skate journal: indian peaks on a beautiful day with dave and rob (nov 26, 2017)

On a completely beautiful day I drove to Longmont to meet Rob and hopefully Dave at this lovely bank spot. I got there first and warmed up with the nollie shoves then fakie shoves. Rob arrived and warmed up with crailtaps and no complies. We both got backside flips, I got kickflip to fakie, Rob did a nollie shove 360 or bigspin (basically the board does 270 and you do 180). I got stuck on bigflip for awhile, but was rewarded with a first try varial flip to fakie. Well, kind of as drifted sideways in the landing. I battled frontside flips next around when Dave showed. I kind of got one. Dave warmed up with fakie shoves, back 360 ollie, and other shoves. I kind of landed a fakie flip then figured since everything was hard I’d try a treflip to fakie. I never landed one. I mean I guess I kind of landed on a couple, but the hands went down and even my low standards couldn’t count them. Rob was battling wallie/nollies at the same time. Except he would go on to land his. Such a rad trick. Dave was “lining it out” trying to get hyped for 360 flips. He was going frontside bigspins, front 360s, switch b/s ollies then going around the table area and coming back and trying 360 flips while going backside. He got sooo close! We chatted about movies for awhile then Rob took off. I was very sore, but did a few more easier tricks. No comply bigspin, Rob’s nollie shove 360 thing and a bad boneless to fakie. Dave tried more 360 flips and came close, then closed it with some wallie/nollies as I walked around without my shoes on trying to find a cool artsy angle to shoot a photo from. Fun day, but man I’m sore.

(setup 8.25″ null maze deck, venture 5.8 lights black, 51mm spitfire f4 classic 99a, 3 washers on the outside, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric 212 green size 11, powerfeet pinnacle orthotic insole)