skate journal: short and sweet random lville tech spot session with jack, carliegh, fuzz and rob (nov 4, 2017)

After some morning mountain biking with Ollie I jumped in with NASCARleigh and Jack and we went to the Lville industrial area without a certain spot in mind. We ended up at this spot. At first there was not much energy and we all seemed king of bummed. It started to get better though and Positive Fuzz showed up and it was on. Carleigh was bumming on a backside 50 on a tall curb, but man, that’s why she rules. She kept trying and she got it. I get hyped when people aren’t too afraid to struggle with a basics. Probably because I feel like I struggle with the basics all of the time too. She also has some front tailslides on the waxed part of the bank, 2nd try kickflip and more of them. Jack did bluntslides, some to 5-0, manuals to pivot fakie or to nosepick, ollieing onto narrow ledges, ollieing up the loading dock easy, and encouraging me to slam. Ha, I basically got into a rut of trying front shoves off the shorter loading dock, but to get hyped for it I had to kickflip off the bump first. It was super fun. I was trying hard, it felt great and I was landing on a bunch of front shoves going slow. I broke my tail around the time Rob showed, but it was still mostly skateable backwards until it totally snapped on a kickflip making for a really funny clip. Fuzz was motivated to try a new trick he saw in Hockey III. Backside axle stall to front 5-0. He did a few super good. Rob was taking it easy because of a gnarly shinner that’s still healing up. It was rad seeing him cruise around on his christmas complete though.

(setup null machine 8.5″ deck, venture 5.8, venom 88a bushings, 52mm bones stf v5, lakai manchester grey size 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles, lakai insole)