skate journal: fun times in the valmont garages with a stellar crew (sept 24, 2017)

Great times in the garages tonight with an awesome crew. @cookiegrinder13 @fullertrron @skellyfortcollins

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On a rainy day I had bailed on meeting Fuzz at Yellow curbs because I was being so lazy. Dave had wanted to do Redder curbs later in the day and that seemed to work better. Then as I was about to leave Mike hit me up and said Skelly was in town and wanted to skate. Sick! We met up at Redder curbs. Skelly is working on a new park in Fort Morgan and had a buddy named Ali with him. He’s younger and wasted no time in doing super long frontside slappys on even the square curbs. Dang! It was cool seeing people skate the spot differently. After awhile the main session was on the double parking blocks. I saw Dave wallie to manual to 4 wheel drive the next one. He was also trying to no comply over both of them. Whoa! Skelly did a quick bluntslide transfer to no comply the next. Mike was doing slappys towards the median and trying to ride over it. I kind of got in my own world trying a super long line which I came super close to. Well, at first I was doing back 180 then trying halfcab flip, but I never got the halfcab flip. So the line became front shove out of the little bump then sometimes a flatground trick. The line I came closest to was front shove, no compmly finger flip, slappy crook then landed on b/s flip over the doorway “hip”. Dave did some rad shoves off the doorway kicker. But we got the boot as I kind of landed a couple b/s flips over it.

A one minute and one angle chronological summary of the fun had last night. @skellyfortcollins @fullertrron @cookiegrinder13

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So we got the boot, walked to the next garage, but the same security guard kicked us out of that one too. Then we drove to to the next building. Ha ha. Basically all that’s there is this parking block and an IT dude that runs his remote control car when he isn’t busy. He’s cool though. This session went off. We mostly did grinds initially. Slappys, crooks, feebles, etc. I was kind of in my own world again trying flip tricks in the corner. Got a couple terrible hands down 360 flips and kind of a f/s halfcab heel. Then I set my phone down to film and 50 some minutes later we had landed a bunch of tricks to go through! Skelly’s first try fakie ollie was tight, the no comply shifty, 180. Mike has such a good slappy and the back 180 out was great. Dave couldn’t get the no comply flip which was a bit frustrating, but he killed it with switch no comply, slappy feeble 270 out. I had a blast. Got the no comply flip in a few tries, tried to clean it up, but never got a cleaner one. The kickflip took a long time, I couldn’t get a slappy feeble, the b/s flip is sketchy, but maybe a first for me. Ali’s noseslide transfer was so good as all of his slappys were. Super fun night.

(setup null monico 8.38″ deck, venture 5.8, bones medium bushings, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, 52mm spitfire f4 radial slim green/black, new balance numeric 212 sand 11, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, footprints 5mm insole)