skate journal: stationary skateboarding (oct 28, 2017)

Can’t skate because of knee pain so here’s an out of focus #mattmillerchallenge #stilltrickchallenge

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I had gone to a Dr for my knee pain a couple days ago. They couldn’t find anything actually wrong, but said to take a week off work. My knee was feeling better, but still not great. But the weather was great and I was going crazy so I decided to do the whole stationary trick. I did a first try no comply flip and figured it would be easy standing still. Nope, not moving on a no comply is super hard. It took 11 minutes for me to land this. I felt so silly walking back and forth between each attempt. Oh well, got a #mattmillerchallenge!

(setup null machine 8.5″ deck, venture 5.8, venom 88a bushings, 52mm bones stf v5, new balance numeric 212 navy/grey size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, footprints 5mm insole)