skate journal: lafayette pain and filming (oct 19, 2017)

@siouxer666 and @garrettswheelers playing at Lafayette. Guest trick by @lastfallensoul

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I guess I was coming down with something as I got to Lafayette park after work and decided to start with a nap in the car. Turns out I crashed for a solid 30 minutes. Riley, Sean, Brian and Donnie were there when I arrived. Garrett would show up shortly after. I felt quite sore. Warming up was not easy, especially around people that totally rip. I hit the tiny parking block quarterpipe for awhile with Brian, Donnie, Sean. They were all doing good tricks. Donnie tried powerslide to fakie 5-0 and slammed so hard. It was hilarious. Brian was doing long bluntslides and almost popping in backside. Sean with boardslides 270. Oh yeah, I had a couple really embarrassing slams (yes, the guy who intentionally likes to run into trash cans can get embarrassed) right away. One on a kickturn, the other while trying to early grab over a cone. It put me in a bad mood. On the manny pad Riley was doing really hard stuff. Sean did a sick kickflip nose manual before I could manual it. After awhile we skated the rock ride/hip. Wallies over it or so fun, had a couple kickflips on the bank after. Brian, Garrett, Donnie, Sean did a bunch of tricks on the rock. Garrett beat Donnie in a game of SKATE on it. Meanwhile I was filming Riley try that spin around manual forever. Like forever ever. Ha. He would eventually get it and by then I was ice cold and stiff, but still tried to skate with them. It didn’t work. The rock bank looks fun to do tricks on, but I wasn’t warmed up enough to even do a kickflip on it. Garrett rattled off tricks left and right. Sean has such good style. Donnie is a beast and I wish I had some of his always commit mentality. Riley did so much so easily. Fun seeing those dudes.

(setup null machine 8.5″ deck, venture 5.8 v-light, 1/16″ riser, venom 88a bushings, 52mm spitfire f4 radial slim green/black, new balance numeric 212 navy/grey size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, footprints 5mm insole)