skate journal: garage flippers with ollie (nov 7, 2017)

Posted in Skate Journal on November 8th, 2017 by corpo

Told Ollie he needed to get some exercise and neither of us wanted to go swimming so we played skateboards in the garage. He has been close to kickflip lately and he tried a bunch. He got really close. He also did some ollies at the end that were pretty poppy. He could definitely get up curbs now. While skating with Ollie I stuck to basics to get warmed up. Basically by the time I was ready to huck more than kickflips he was done. Ha. I took awhile to get a heelflip, got varial flip, fakie flip, halfcab flip and settled in to mostly nollie flip or 360 flip attempts. Got neither. Got closer to treflips, but was committing and rotating nollie flips, just not landing on the board. I think I need some softer bushings in these Indys.

(setup 8.5″ null rabethica, indy black titanium 144s, spitfire f4 classic 53mm yellow/orange swirl, 4 washers inside each axle, venom 94a bushings, bones swiss, lakai manchester grey size 11.5, spenco thinsole, adidas majerus insole)