skate journal: fun times at saul’s with a fun crew (oct 4, 2017)

After work on a beautiful day I went to Saul’s. Everyone showed at the same time. The crew was Saul, Eric, Tucker, Dave and me. It was a fun session. Everyone seem to skate well, push themselves and have fun. Saul was skating his “smaller” board which is 8.5 and it looked good. He seemed to have a little more control maybe? He did his patented fast slashes, more stand up 50s than normal, a layback front rock in the deep (totally counts!), frontside hops over the hip, roll ins, ripping. Tucker is coming back from a knee injury. He had some rad roll ins, grinds, kickflip, crazy ride on grind transfer into the bowl. Eric was shredding right away.
Front slashes, back disasters, looking good on the board. He got juiced on the hip and came super close to back 50 over the hip. I love them carve grinds now. One of my favorite tricks and I did quite a few of them. I skated alright, didn’t get the 50 over the hip, took awhile to get a back 50 in the deep. Had my fun little run of 50/50 in the shallow then front rock. Dave seemed to struggle a little, but that’s not saying much. He did so many tricks. One standout trick was a front board to fakie that was done so well. I missed his front smith, but Eric assured me it was sick. Fun session. Grinding pool coping is fun.

(setup null monico 8.38″ deck, venture 5.8, bones medium bushings no washers, 3 speed washers on the outside of each axle, 52mm spitfire f4 radial slim green/black, new balance numeric 212 burgundy size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, footprints 5mm insole)