day 5 of #cali4niahotstubborns (sept 5, 2017)

Last day in LA. We piled into the van with all our bags and headed to Stoner park. There was only a few people there! It was so rad even though we were all dead. Rob went off. He was going up and down the curbs, ledges non-stop (it wasn’t until the end of the session that we filmed). Back 50s, manuals, front tails, front noseslides, halfcab noseslides. It was so sick. Jack took the opportunity to learn new manual tricks. Kickflip nose manual and fakie bigpsin manual to bigspin out. Whoa! Fuzz had some tall 50s, but mostly just enjoyed the sun. Carleigh was ripping. Kickflip up the curb (I think?), boardslides, back 50s and ollied the bump to bump more than once. Nate almost did a dream trick of nose manual up, turn front 180 to switch manual down the MJ ledge. Dang! He beat me to kickflip up the curb, manual trick, something off the ledge. This session made me start to question my big setup because I couldn’t front 50 to save my life ( I only got one, but it was really fun). In my stubborness I decided to make my legs hurt more by trying a 3 trick line on the 3 ledges in a row. I got noseslide, boardslide, crook bonk. Tried noseslide to fakie, halfcab noseslide, crooks, but never got it. The ride on grinds down the 3 stair were really fun, that line above was at the end of the day and I was super destroyed tired. I didn’t really see Dave much, he was busy skating the bank to ledges and transition. Oh, he did do an amazing manual to boardslide 270. Oh and Ben Harper showed up after awhile and was super nice to talk to. He was having a front shove day and squeezed in a few treflips and a super smooth heelflip off the little ledge. Super fun session even if my legs didn’t really work.

We kind of skated Venice after that. Nate earned trick of the trip as we rolled up to the boardwalk. Some random security dude called out ‘nollie lazer flip’ and Nate did it. It was epic. We all yelled. Carleigh had some nice noseslides in the park, but other then that i don’t remember anymore skating. What a fun trip. The journal entries are written almost a week later and can no way live up to the aweosmeness of the trip. Love these people.

(setup 8.38 null spanbauer deck, venture 5.8 trucks, venom 91a bushings, no bottom washer, spitfire f4 101a 51mm classic wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, nbnumeric 212 burgundy, spenco 3/4 thinsoles and FP 5mm insoles)