skate journal: saulside then flatground failing (nov 2, 2017)

Went to Saul’s/Saulside/Chicken Coup/Chicken Bowl after work. It was just a quick one. Got a first wall carve grind, had some runs with more coping touches then normal. Posed a little. Saul came close to layback backside grinds, back disaster, keeps getting faster.

Then I went into campus. I rolled around briefly looking for something, found nothing and then went to the basketball court to skate flat. It’s hard to describe how beautiful the view of the flatirons was. My phone surely didn’t capture it. Flatground went terrible. Almost board focus terrible. I was trying lines and never got past halfcab flip. In an hour of skating the only flip trick I landed was kickflip. The two redeeming things that happened were ollieing that cone a couple times which felt really great and then a switch crook on the curb. Oh yeah, I was skating the 598 cupsoles since I thought it would help with flat. It didn’t. After awhile some younger skaters showed up that I’ve seen there the one other time I’ve skated there. They could barely land kickflips, now they were doing varial flips, heelflips and more. That was a little depressing for me. I probably looked so depressed while I bailed trick after trick. Tough night.

(setup null machine 8.5″ deck, venture 5.8, venom 88a bushings, 52mm bones stf v5, new balance numeric 212 navy size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, lakai insole)