skate journal: denver park, denver street spots with dave and lenny (nov 5, 2017)

Got to Denver park on a chilly morning before Dave. Turns out it was like 45 minutes before Dave. We might have to nickname Dave as Late Dave. Ha. But I was really not feeling D-Park. I don’t know why. It was kind of crowded, I just wasn’t into it. I finally got into a little bit of stoke trying a front 180 off a little kicker then switch noseslide variations. Got a crooks on the taller ledge in the other back corner. Some switch noseslide jibs on the long spine ledge. Other then that I had no motivation which is lame. I don’t know why. Dave started off by rolling in off a ledge into a bank which I’m scared to do, he flowed around the snakerun doing tailslides and stuff. It was rad. I saw a really good switch slappy crook on the mini bank to curb area. As we left he took a couple runs through the toilet bowl that were so sick.

Then we went to this bank to ledge spot. It was so random. We pulled up in our car and as I got out a dude with a skateboard had come and sat right outside the car. So I asked him if he knew where the spot was and he skated us over to it. Good thing because we would never have found it and also because it turns out Lenny is super fun to skate with! It took some getting used to to skate this spot. Dave got front 50 pretty quick though. He would later get a front tail. Actually, maybe a couple of them. Lenny got nose stall revert quick and came close to front 50. I took too long to get into back 50s and when I finally got close we got the boot. Doh.

So next thing we ended up at this manny pad that was perfect. We did manuals, nose manuals. Dave got nollie and fakie shove up. Lenny got close to front 180 up to creepy spin off. I spent a long time to get nose manual shove out. It felt awesome. Even the ones where I didn’t manual so I just did a little shove it off the curb felt cool.

Then we ended up here. I was beat and hungry by then and just did a couple basic slappy crooks and front 50s. Dave had some rad 50, 5-0s, slappys and some really long slappy crooks. Lenny had some 50 and then learned slappy crooks. So sick!

(setup null monico 8.38″ deck, venture 5.8, venom 88a bushings, 52mm bones stf v5, lakai manchester grey size 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, lakai insole)